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Have you ever wondered what foods you should be eating to lose weight, tone up or build muscle? Have you been subjected to millions of advertisements in television, movies, magazines and other forms of media telling you to eat certain things and avoid others? The healthiest foods to eat list found below is what I often recommend to most of my clients.
Scientists have shown that there is nothing revolutionary about the healthiest foods to eat. The most healthy diet is the one based on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish and vegetable oils, which contain a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids (the olive oil used mainly in the Mediterranean area contains these acids).
The daily menu that consists of 5-6 meals a day should be composed of: fruits, vegetables salads, fish (grilled), rice, potatoes (boiled or baked), chicken (chicken breast, cooked or grilled is recommended). Eat more vegetables, cereals, especially whole-grain cereals and bakery products made from black flour. Do not overdo it with white meat and white fish, and especially decrease the amount of red meat.
These are the main rules that you must keep in mind while following the Mediterranean diet in order to have good results.

Do you care about the less fortunate men, women, and children in our community and do you want to help them? Also, the best snack for children is cheese!  Cheese stimulates the body’s salivary glands to clear the mouth of debris and protect teeth from acids that weaken them. Eating protein rich foods, vegetables and fruits and avoiding bad carbohydrates are still the principles at play here.
Due to the increased intake of fruits and vegetables, and thus the antioxidant vitamins that act as anti-aging of the body, the Mediterranean diet is the best help in the fight against wrinkles and premature aging of the body. This diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fibers and healthy fats, can provide protection against type II diabetes, according to a study by British researchers. Enamel can repair itself by using minerals from saliva, and fluoride from toothpaste or other sources. Here, are some of the specimens that are made from fruits and vegetarians that you can eat them without any fear. You can strengthen and rebuild your immune system, protect and strengthen your skin, hair, nails and bones and above all else you can lose weight, build muscle and tone up while looking and feeling  the best you’ve ever felt. If not, start adding these to your grocery list and enjoy changing your life for the better.

It is important that when we want to lose weight we must educate our body and eat more natural and healthy all year. Also, researchers have demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial in improving the quality of life for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, in preventing heart diseases, reducing the risk of death in patients with Alzheimer, in preventing asthma and allergies. Very important in this Mediterranean diet is the consumption of unrefined sunflower oil or olive oil, cold pressed for preparing the salads.
If you think about it, the Mediterraneans are renown for their longevity and given the nutritive properties of this diet we can all understand why. However, if you do manage to gather enough will to start this diet, we guarantee that you will feel healthy and full of life.

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