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As for its usual genus name, Asimina (uh-SIM-min-nuh) nearly any guess is as good as any other. One Florida version is Asimina reticulata, (reh-tick-yoo-LAY-tuh) meaning the veins in the leaf have a net pattern. One would think pawpaws would be a bit easier to explain, but no, and it also points to one of the problems of the cut-and-paste Internet.  Many say pawpaw (or papaw or paw-paw) is a corruption of the American Indian word papaya, a version or cognate shortened by the Spanish. Two aspects of the pawpaw I’ve found interesting is first it is in the Magnolia family and is actually much older than the larger magnolias.
IDENTIFICATION: Shrubs or small trees, three to 40 feet, 15 common, evergreen in southern area, deciduous in northern area. METHOD OF PREPARATION: Used like a banana, raw or cooked, as in baked desserts, ice cream, pastries, or in making beer. The first pawpaw I tasted was from a tree growing in the University of Pennsylvania garden. And deer also nibble on them despite the toxicity of the leaves and branches, so I had to put cages around the smaller trees. Some observations from zone 6, southwest PA–I tried and failed to grow pawpaw trees when living in NE Ohio. The most interesting thing is that the 17 year cicadas who have decimated the fruit and nut trees around here have not touched the pawpaws. FYI This year at the WV Small Farms Conference I learned from a representative of the KYU Pawpaw repository that the repository Uses RoundUp on their Pawpaw orchards AND Trademarks all their cultivars.
From Farouk Hussein: I feel pleased when I find relationships such as “those creatures of the woodland getting ripe Pawpaw as after all this is their grocery store , as also the Pawpaw related to a mini chemical factory.
We have many Pawpaw trees in our park in a couple of different areas but I have never seen any fruit. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this plant since I first heard about it in my permaculture class a few years ago.
I will direct a few fellow students to look into this pawpaw as a possible identity of two trees, one six ft and one ten ft, seen in Hammock Park in Dunedin Fl.
The right person to contact regarding raising pawpaws where is Terri Pietroburgo in Leesburg, Fl.
They are best eaten when they are so ripe that the inside has an almost custard consitancy. Question, if I tend to the wild Pawpaw trees around my house, ie: water, fertilize, prune etc., domesticate if you will, do you think that the fruit would eventually get larger? I put the pots in plastic tubs and wrap the tubs with a heating blanket and keep the temperature around 80F.
The floral scents of these species are highly dynamic, varying between floral organs, sexual stages and species. While out in the local wilderness off of the beaten path I came across, what I believe to be, A.
They are not foul all the time, just when trying to attract a few carion flies for pollenation. On growing pawpaw; the native grower I got mine from said there is no standard for whether or not they will live in your yard. This past Monday marked National Oatmeal day, and whata€™s a better way to celebrate than a warm bowl of oats in the morning? Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it doesna€™t come without its challenges, especially if ita€™s your first.
As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with 65 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. During pregnancy, your digestive system may not be able to deal with the 'heavy' fast foods like donuts and fried chicken. Considering all the risks takeout foods pose for you and your baby, it would indeed be prudent to shun them during pregnancy as much as you can. And, not to confuse you, but if you are pressed for time, you can read about some fast foods that are safe to eat during pregnancy. Previous: Can I Eat Cheese In Pregnancy?Next: Cold Cuts Deli Meats and Pregnancy - Safe to Eat? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Weight Management - Not Just a Matter of Self-Control - Food and Health with Timi Gustafson R.D. In Wansink’s opinion, dietitians and other health practitioners focus too much on what they know best, which is the ins and outs of the nutritional properties of our foods. In a series of experiments, Wansink and a team of researchers tried to demonstrate how our eating habits are heavily influenced by outside cues that have little or nothing to do with food.
The desire to take advantage of a good deal is not the only motivator, as the Wansink tests found out. When asked about the reasons for their choices, almost all test participants were able to give plausible answers. The logical question is, what would then work for us to break bad habits and adopt better ones? The bottom line is that most of us can’t simply count on willpower to control our cravings and urges. The Health News and Reviews section addresses current health- and lifestyle issues as they are discussed in the press and respective publications. Almost anyone who has ever gone on a diet or bought into a weight loss program knows that lasting success is the real challenge.
It was the summer of 1987 in Longwood, Florida, in The Springs, a gated community, along a nature walk. The Indians used dried pawpaw seed powder to control head lice and pharmaceutical preparations today still use pawpaws for that. Leaves alternate, simple ovate, smooth edge entire, length varies with species, flowers foul smelling of rotting meat, single or in clusters, three large outer petals, three inner smaller petals, white to purple or red-brown. The squirrels bury the seeds and I get lots and lots of volunteers to find and kill every year. I confess I’m myself have been confused the name “Pawpaw “ and thought of “Papaya” instead.

