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Loudwire Asks Rock + Metal Artists: What Does the Music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Mean to You?
Frank Micelotta, Getty ImagesApril 5, 2014 will mark the 20th anniversary of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain‘s death. In celebration of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, we asked artists from the rock and metal worlds about how the band has impacted their lives.
When I first heard Nirvana, I was actually afraid because I knew I liked it but it didn’t resemble anything I was listening to at the time. Anyone who falls in love with music has that first band that gets them listening and gets them hooked. Their music was important in my musical journey for one simple reason: it forced me to re-examine my priorities as a guitarist.
The more I thought about, the clearer it became: the reason players like Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Slash are so well known is because they played amazing guitar in amazing songs. Not only did the music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana inspire a generation, but it changed music forever.
Keep your eyes open tomorrow (April 4) for Part 2 of our tribute to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, where we ask some of rock and metal’s greatest artists to name their favorite Nirvana song! Source: Loudwire Asks Rock + Metal Artists: What Does the Music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Mean to You?
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The lead is rather your prototypical high school boy: not too popular, likes comic books, not too smart or too stupid, has a small but tight knit group of friends. And as the film points out in due time, Tanner is never much more than an object of social advancement to his new “friends” (aka the descending vultures of the social elite) It’s not that the movie is communicating much that’s truly groundbreaking in cinema. Before I go off into what didn’t work so well, I do want to finish the thought I brought up before regarding Tanner’s relationship to Brent. The movie makes two things clear in setting up the characters of Tanner and Brent: 1) they are very close, and 2) they are not romantically involved.
Which brings us back to the fact that despite the good intentions mentioned above, this is a deeply flawed movie that sticks way too close to the sort of high school tropes that litter mediocre-to-bad cable TV shows. And this is how it goes with the vast majority of the film, plot and characters both included.
I struggled for a while deciding what score to award this movie because I do think that there’s a kernel of something that’s quite biting (in a good way) buried in here. The grunge legend only lived to age 27, but a full 20 years after his passing, Cobain remains one of the most influential musicians of all time. You may be surprised how far of a reach Nirvana had, influencing acts from radio-friendly rock to heavy metal. Being that the ’80s was hair metal and ballads, Nirvana was a fresh breath of air and the birth of grunge. 3 guys created a sound so massive but proved that flashy guitars and perfect production were meaningless without a good song! Kurt Cobain’s lyrics and vibe extend to the qualities of other great artists such as Phil Lynott and Layne Staley.

This may seem like an obvious concept, but believe me, at the time most guitar players just didn’t get it.
As much as I love the ’80s metal bands, it was getting a bit corny and Nirvana provided a change. They destroyed an entire genre of music known as ’80s hair metal and put a chaotic underground garage band sound on the big stage. The premise of the film is that the latest “it” trend for the most popular celebrity women is to have a gay best friend.
The one diversion from this well worn character is that he’s gay, as is his more flamboyant – but still officially closeted – best friend (though not boyfriend.
This is going to veer into some very minor spoiler-y territory, so skip down past the next paragraph if you don’t want to know anything more about what goes on in the movie than the premise.
I mentioned earlier that for about a third of the movie the social commentary is pretty compelling, but that leaves two thirds that, simply put, are boring. One’s a sexually repressed, highly religious (at least superficially) naive Mormon, one’s the pretty airhead cheerleader type that’s actually kind of smart, and the other is the token black girl who challenges racial boundaries. It’s caught between a little bit of a rock and a hard place, needing the appearance of some tropes in order to set off the experience of its main character, but I could never shake a feeling of emptiness. Early on in high school I started listening to the band, reading about Kurt, and all the members alike.
I think all three are a testament to the fact that we all have issues, but if your heart is true to music, you’ll keep producing it until your heart stops pumping. When Nirvana became so successful I realized that the main purpose of playing guitar in a rock band is writing memorable songs and then worrying about solos later. This in one of the main reasons why Nirvana was such a breath of fresh air: they brought everything back to great songs and sincere emotions. It seemed like everyone had huge hair-sprayed hair, only wore white leather and filmed their videos in their loft in downtown L.A.
Bringing an end to an era, setting the stage for a new style of music: something more real and dark. The day after I first discovered them when I was about 13 or 14 completely changed my life forever. At the time I was into the 80’s guitar players like Van Halen, Guns N Roses and Metallica, but when Nirvana came out they pretty much changed the style of popular rock music.
But couched in this premise, if only for a small part of the movie, is some truly cutting social commentary.
Therefore, the three most popular girls at the high school where the movie is set all set their sites on finding one in their latest attempts to one-up one another.
But due perhaps in part that this is such a by the book high school movie, roughly a third of the movie does a really great job of hammering home the point that neither Tanner nor any gay person is defined by his gayness. The problem with all of them is that, just as the religious one, ‘Shley (short for Ashley), is only superficially devout, all three only have the appearance of depth.
The understanding of exactly what kind of movie this is becomes well established within the first ten minutes, meaning the film should have had full license to spend the rest of the movie subverting every expectation it wanted to. I felt that the movie had concluded everything it wanted to say by the halfway point, and hadn’t said it especially well to boot.

I decided right then and there that I wanted to be a rock star and play music until I died. It doesn’t quite redeem the movie as a movie, but it does make for a film worthy of some discussion where otherwise there would just be emptiness. More on it in a bit.) All of the above about what’s trending in pop culture we actually learn through this friend, Brent (played by Paul Iacono). Tanner is a boy who likes comic books, dresses in jeans and t-shirts, and doesn’t quite know what he’s doing with his life. A lot of what works in this movie is rooted in the fact that it’s somewhat familiar, because that’s the point it’s trying to make. As I’ve already mentioned, I think the movie needs some of the genre trappings to work against.
There are some clever plays off the genre here and there, and the point the movie is trying to make is certainly worthwhile, but in the end this is a by-the-book high school dramedy that feels ripped from a lesser TV show aimed at middle schoolers and no one else. Kurt had that connection with anyone who listened to his music and will be heard for many generations to come. I loved the band and the music so much that I decided to pick up an instrument when a few friends and I wanted to play a Nirvana cover in the school variety show.
That’s cool if a couple people did it, but it seems once a style of music comes out, everyone has to copy it and it cancels each other out. I have always loved how Kurt ties in these amazing melodies and lyrics with the bashing, exploding garage rock sound. The girls who take over his life desperately want him to fit into their stereotypically limited notion of what a gay person should be, but to the film’s credit Tanner’s personality doesn’t swing wildly from one extreme to another as he tests out his new social standing. All people are people, regardless of their sexuality, and they’re dealing with very similar problems. The talent show performance never happened, but without my love of the band and it’s music, I may have never even started playing. These girls, thankfully, are not the central characters of the movie (although they do fill key supporting roles). Willett) about coming out, Brent hoping this will catapult him up the social ladder where he can be the center of attention that befits his personality. Again, it’s not the most nuanced look at how homosexuality is treated in our society, but the film does a good job of using the genre in which it’s cast to be effective. When it finally clicked for me, I listened to it over and over so much that I’m sure Dan ended up resenting ever liking the band to begin with. This plan is ruined when Tanner is accidentally outed instead, meaning he becomes simultaneously the most ostracized person and most coveted object in school. For a movie that does so much else too by-the-book, I was pleasantly shocked that it bucked convention in this particular detail.

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