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I’m known by the girls to be very blunt when it comes to advice on guys; Maybe too blunt sometimes.
My past experience, when it comes to boyfriends (good and bad), and having guy friends has taught me more about how guys think. I asked my guy friends to list the top 10 confessions about relationships and break ups from the thing us girls hate… ‘the guy code’. I’m the first to admit that I’m in love with the idea of being in love… Most of my grieving over guys lasts about a week… Then I realise that the guy that works in the gym is a looker… and then the blummin cycle starts again!!
Alecs is 23 and currently doing a Masters in Media Communication and PR and has a degree in Sport and PE.
Trust me when I say – if a guy wants to be with you – he will – no ifs, no buts – he will and he will make you know it and feel it. When a guy says there’s no spark or that he sees you as a friend… It either means you need to work on your bedroom skills or he isn’t attracted to you. When a guy says he’s not ready to commit… He’s either waiting for the next best thing or you’re not the only girl he’s seeing. If a guy doesn’t get jealous at all… He either doesn’t care enough or he’s too busy looking for ‘fresh meat’.
If a guy is too jealous… He’s either insecure and will make your life a nightmare (run!) or he’s up to no good himself. If a guy doesn’t introduce you to your family… He doesn’t see you as ‘marriage material’ and you’re just there until he meets ‘the one’. If he says he doesn’t want to be with you now but ‘maybe’ in the future… Sorry sunshine – he doesn’t love you… And even if he does, it isn’t enough to be with you now.

If he doesn’t like you going out when he goes out – he’s up to no good and you’re interrupting his ‘pulling game’. If he would rather spend time with his friends and chooses them over you constantly, you’re basically used for what guys can’t offer (sorry); he doesn’t like your company as much as he should. If he’s not texting you back or answering your calls… He’s not too busy working or whatever other way you’ve tried to justify it… He does not want to talk to you. I won’t thank them (for obvious reasons) but we must realise that the millions of rom coms we watch give us false hope that every single guy we like is eventually going to like us back and we will live happily ever after. That’s not to say you won’t find the man of your dreams who will love you like you’ve only dreamt about, I’m just saying not everyone you love is actually ‘Mr right’.
I just know how they can sometimes make you feel! One thing my heartbreak over the years has taught me, is once you respect yourself and know your worth – guys will too. Girls, we need to learn the truth… No good will come from the little lies we tell ourselves or each other about the way guys are. He wants to play the field first and if he can’t find anything better he will be back (run!). Alecs is off travelling in January 2015 and loves holidays, being tanned, chick flicks, pasta and chocolate!
He doesn’t deserve the time or tears… move on and you’ll be so much happier as soon as you realise that you were actually in love with the idea of him, not him or how he made you feel.

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