Yes ,the trees are usually found near a warm humid wet area in the deep hilled timbers reaching for sunlight. I now live in southern Italy and was able to have an Asimina triloba shipped to me almost 2 years ago from a nursery in northern Italy. They have a very short shelf life and dont last long once they drop from the tree as many critters love em. Like right now in Maryland they are ripening and it is early October, October 3, 2014 to be precise.
I live in Spring Hill, Florida, in SW Hernando County, on the west coast, not far north of Tampa. Maroon-flowered species of Asimina produce ‘yeasty’ odors, dominated by fermentation volatiles and occasionally containing sulfurous or nitrogenous compounds. I thought I should comment on your pawpaw post because here in Durban (South Africa) pawpaw do literally come up like weeds in my garden. Papaya and papaw (orpawpaw) come from the same native term and in some places and languages are used interchangeably. It was a time to catch up on our days and discuss anything that was going on at school or in after school activities.
Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. These foods are most often fast foods like pizzas, hamburgers, fish and chips, sandwiches, kebabs, sausages and so on. You may also feel too tired to cook food at home which is all the more reason for fast food, right?
These foods do not have any nutritious value and can leave the pregnant mother was gas, bloating and indigestion.
This at least is the quintessence of a best-selling book, titled “Mindless Eating – Why We Eat More Than We Think” (Bantam Books, 2006), by Brian Wansink.
They don’t understand or don’t take sufficiently into account what motivates people to reach for food in the first place.
For instance, there is significant evidence that eating is strongly connected to emotional states, like stress, anxiety, boredom, depression and so on.
Presentation, ambiance, lighting, background music, social interactions, service, prestige and other perceived values all play a role in our eating behavior.
The researchers observed that especially intelligent and educated people had the capacity to rationalize their behavior, even when their actions bordered on the absurd. Wansink suggests that we probably will have to trick ourselves into better behavior, or as he calls it, into “mindful eating.” “This whole idea that you can prevent mindless eating with the power of your mind is a tremendous fallacy,” he said in a recent interview. Maintaining discipline and self-control may be a deserving goal, but without some reprieve once in a while it can lead to paranoid and dysfunctional behavior.
Like recovering alcoholics or drug addicts, some individuals living with eating disorders may never be able to let their guard down completely.
The Eating Lighter – Eating Smarter program offers easy modifications of many popular meal choices. Having lunch or dinner out should be a pleasurable experience, unspoiled by guilt and regret. Also they severely nauseate some people, can cause a rash when handled, and the seeds contain a depressant.  Incidentally, the fruit is the largest native North American fruit and is heavy on the protein side.
They need a lot of pampering for a few years to get them started, after that they are quite free of problems.
The leaves are diuretic and the bark yields a strong fiber for cordage.  It also belongs in a family of fruit trees that are suspected of inducing Parkinson’s Disease. Fruit like cylindrical pears, misshapen, many seeds; green when unripe, maturing to yellow or brown, flavor similar to both banana and mango. The one tree that is thriving of the original two, produces Paw-Paws without the other tree blooming! There are times I can reach them by grabing a limb and bending the tree down far enough for me to pick the fruit, but other times the fruit it 15 feet high or taller and can not be reached. Anywhere you see a large patch they are likely all related and will not pollinate eachother.
White-flowered species of Asimina and Deeringothamnus produce pleasant odors characterized by lilac compounds, benzenoids and hydrocarbons. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. Veggies, fruits and home cooked foods on the other hand tend to be lighter and easier on the stomach, plus they are loaded with nutrients essential for your unborn baby's growth. For instance, instead of ordering a barbeque brisket order a dish of broiled chicken breast. Over the past month I have gone back for more blood work, a fasting glucose test and oral glucose tolerance test. By contrast, Wansink is more interested in the psychological aspects of food consumption, more like marketing experts in the food industry approach the subject. Actual hunger or the seductive power of smells and tastes play in fact a much smaller role when it comes to food choices. For instance, you can serve all your meals on smaller plates, which would automatically lead to portion size reduction. Becoming over-scrupulous with food choices can very well result in additional eating disorders. And as is often the case, once one gets the image of the plant in the head by meeting it in person, one begins to see them.
That led to an early reference to calling the plant “monin” which was an old French word for monkey. Growers often put roadkill or rotting meat in their groves to attract the pollinating flies. What is more important is that now I’ve been informed that Pawpaw is grown in Southern Sudan and that some folk are making profit from growing it besides the more familiar Papaya. I watch them grow into nice size fruit (simular to a kiwi) all summer long then by September they are falling from the trees but are hard to find because the timber weeds are high and the wild animals have found them before I get to pick up a few. I later discovered that there needs to be more than one for pollination, so I guess that could be the problem, along with the fact that the soil is reddish clay and the summer climate very hot and dry.

