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While it is necessary to seek professional advice during this time, there are certain remedies that can improve the condition by eradicating discomfort and pain and by healing the condition to certain extent. Lots of water consumption is equally important and one should keep in mind the more the water intake the more likely constipation is to be cured.
A person suffering from emphysema must eat only fruits and vegetables for at least a week during the start of treatment.
Aniseed has expectorant properties which help to reduce the swelling of the alveoli caused by emphysema. The anti inflammatory properties of vitamin C in fresh lime juice restore the elasticity of lung tissues and thus reduce swelling. This is a form of herbal extract that helps curing blood clots, plaque in the artery and lung inflammation.
Vegetable juices are very effective to regulate the hormones in the body and will thus cure irregular periods. Sugarcane juice is termed as perfect kind of juice that can help to handle irregularity in periods. A strong solution can be prepared at home by mixing some ingredients such as sesame and cumin seeds. Constipation is one of the  very common problem in human; it is related to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass.
Having amla powder or amla juice is the best remedy for the tretament of constipation.It is very much helpful in clearing instertine and easy passing of the stool. Triphala powder can do wonders to constipation .Take a tea spoon of triphala powder with warm water while going to bed at night. These seeds are rich in roughage and helps in softening of the content of intestine so that it can be easily eliminated. Mix the 200 to 250 grams of psyllium husk power in a glass of water and drink immediately for 2 to3 times a day. Including yogurt in meals helps in regularizing the excretion movements as they are helpful in better digestion. The warm and dark areas in your body are more prone to such disease and it causes constant itchiness and dry scaly round patches on the surface of your skin. If you have raw castor oil at your home, then you can be sure that ringworm will get cured, quickly. Have a glass of fresh fruits such as apple, pine apple, papaya and pomegranate along with vegetables such as carrot or spinach every day.
Consume this juice daily to replace your breakfast as it would help to flush out the toxins away from your body. Vinegar and salt combination proves to be one of the best home remedies for ringworm in humans. Applying continuously for a week on your body would help to dissipate even the most severe ringworm infection.
This can ensure a healthy and regular bowel movement and can rectify constipation to a greater extent.

Raw juice from orange, carrot and pineapple can be taken during this time which can ensure that your fluid intake is enough. The amount of fluid intake should be so that your urine colour will be yellow or transparent like water.
You can start by intaking a limited dosage and slowly increasing the amount after few days.
If you regularize this time, your difficulty will automatically ease up and the bowel movement will be much easier and less painful. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
In this condition, the passage leading from the alveoli to the air sacs becomes bloated with air. Preferably, only drink fruit juices for the first two days and then follow with eating fresh green vegetables and fruits like pineapple, orange, pear, papaya, peach and apple. Vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, drum sticks and snake gourd can provide perfect results. This particular juice is mainly used to detoxify the body and remove all sorts of free radicals.
Women who are suffering from this problem should drink sugarcane juice during the main time. Adding some radish seeds in it can help to treat irregular periods issue and cure it without any problem. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals that are required for proper metabolism in the body. Treatment of constipation can be very much  possible through home remedies which are very easy and beneficial. Aloe is a  gift to human race as it  contain a very vital cleaing agent which can ease the bowel movement. It can be a temporary remedy but for permanent relief you should try the above mentioned remedies.
They are also helpful in getting rid of acidity and mouth ulcers which are also one of the results of constipation. There are various home remedies for ringworm in humans which can make you recover easily from this disease.
If you don’t have a tree in your locality you can also buy neem leaf extracts from a nearby store. Always remember that you should not use concentrated neem extract on your skin as it might be harsh. You can also apply the juice of the turmeric over the infected area to steer clear of the infections caused by ring worm. You can add a table spoon of honey to sweeten it or add a dash of salt and pepper for different taste.
The cleansing nature and rich healing properties present in these fruits and vegetables would clear the fungal growth on your skin’s surface.

Choosing some sportsA activity like tennis, swimming or squashA can also keep you physically fit and active. As a result, the elasticity of lung tissues is lost and some blood vessels also stop functioning. Also remember to administer water enema every early morning for a week to keep bowels clean. If you cannot bear the pungent odor, use large portions of garlic in cooking or extract the juice and use as a salad dressing or mix it with other fruit and vegetable juices.
Add some powder form of radish seeds to buttermilk and drink them regularly to cure the main problem. Women who are complaining about their irregular periods can use the coriander juice for best results. Daily consumption of ripe papaya will regulate proper metabolism and will thus cure irregular period’s issue. Eat whole Grain bread each time it will help to digest food better and makes the excretion process normal.
Eat fruit like peaches, oranges, carrots, berries and vegetables like peas, carrots, spinach and broccoli. Fruits and vegetable are rich in fibre, having diet rich on fibre helps in better bowel movements as they add mass to the stool. This affects the skin on the surface of the face, hands, chest, groin, scalp, feet and nails. Take a tea spoon of fresh raw turmeric juice and a tea spoon of organic honey and mix well.
The fruit and vegetable diet must be adopted every two months if conditions do not improve. Try to live in a smoke free environment and breathe in the necessary amount of air through oxygen cylinders. The normal occurrence of menstrual cycle is getting hampered due to various types of reasons.
Drink this juice on regular basis to regulate the hormones in the body and get rid from the problem. Having a bowl of bran can be very helpful  if you are facing the constipation problem from a long time. There are various types of reasons such as change in hormones, eating problems, thyroid problem and other typed of medical conditions.
Hence it is better to take care of the problem and use some home remedies to get rid of it.
Sodium in common salt leads to inflammation of bronchial passages causing breathlessness and leading to serious damage in the lungs.

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