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As women striving to serve the Lord and our families better, meal planning is a wonderful strategy to help us provide a healthy, home-cooked meal with the awesome added benefit of saving time, money and stress! I also provide all-inclusive full meal planning kits for FREE to subscribers of The Nourishing Home. Whole30 Meal Plans: Taking the Whole30 Challenge? Be sure to download my free 5-week Whole30 Meal Plans. In addition, I’d like to provide you with a free meal planning template perfect for creating your own weekly meal plans. All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home.
I came across an exciting article the other day: I am Facebook friends with Amanda Smith, a lovely vegan woman from Marshall Texas who bears a striking resemblance to Christy Brinkley. 3) Texas has earned the reputation of have the   greatest percentage of it population as obese. Through becoming involved with   the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, we met a number of   physicians, dieticians, and others involved in promoting a whole foods plant   based diet for health reasons.
4) If people want to do something similar in   their cities and are feeling alone and discouraged, what would you recommend   they do to get things started?
Simply, a world that becomes educated   to the point that chronic food borne disease and the cost to treat the same is   no longer epidemic to our country, and no longer a threat to the health and   the economies of people around the world. 6) Many politicians including Bill Clinton and   Al Gore are going plant-based and you yourself are involved in politics as a   mayor. Politics is in large part the   culprit, and as a result, there is a political role to play in order to turn   around the devastating consequences we are beginning to see in our food supply   and peoples health.
7) What are some easy steps that the individual   consumer can do and take to make a difference in their own lives and that of   others? 8) Any thing else that you can think of that we   haven’t covered here that you would like to add? Ariana Grande is a talented force to be reckoned with and an outspoken advocate for animals. From Nickelodeon star to two-time Grammy nominee, Ariana Grande is taking the world by storm. Her impressive professional accomplishments notwithstanding, we’re kinda obsessed with Ms.
With over 20 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram, she has quite the audience to share such an incredible message with. After Sea World posted a picture of an angry looking penguin lamenting the fact that it was Monday, Ariana responded with this little piece of magic.
When explaining why she went vegan after watching Forks Over Knives, well, she didn’t mince words. She also called upon her Twitter followers to stand up for elephants by putting an end to ivory poaching. Pallet projects are quickly becoming a favorite pastime for crafters, and one of the most productive ways to put them to good use is another popular pastime: gardening. From seed packet to the dinner plate, in less than 60 days, who wouldn’t give them a go, right? Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site. Vegetarians are often faced with one critical question by meat eaters, “Where do you get your protein?” The fact is, protein is abundant in plant foods, and it’s possible to receive all essential amino acids by eating a completely vegan or vegetarian diet. One of the caveats to following a healthy lifestyle is the lack of ideas when it comes to meal planning. This vegetarian take on a classic French dish is perfect for a sophisticated vegan dinner party.
If you’re an ovo-vegetarian, then you know how important omelets are to you in the morning. Carrots are high in vitamin A and vitamin C and make a perfect bedding for these tempeh triangles. This black bean salad recipe is a perfect summer side dish that you can bring to picnics or luncheons. The body requires essential amino acids in order to function properly, yet vegetarian sources of complete protein are sparse. Over the past year, my friend Dave at PaleoHacks has been working on a secret cookbook with world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu chef Peter Servold. Each GF Meal Plan Kit includes the weekly meal plan, PLUS a handy shopping list and helpful prep ahead task recommendations to make getting a healthy meal on the table a snap! My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God!

You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. She shared an article of her husband, Ed Smith, 59, Mayor of Marshall Texas (who knew???) who went vegan and then turned around to try to help his town of Marshall do the same.
Well plant-based diets have been shown to arrest and reverse heart disease, cancer (Ed himself had high PSA levels as you will see in his interview below that came down with his change in diet) and diabetes, not to mention auto-immune disorders and more. There several groups out there , such as Get Healthy   Little Rock, Get Healthy Clear Lake, Get Healthy Sulphur Springs, Get Healthy   Rockwall, Get Healthy New Hampshire, Get Healthy Shawnee, and Be Lean   Longview, that have sprung up following our lead.
I would hope to see a world that   respects all forms of animal life, and values the uniqueness and individuality   of each animal around the world. What role, if any, do you feel politics should play considering that   GMO crops are getting subsidies and organic farmers are not and food companies   often lobby heavily to pass laws that are favorable to their interests? Lobby your, state and federal and local officials.   Educate your friends and acquaintances by sharing books, literature, and DVDs   on the subject. The only difference being that   bad eating is more pervasive and addictive to the populous. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. PETA2′s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2014 (Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy took the title for the guys)  is an animal activist for the next generation and an awesome Green Monster! Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her with her best furry friends and even some lucky sweeties at the PreetiRang Sanctuary! She’s an outspoken advocate for rescuing animals in need instead of buying a dog from a store. Some plant foods, like avocados and quinoa, contain all essential amino acids and are therefore considered a complete protein. If you’re concerned you’re not getting enough protein in your vegetarian diet, here are some recipe ideas to help you out. Quinoa is more nutritious than white and even brown rice, containing a heftier amount of amino acids, fiber, and healthy fats. This chickpea and kale soup recipe contains a great deal of protein and fiber, and you’re also receiving vitamin A and vitamin C.
If you eat cheese, use raw milk cheese to top these off as soon as they come out of the oven or off the grill. This high-protein breakfast food is packed with the goodness of vegetables to get your day started off right.
Tempeh is fermented soy, so it provides all of the benefits of soy without the harmful effects of traditional, unfermented soybean.
Almond butter provides a tasty base for these high-protein cookies, and the oats give you fiber. Not only are they high in fiber, combined with the spices in this black bean burger recipe, they provide the color and taste similar to traditional burgers. Meat provides a complete protein, but it’s probably not the best food option for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. I ate a   significant amount of foods known to produce apoptosis, and angiogenesis in   cancer cells. We have to make political efforts and inroads to counteract    “Big Ag” and “Big Food” industry efforts to prevent disclosure of GMO   foods through labeling. Making the most of it is a pleasure for the palate, a boost to our health and an easy way to make new friends. Incorporating these foods into your recipes can ensure you will receive all the protein you need. Typically, vegetarians will pair certain foods in order to complement one another’s amino acid profile to make a complete protein. Group (DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM) founded Global Healing Center in 1998 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe. Little did I know, that chicken and   turkey along with fish have just about as much saturated fat and cholesterol   as red meat. Foods, like cruciferous vegetables, blueberries, ground flax   seeds, mushrooms, and kale.   For breakfast, I usually started, and   still do, the morning with a green smoothie made in a Vita Mix. Education of political leaders is the key   counteracting the undue influence from subsidized industry on the USDA and   FDA, which has allowed industry to infuse unhealthy life-threatening foods   into our food supply.

