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Top each cutlet with a slice of ham and cheese - then roll up tightly, tuck in the ends and secure with toothpicks. Dip the rolled cutlets in the flour first, then the egg wash and then roll in the bread crumbs and set on a plate. Heat the oil and butter in a small skillet over medium heat and brown the chicken on all sides before transferring to a greased baking dish.
Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Whisk in the flour, and continue to whisk constantly for about 1 - 2 minutes.
Slowly pour in the milk, then stir in the chicken bouillon and salt - whisk constantly over medium heat until it begins to simmer and thicken - about 5 minutes.
Remove from heat and stir in the mustard, worchestershire sauce, and parmesan until well combined and the cheese has melted.

The Dijon Parmesan sauce was great on the chicken, drizzling down on the rice and on the asparagus.
I did have to add a little more milk ( and couldn’t help myself just a tad of white wine) because it got a little to thick to drizzle. When theA originally placed tube comes out, becomes worn andA a new tube needs to be placed the patient may prefer to change to a low profile tube.
Replacement tubes with the mushroom like tips are stretched with a small stylus or pen-like probe to flatten them out to allow them to slip down the tract into the stomach where when reaching the stomach the pop back open to anchor the tube within the stomach.
They are removed similarly to what I described in the last post, by firm tug with one hand and counter pressure down on the abdomen. A Another type of replacementA tube has a balloon that is inflated with water after the tip is in the stomach then the water filled balloon is pulled up snug against the inside wall of the stomach and an external bolster is slid down over the tube outside the body to keep the tube in place.

The main problem with this type of replacement tube is that the balloon can leak over time and deflate enough that the tube falls out. But is an easy replacement tube to place and a good choice when you want to maintain the tract pending placement of the more durable mushroom type tubes. ItA is attached to cut end of the tube to allow syringes to be connected to flush water, medications through the tube.
If the tube gets clogged from food residue or medicines, an easy way to unclog is to squirt a syringe full of cola through the tube.

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