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Normally, the thing you get hammered into your soul when discussing pedals is … True Bypass. Try plugging in your guitar with a short 10? cable straight to the amp (no pedals), then plug it in through your set up with all your true bypass off (bypassed) and see if you hear a difference going the 40? length. Casey Scott3 years agoI have found that a high-quality buffer made GINORMOUS positive impact on my tone. We will also disclose if reviewed products were kept when sent by the manufacturer to us for review. Usually, with cables 20? is the max length you can go before starting to notice significant treble bleed. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

There are a lot of people that understand the importance of buffers, but there are a ton that don’t, and they should.
Personally, I use a variation of the Klon buffer at the start and end of my pedalboard (google is your friend).
Also if I find an effect that doesn’t sound as good in on the board as it does by itself, I try putting a buffer in front of it to see if that helps. When you’re generating a guitar signal from your pickups, that signal needs to go a long way through cabling and circuits before it gets to the amp. Let’s say you have a 20? cable from guitar to board, 20? cable from board to amp, we’re talking 40? that signal would have to travel, but also don’t forget it needs to travel through the circuits in the pedal as well. During this journey, the copper becomes capacitor basically, and it starts to rob some of the high end of the signal.

Dunlop Wah, don’t have great buffers and are known for tone-suck (why I like to do true-bypass mods to them). I personally like to use my Boss TU-2 tuner first in line (buffers my signal from 20? run from guitar to board).

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