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For those of us who love Jack Daniels Ad often find ourselves keeping  the bottle around much longer not wanting to get rid of it, we have brought you some amazing tips and ideas you can use to bring into the home and turn these bottles into amazing DIY crafts. Jack Daniels Hookah : Create your own unique hookah using this idea and you will surely have a great and unique one. Jack Charm : Create your own Jack Daniels mini charm this way and you can carry it around anywhere you go. Jack Daniels cake : You can create your own jack Daniels cake this way and you can also make the bottle stand up straight for those who wish to do so.
Chandelier : using the mason jar idea you can create your own chandelier this way with the jack bottles and it will bring an amazing look to your space.
Jack Daniels With Chicken sauce : Jack Daniels has been used in many recipes and this is one of the best recipes you can make your chicken with.
Jack Daniels Inspired Stenciled Corn Hole Boards : These boards are nice and clean and can be used beautifully given their amazing design. Jack Daniels Popsicles : Make your own Jack Daniels popsicles this way , great for a hot summers’ day. Ketchup Bottle : You can turn your small bottle into a nice looking ketchup or BBQ sauce bottle.

Bottle Art : Let your artistic nature flourish with this great idea, make your bottle into whatever you want it to be. Bottle Cap Earrings : Use your Jack Daniels bottle to make yourself some stylish fashion accessories like this.
Jack Daniels Serving dish : Your chips and snacks can be served using this great DIY idea made from the jack Daniels bottle, A brilliant tip! Jack Daniels Chili : Jack Daniels has many food recipes and one of them is that it makes amazing chili, try this out and let us know what you think. Jack Cupcakes : You can make your own cupcakes using a little bit of jack Daniels and they taste amazing!!
Head Lamp : Make your living room stylish by adding this DIY Jack Daniel head lamp which looks amazing in any room.
Jack Salt and Pepper Shakes : These are a great addition to the dinner table for your salt and pepper. Barrel Nut Holder : This idea has you using the jack Daniels cup as a nut holder and keeping a nice elegant look to the space. DIY string lights : These miniature string lights made from small jack Daniels bottles is an amazing idea and fun to have and brighten up a place.

DIY headlamp Idea : This lampshade made from The Jack Daniels bottle is brilliant and brings a nice calming aura  to the place. DIY reed Diffuser : This DIY reed diffuser has you using the bottle and still keeps its elegance and functionality .
Jack Daniels Caramels : These caramels can be made fro any whiskey you want and they are amazing when they are finished and done right.
Jack Grill : The Jack Daniels Grills have always been my favorite, they bring a nice and distinct taste to the grill that’s hard to get over. Jack Daniels Torch : This amazing torch could be a real life saver when there is power outage or could be used to add an artistic elegant touch to the home, brilliant!
Most of them are really simple and easy to make and you will not have to fuss much about the cost since you already have the bottles on hand.

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