Between avocado and magnolia but not dark green, looked like a young tree becoming woody and forming a tougher outer cambium toward the base and no flowering.
They like to start life as an understory plant at the bottom of a slope and will want sun as mature trees to produce fruit.
Do they need any special conditions to ripen or is on the kitchen counter at room temp acceptable?
The land had been clearcut and is just now getting back to a nice forested piece of property and the Pawpaw trees are still relatively small but, bearing fruit.
Some I have not identified as to species; but I certainly have identified Asimina obovata (its beautiful and fragrant banner-like blossoms are actually quite showy) and Asimina pygmaea (whose small purple-russet flowers are foul-smelling). Annona glabra produces a strong, fruity-acetonic scent dominated by 3-pentanyl acetate and 1,8-cineole. As a fledgling forager, one of the most important things I have learned is that common names are not to be trusted and even, as you mention in some of your posts, botanists sometimes confuse identification of plants!
These food choices contain loads of salt, sugar and sometimes even chemicals that can harm both the mother and the unborn child. Wansink is a professor for marketing in the Applied Economics and Management Department at Cornell University. Instead of questioning the nutritional quality of the food people eat every day, we should rather ask what makes these foods so attractive to consumers that they just can’t get enough of them.
In one particular experiment, participants were given five days old stale popcorn that was definitely not very palatable. Wansink calls this the “intelligence trap,” by which he means our ability to rationalize even some of our most unreasonable behavior. If you buy food items in bulk for economical reasons, split them up in smaller containers and store them in different places in your fridge and pantry.
Still, we all have the ability to learn from our mistakes and correct them by better recognizing the causes behind our actions. Their most common appearance in Central Florida is along the margins of Interstate 4 in the Deland area, and of course, pastures. One ripens early and is large with flavorful yellow flesh; the other is often smaller, ripens later, and has white, milder flesh.
Those who champion the cause of pawpaws think that if they can persuade nurseries to pay more attention to the plant it can be a commercial success. Pawpaw has not been indicted but to a lawyer all that might be close enough to keep the fruit off the grocery stores shelves. A lot of people do not know what a paw paw fruit is , so I pick one or two just to show them off. But yes I can attest to the fact they do not keep well, you need to eat what you find pretty quick. I am sorry to say that Dad never got to see His trees give forth there fruit, but thanks to Him all of His kids , Grandkids and Greatgrandkids have learned about the tree and to love it’s wonderful fruit. The pawpaw fruits in my garden are large and delicious but mostly stolen by the monkeys and mousebirds! They are also extremely greasy, fatty and full of cholesterol which is not the healthy foods the obstetrician has prescribed for a healthy pregnancy. Still, most of them ate considerable amounts of the tasteless popcorn when it came in supersized buckets instead of small or medium-sized bags.
Apparently, education does not always make us smarter, certainly not when it comes to basic issues like eating and drinking.
If you feel the need for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, go ahead, but don’t keep snack food or candy in your sight or in your desk drawer where you can easily reach for more. You might have to forage for pawpaws or grow your own.  Which reminds me, historically, the pawpaw was under cultivation by Indians east of the Mississippi when de Soto traipsed through in 1541. They really are like a gift from God I think, like God handed you a really great piece of candy. They usually dont fall until ripe, so if they drop into a slow flowing creek, they will simply go right to the bottom and stay there. There is one lot nearby, for sale with a commercial zoning, with a dozen or more plants, one of the A.
Fast foods are also linked to faster weight gain during pregnancy and obesity in the general population. Serving sizes have apparently an enormous influence on our food intake – even to the point where quantity trumps quality. Tests have shown that most people eat less when the munchies are not within immediate reach. That leads folks to think the fruit had something to do with monkeys but I think it was just an assumption of one botanist who thought Louisiana French were referring to a “monkey plant.”  Further, the pawpaw is North American and there are no native monkeys. Also the magnolia leaves tend to spread out like fingers at the end of the branch while pawpaw leaves runn alternately down the branch.
The great thing about this is that they are out of reach from most wildlife and also easily missed as its the smell that attracts animals. As I drew closer I took a sniff of the flowers and they did not smell of rotting meat at all.
A tasty but smaller meal seems to be less valuable to many people than an overflowing plate at an “all-you-can-eat” joint. The same works the other way around as well: Keep bowls of appetizing fruits on display in your home or office, instead of sweets and pastries, and your snacking habits will do you some good for a change.
They are: Asimina obovata, Asimina incana, Asimina reticulata, Asimina longifolia, Asimina pygmaea, and Asimina tetramera.
This disease will only put you on a very strict diet and make things harder for you and baby. Farther north one can find the Asimina triloba reaching small tree height and in the coastal areas Asimina parviflora.

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