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Kemonomimi, roughly translates to “animal ears," is term is to describe characters that appear to be virtually human, but have characteristics of an animal’s ears and tail. Please keep in mind that this review is my opinion and is in no way meant to invalidate how you feel about the movie. These characters should completely resemble a normal human being, with the exception of the ears and tail. You are more than welcome to share your own thoughts on this blog or the movie in the comments below.
While they may have behaviors that match said animal, they still mimic the mannerisms of humans. I do not like human ears much in the first place, but animal ears on a human, bleh, not my "cup of tea" or whatever the sayin is. These types of characters will probably have their hair covering the sides of their heads to avoid the dilemma of deciding if they should have two sets of ears, which is redundant, or appear creepy for lacking human ears.I never noticed until now, but all the Kemonomimi characters in Dog Days have hair that covers their ears.

I do not recall animal ears or a tail, but either way she was similar to a dog, and I did not like it at all lol. If a Kemonomimi character didn't have human ears on the side of the head, who would consider that creepy? I did love the anime though, probably top three for how flippin funny it was.Last thing to say, I would personally hate to be rubbed on the head. Would you rather have them with human ears or without?The question everyone is wondering, can you touch their ears and tail? Rubbing someone's head is normally seen as a sign of affection after all.Please keep in mind that there are those that find petting embarrassing or maybe even ticklish. So don't expect every Kemonomimi character to be opened to being petted.Some folks find animal guys and girls to be attractive, and other find them to be weird.
Even though Kemonomimi characters are biologically the same as human, I believe.I hope everyone is now a little more versed with characters that have animal qualities.

This blog is in honor season three of Dog Days, which I was able to complete during the weekend. Honestly, I do like the characters and the concept of turning war into a type of sporting event.I found an article discussing Kemonomimi characters, but it wasn't as long as I would have liked. So I took what information was on the site and added my own spin to the information and included some details.

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