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From 1993 to 2009, trends in age-adjusted hospital discharge rates for nontraumatic LEA among the diabetic population were similar by levels of LEA. BD [1] has a clear primer on safe insulin injection practices and what to expect or look for. An alternative to the usual syringe, even with the less painful thin needle , is the insulin injection pen with a “thin-wall” 31-gauge needle. See what the pen look like in the photo below: Thy are not smaller than their classical syringe counterparts.

OUR MISSIONHealth research is moving at such a fast pace that one needs an "ear to the ground" to follow and sift through the immense amount of data coming our way.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Health Interview Statistics, data from the National Health Interview Survey. The staff is not medically trained and posts are of a journalistic nature and not in lieu of medical advice.
Data computed by personnel in the Division of Diabetes Translation, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC.

Thin wall needls, as their name suggests have a larger inner diameter than the thick wall ones, for the same outer diameter.

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