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Check the CFA Exam Topic Area Weights, they are slightly different compared to CFA Level 1 exam.
You don’t have to review the CFA Level 1 materials if you have decided to enrol Level 2 immediately after passing Level 1. Finally, in terms of preparation be aware that some vendor question databases do not reflect the type of questions examined good enough, so try to base your preparation on end of chapter problems, Mock Exams, Practice Exams and focus on item set type of questions provided by prep providers question databases. TimePrep newsletterWant to receive latest articles and CFA-related news directly in your inbox?
More often than not a swarm moves several times over a few days, as the queen searches for a suitable home, such as a hole in a large tree.
Honey bee swarms can only be killed where there is no option for moving them, and where they are confined. There are many species of bee in Britain, (  250+ ) and these are broadly divided into three groups, Honey Bees, Bumble Bees and Solitary Bees.
The pictures below show the difference between a bumble bee, wasps, a honey bee and a hornet.

About APCAPC Pest Control - Norwich have technicians based in North Norfolk, Norwich, and South Norfolk. There are some differences you should be aware of to direct your preparation in the right way.
In case you decide to take a break for a year or more, you should review the basic concepts occasionally. A Honey bee colony swarms in April, May and June and are easily identified by their sheer numbers, often in the thousands.
After each move the queen rests to recover, and some workers get left behind when she moves off again.
We can arrange to look at bee problems and offer advice and information, but there will be a call out charge for a visit, usually ?40+vat.
Basically each assignment consists of a case written in a couple of paragraphs (ranging from 1 to 2 A4 pages) and you get 6 questions related to that case. For example, Derivatives have higher weight and are more difficult and detailed compared to Level 1.

All in all, basic concepts are repeated in short in Level 2 curriculum so you don’t have to be under pressure that you will miss some content.
Wasps are easily identified by their bright yellow appearance, whereas most bees are light brown to black.
Learn more about the item set question format in or blog post CFA Level 2 – be prepared for item set question format.
You will not have to be ready to answer a huge number of broad questions, but rather learn and understand certain problems in details.
Learn more how to learn Derivatives in our post: A way to learn derivatives (CFA Level 1 and Level2)? Children and pets will come into contact with bees throughout the summer, as they visit flowers in the garden for pollen and nectar.

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