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Ah the good old days: when lasagna was lasagna, when noodles, cheese and sauce meant something! Lasagna is all about layers, and using that theory as a weak constitution means you can layer just about anything to achieve lasagna status, yes even burritos. This Taco Bell Lasagna consists of 20 sides of ground beef, 20 sides of refried beans, layered with several whole burritos, 16 Cheesy Roll Ups, (I paused the video just to count them), cheese sauce, regular cheese, and did I mention cheese?
If those dishes still don’t satisfy your layered food cravings, then Chef David Chang offers up a low to high end lasagna that starts by grinding ramen into a flour to make homemade lasagna noodles. EatDrinkDeals Staff members are professionals who search out the best restaurant deals of the day.
Please, that’s so old school, the lasagna of today is so much more hip than all that.
Over at Foodbeast they put that theory to the test and shelled out $80 for a bunch of Taco Bell menu items.
Chef Eric Greenspan created a Pancake Lasagna using layers of bacon, pancakes, breakfast sausage, all held together with a sweet and savory maple-bacon bechamel.
His Ramensagna is layered with a mushroom ragu, bechamel sauce, and ends by being torched by a Searzall, one of Chang’s own inventions. No problem, Ralph’s grocery store has put together a menu item sure to please, portable Lasagna Burritos. So channel your inner Garfield, experiment with your lasagna, and let us know in the comments how you’d make your custom version.
Listed on their site as a skill level 1, the concept is simple: make lasagna out of one giant fresh sheet of pasta, then roll it, wrap it and throw it on the grill.
On average, I probably ate it at least 3 times every single week growing up.If I ate so much junky processed food growing up and still managed to end up a relatively healthy adult, why on earth don’t I buy my kids standard issue fast food even once in awhile? If you ate a lot of fast food growing up and you’re still here, why shouldn’t you let your kids eat it too? People caught on to the transfat scam in the late 1990s forcing fast food restaurants to slowly change over to fats that were not partially hydrogenated.

Fast food french fries today are typically fried in genetically modified soy oil that has been processed via interesterification.
Today’s soda is not only made with HFCS, it is genetically modified HFCS from GMO corn! Today, as many as 10 in 100 white girls, 15 in 100 Hispanic girls, and 25 in 100 African American girls are experiencing breast development as early as 7 years old!
Several studies have found that IGF-1 levels at the high end of the normal range may influence the development of certain tumors. Some early studies found a relationship between blood levels of IGF-1 and the development of prostate, breast, colorectal, and other cancers, but later studies have failed to confirm these reports or have found weaker relationships. The downhill slide has occurred slowly, so slowly in fact, that it has escaped the notice of the general public. According to GMO Inside, only 26% of Americans even know that that GMOs are in every single bite of their fast food.If you would like your children to be excluded from this vast experiment being conducted by the industrial food system with millions of unwitting participants, I would suggest finding restaurants in your area that serve fast food made the way it was when we were kids. We have a place like this where I live that I am happy to take my children to where we can enjoy a burger and fries the way I ate it as a kid.
Find them and support them so they stay in business.It is not necessary to raise your child in a bubble. Sometimes I guess it takes actually seeing what is in your food to make you think twice about what you are consuming.I have 3 children, the oldest is 4 and have never had any type of fast food and under my care, never will! Chemicals that not only enhance flavor, but make you crave the product.I have a friend who swears that it was harder to give up fast food chicken than to stop smoking. Theres far more issues with fast food crap then simply weight gain, which is really only the tip of the ice berg. The junk food industry creates so many health issues for people and in my country the taxpayers foot the bill.
Beyond that you are getting into conspiracy theories that will drive you and everyone around you crazy.
And yes, I do understand that there are a few truly evil people in this world, but not most people.

I am going to take care of my family, share my knowledge with everyone I can (Sarah has created an amazing forum for that), and vote with my food choices. In addition to that I will pray for the innocent, the busy, the misinformed, the greedy, and the disinterested. But I cannot and will not make my life miserable looking over my shoulder all the time for the boogeyman – whatever label you give him.
When we moved cross country, I planned a stop for a McDonald’s with a playground for breakfast.
She had oatmeal and some smoothie (not great but not as terrible) while my husband and I *MAY* have been bad and gotten sausage biscuits and pancakes lol! Ironically I found local pasture raised pork sausage at the Whole Foods here that is flavored just like my old fast food fav! Chipotle and other burrito joints have been pretty good for getting decent food as have half price happy hour appetizers at full service restaurants. I used to be happy just to find organic meat or dairy now I have farms within a half an hour I can drive to and get raw milk, pasture raised eggs and meat- all almost a easily as going to a grocery store! Learn to cook and stock some easy go to meals on hand at home and fast food quickly becomes more of a hassle than just staying home and throwing something together.
September 21st, 2013 3:06 pm Reply RachelWell, we do not go to McDonalds often, very rarely. September 22nd, 2013 4:12 pm Reply kelly mWhat do you think about Hansens soda and Whole Foods soda that say they are made with cane sugar?

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