Science is on our side, and the negative health consequences and negative   socioeconomic consequences of the unhealthy food being marketed in this   country is coming to light, as more and more people are becoming educated. Not afraid to share her opinions about plant-based eating and animal rights with the world, the pint-sized star has taken to social media to blast Sea World, gush over her dogs (she has four!) and celebrate her compassionate lifestyle. Also, experiment with adding 1 cup of cooked quinoa or buckwheat in place of the bulgur at the end of cooking, about 5 minutes. In other words, you would choose one vegetarian food that contains certain essential amino acids and pair it with another plant food that contains the amino acid the other food is lacking. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.
It usually   consists of a frozen banana, kale, or some type of greens, frozen blue   berries,pomegranate juice, ground flax seeds, cauliflower or   broccoli. As   new science and existing science comes to the forefront of public awareness, a   grass roots public outcry will occur, such that politicians, government, and   even the food and agricultural industry will have to change. Group assumes a hands-on approach in producing new and advanced degenerative disease products and information.Dr. As mentioned previously, you can also incorporate quinoa, avocado, and even hemp into your diet.
Group has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world. Or, I would have   steel cut oatmeal, or rolled oats with blueberries, and other berries   along with ground flax seed.  For lunch and dinner, I would have either a   salad full of different leafy green lettuces, topped with steamed or grilled   vegetables, beans, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, or I would have some type   of steamed or grilled vegetables or stir fry, along with a bowl of chili,   beans, or lentil soup. In particular, we were inspired by Whole Foods sponsorship of Rip   Esselstyn’s Engine 2 Immersion program offered to Whole Foods employees and   store patrons at various stores around the country. But as the saying goes, “the bigger   they are the harder they fall.” It just may take a little longer. He no longer sees patients but solely concentrates on spreading the word of health and wellness to the global community.
Unfortunately, I was still eating a fair amount of    “vegan junk food,” sugar, oil, processed and refined foods.
Later, in 2008 I   discovered my PSA score was greater than 4, and I was subsequently diagnosed   with prostate cancer. So, we decided to bring Rip, his father and   others to our community for an “Immersion Program” to see if we could bring   meaningful change to a city. Zyflamend is comprised   anti-inflammatory herbs that have been shown to cause apoptosis in cancer   cells. This first event was so successful that we formed   Get Healthy Marshall, Inc., a non-profit, organized to promote the health   benefits of a diet primarily comprised of plant based whole foods.
At that time, I eliminated all oil, refined foods of any   kind, including isolated soy protein and soy protein isolates, and sugar from   my diet.
Since my PSA has leveled at around 1, I have not been taking the   Zyflamend.  My diet today is essentially the same. This has   grown into an annual weekend “Health Fest” event in our community, where we   bring in leading physicians, dieticians, celebrity chefs, physical fitness   experts, and noted authors for a three day weekend of lectures, cooking   instruction, and fitness classes. Today I eat a wider   variety of foods, compared to when I ate typical stroke belt foods before my   change.
Foods I had never tried, heard of or even been exposed to such as   Indian, Thai, Ethiopian and Asian dishes and spices. We conduct regular super   market tours to show people where and how to shop the local super   markets, along with instruction on how to read food labels and tell within 5   or 10 second if product is healthy or not.
I began getting   monthly PSA tests in order to determine if my PSA was rising, and to calculate   the doubling time, which would be an indicator of disease rate of   progress. We also have   encouraged the local media to cover our events, and have worked with local   officials to get the word out in our community. After people have seen the positive   health results in other peoples lives, they have been coming around, and the   positive response is growing. Type 2 diabetics are reversing their   diabetes and getting off of taking insulin shots and other meds. Other chronic   diseases are disappearing for many, and people are losing weight without   trying as a side benefit. Because this is not a calorie dense diet, they can   eat as much as they want without counting calories and still lose   weight.

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