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Just last week we were showing you how a race car driver handles a BMW M2 on the Nurburgring’s famous Bridge to Gantry section. One of BMW enthusiasts favorite engines of the past decade is the brand’s N55 engine. After some three years on the market, the BMW 4 Series is getting its first mid-cycle update. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? Building atop the successful 1 Series M Coupe, BMW may be looking to build a new entry-level M model. The rendering below takes a stab at how the M2 might look like, but we are inclined to believe that BMW will offer different front-end styling compared to the 1 Series Hatchback. The “heart” of the BMW M2 could come from a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbo engine developing 350 horsepower, but instead of tuning up an existing power unit, we hope to see a brand-new M-developed engine.
Power will be fed through BMW’s all-new DCT semi-automatic transmission, while the brakes will be taken from the current M3.
After a few weeks hiatus, this BMW M2 heads back to Southern France for a new photoshoot session. Ahh, front-wheel drive-based crossovers, seemingly the most popular automotive segment in the world right now. With Original BMW Accessories developed exclusively for travel, leisure time and transport, these challenges can be mastered easily and conveniently. M cars have always had a capacity to shred rubber but BMW has taken that to extremes with its new baby supercar.
From everything we’re hearing about it, the M2 should be an absolute riot to drive, and possibly the best from Bavaria.
See, people already think that the M235i is BMW’s best car, even over such cars like the M4 and M6 Gran Coupe.
Is there anything wrong with a young newcomer, like the M2, beating out its older iconic sibling? The 2 Series chassis is phenomenal and may have a higher ceiling than that of the 4 Series’.

BMW Motorsport will send the successor of the popular BMW M3 GT4 into action as of the 2018 season: the BMW M4 GT4.
German media, citing unnamed BMW sources, are reporting on the price of the upcoming BMW M2. If the 54,000 Euros MSRP will stand, a well-equipped M2 would easily jump over the 60k mark.
Our source says that while the M2 won’t be as limited as the 1M, the global production is likely to be around 10,000 units.
The M2 is rumored to use an updated N55 engine with 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque with 25 lb-ft of torque available as overboost. Even though the production for the new M2 is scheduled to kick off in November (meaning we have around two more weeks to go), the first deliveries will take place in April next year.
Until the M2 models start arriving on this side of the Atlantic, though, the Europeans will begin ordering and in Germany the price tag will start at €56,700 as per the latest info available.
The pricing strategy makes even more sense when you’re looking at how small the difference between the M2 and the M4 is in terms of performance and how big it is in pricing.
After we’ve heard rumors that the new BMW M2 is faster than the E92 M3 around Nurburgring, now BMW just confirmed that. An overboost function boosts torque by +26 lb-ft to 369 lb-ft between 1450 – 4750 RPM.
We have learned in the past via several sources that the Bavarians are planing (and have already filed for a trademark) an M2 model built on the next generation F21 2 Series Coupe. BMW calls it a direct descendent of the 1M and will be instantly recognizable from the entry-level car with its bold look and M-specific design cues.
To keep the newcomer’s weight to a minimum, the firm is expected to make extensive use of the advanced carbon fibre-reinforced plastics it has developed for its Project i cars.
Nitschke told AutoExpress that “In the 1M Coupe, we have a starter car for the M Division, and we are continuing to develop this project. We day dream about which cars would be in our garage if suddenly, money wasn’t an option. The M2's stability control now has an M Dynamic Mode to allow "moderate controlled" drifts before reining in the rear end.

Many believe it will be the spiritual successor to the 1 Series M, whose legacy is forever embedded into the automotive hall of fame. Does BMW hamstring the M2 so it can’t eclipse its older, more iconic sibling, or will it let the M2 shine as bright as it possibly can?The M4 is an astonishing car, it really is, but the M2 just might outshine it and become the new fan favorite. According to AutoBild, the sporty and compact M2 Coupe will start at 54,000 Euros in Germany, about 10,000 Euros more than the M235i Coupe.
Until then, development cars that have been ordered a long time ago will be shipped to the companies that paid for them and journalists will get a taste of what the M division has been hard at work on. That’s a decent price, to be honest, one that leaves room between the M235i and the M4. Around €12,000 more might seem like a lot, but then you need to take a look at the performance of the two. Sure, the M4 has all the tricks the M division could muster, like bespoke seats and a CFRP roof, but if you’re just into driving fast, the M2 sure makes a lot more sense.
Sure the Cayman is much smaller and has less horsepower, but it’s not much slower and handles better. It can’t be allow to be an inferior performance car in comparison to something less expensive and especially a newcomer, like the M2. However, most enthusiasts would tell you that the Cayman is the better driving car of the two to and, because of its mid-engined layout, it has more potential than the 911 and its rear-engined layout. The M2 will have 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque and while that’s 60 hp and 63 lb-ft less than the M4, it should be quite a bit lighter.
Many believe that Porsche intentionally hamstrings the Cayman, as to not let it overlap its iconic 911, in terms of performance and drivability. The M4, equipped with the DCT, checks in at 3,556 lbs and the M235i is 3,535 lbs, which the M2 should be much lighter than. So if the M2 can shave 100 lbs off of the M235i, it’s a good possibility that it punches in the same class as the M4.

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