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A diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is disturbing and scary, especially to someone trying to get pregnant. PCOS is a severe hormonal balance and it can lead to a variety of conditions, one of which is infertility. Some eggs are not viable and form cysts in the ovaries while others are released but are too damaged to be fertilized. This condition can be treated, both with drugs and through natural means – a diagnosis does not mean a woman cannot get pregnant. PCOS has its onset anywhere from teens to late 30s, and is the most common reason for a women’s infertility. The problem with diagnosing PCOS is the multitude of seemingly unrelated conditions, and its slow progression over the yeas. Worse, they believe PCOS to cause insulin resistance, when it’s actually the other way around!
The first step is usually treating the symptoms, such as prescribing birth control pills as a tool for hormonal balance (birth control helps regulate periods, for instance). Fortunately over the last few years, many doctors are opening their eyes to more holistic approaches – it is now becoming standard to first use nutrition to combat PCOS, rather than expensive medication. Look for a good nutritionist who can come up with a meal plan tailored to your needs to combat not only PCOS, but your hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance. If you do this properly, your cravings for sweets should gradually subside in about a month.

By replacing your cravings with the feeling of fullness from whole grains and protein, you have a much better chance of succeeding and forcing your body to convert sugars effectively again. If your exercise regime is walking from your door to your car, don’t suddenly get a gym membership. Do not try a crash course diet – not only does this not work, it will shock your body.
With a dedicated treatment plan of diet and exercise, you can more likely get pregnant safely and naturally.
Getting pregnant with PCOS is completely possible with the right amount of dedication and effort.
I wrote some suggestions on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant even if you have PCOS. About MeHello, I'm Christian, and after years of struggling with infertility, we got pregnant naturally.
I encourage others trying to have a baby to look at alternative treatments before trying IVF or drugs. Hormonal Balance The Leptin Boost Diet Overcoming Metabolic Syndrome A Simple Guide to Thyroid Disorders Press About Dr. It presents in a number of symptoms that may appear all at once or intermittently over several years. Note that this goes hand in hand – the worse the insulin resistance, the worse your liver and reproductive system becomes.

One study showed that 11 out of 12 women with PCOS and who had lost weight and changed their diet got pregnant naturally. If you have insulin resistance (which causes weight gain), you actually need to cut out your sugar, not your fat. Along with a holistic diet and exercise, the author discusses herbal remedies and acupuncture as methods to include in your treatment.
Your hormone and insulin levels will normalize, allowing for an increase in healthy ovaries and greater fertility.
Doctor diagnosed me 2 years back and told me that i will need fertility drug if ever will try for the baby, i got really depressed and lost hopes but then my husband suggested me for the second opinion. Less body fat will mean normal insulin levels, which will help balance your hormone levels.
Metabolic syndrome actually is a cluster of disorders, all of which are affected by both genetics and lifestyle.

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