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It is an autoimmune disorder in which body starts to destroy its own cell (beta cells of pancreas that makes insulin).
2 main factors: genetics and the environment (certain viruses, toxins which can trigger autoimmune response). It can be managed with Exercise and change in diet but in some cases medicine or Insulin injections are needed. It will need further evaluation under guidance of child specialist or Pediatric endocrinologist.
Maintain the blood sugar level as close to normal as possible at all times to avoid complications. Growth and Development should not be affected and child should be able to live a healthy life.
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Diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema are the leading causes of vision loss in working-age adults in the United States, according to the National Eye Institute. Laser surgery is the standard treatment for advanced stages of the disease, characterized by blurred vision, but previous research has shown that only 30 percent of patients saw improvement in their vision.
Lead author Rohit Varma from the University of Southern California (USC) Eye Institute said that found that ranibizumab can save the sight of thousands of working-age individuals suffering from diabetic eye disease, as standard treatments such as laser are not as effective. Varma's team developed a population-based model that suggests that administering 0.3 milligrams of ranibizumab every four weeks to patients with diabetic macular edema would reduce the number of cases of vision impairment by 45 percent, or 5,134 individuals, and the number of cases of legal blindness by 75 percent, or 1,275 individuals. The model was based on the approximately 37,000 Hispanic and non-Hispanic white adults with diabetic macular edema in the United States for whom ranibizumab treatment could be used and because other race and ethnic groups were not included in the study, authors contend that the treatment may benefit even more people than their results show. Hypothyroidism is condition in which thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormone in sufficient quantity. Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) is most common preventable cause of Mental retardation in children. Newborn babies are also vulnerable; more so because there are no specific symptoms which can lead to early diagnosis. Good news for parents is that it can be diagnosed easily by testing (Newborn screening) and can be treated comfortable; so that child can live a normal life just like any other baby.
During 1st year of life babies are sleepy all the time, have poor appetite, cries very little and sluggish most of the time. L-thyroxine tablets are small and can be crushed into food or dissolved into a small amount of formula, juice or other liquid. For Any queries related thyroid disease or you want to discuss any other health related issues feel free to contact MAYA CLINIC. This entry was posted in child growth and development, genetic and metabolic disorders, newborn and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, child doctor vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vasundhara, dr.
It is genetic disorder of blood in which abnormal Hemoglobin is made leading to decrease in oxygen carring capacity of red blood cell.  RBC (red blood cells) are destroyed at faster rate leading to anemia and need for repeated blood transfusion.
This inherited disorder is carried in genes and passed on from one generation to next generation. Beta thalassemia minor, or beta thalassemia trait, happens when one of the beta globin genes is mutated.
Beta thalassemia major (Cooley’s anemia) happens when both of the beta globin genes are mutated. Beta thalassemia intermedia may also occur when both of the beta globin genes are mutated, but less severe.

People who carry beta thalassemia genes should seek Gentic counseling, if they’re considering having children. Children with Thalassemia major require life-long , ongoing medical care which include blood transfusions.
This entry was posted in child growth and development, genetic and metabolic disorders, newborn, Uncategorized and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, beta thalassemia in children, blood disorder in children, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vaishali, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. Bedwetting (sometimes called nocturnal enuresis) is a common condition that affects many children and young people. Although bedwetting is rarely caused by a serious medical disorder and often resolves itself, it’s a condition that can create anxiety, embarrassment, and shame. The combination of several factors is the usual culprit that leads to bedwetting: an increased production of urine during the night, a small bladder capacity, poor arousal from sleep, and constipation. Second, parents should always remember that bedwetting is a medical problem — it happens because a child’s brain and bladder are not communicating with each other at night. Most children who wet the bed have at least one parent or close relative who had the same problem as a child. Every year, 15 percent of children older than 5 who wet the bed become dry with no intervention.
Behavioral Therapy is best approach with help of bedwetting alarm; it yields the best results. The medication that is prescribed most frequently is called desmopressin (brand name: DDAVP). Praise children for success in any of the following areas: waking up at night to urinate, having smaller wet spots or having a dry night.
Have a proper schedule; give dinner 2 hours prior to sleep and wake child once after going to sleep for toilet.
More than 70 to 80% children recover with this lifestyle only; but parents and every member of family need to support the child and encourage him. The child or young person should be given advice on the importance of using the toilet regularly during the day and you should encourage use of the toilet at regular intervals (around four to seven times a day, including just before bed). Reward System: Rewards should be given for agreed behavior  rather than dry nights, for example, they may be given for drinking the correct amount during the day, using the toilet before sleep, helping to change wet sheets, and, if appropriate, taking tablets or using an alarm correctly. Other drugs like anticholenergic along with desmopressin and Imipramine can also be given but only after consulting someone who is expert in this field as these drugs need to be used with caution.
This entry was posted in behavior and adolescent problem, child growth and development, genetic and metabolic disorders, neuro problem and tagged Bedwetting, behavior problem, best child doctor in ghaziabad, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vaishali, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. Having learned from grandfather, he has five Asans (Siddha & Varma Physicians) as well, from whom he learned Siddha, Varma, Kalari and Astrology. All types of spinal disorders - Spondylosis, Spondilytis, Scoliosis, Disc-Prolapse, Bulge, Protrusion, Herination, Degeneration, Nerve Compression, Kyphosis, Lordosis etc.
Neurological disorders - nerve, injuries, sciatica, Neuritis, Neuralgia, Parkinsonism, wrist drop, foot drop etc.
Degenerative diseases - Muscular atrophy (Spinal Muscular atrophy), Muscular dystrophy (Duchenee's muscular dystrophy), cerebral atrophyetc.
Cerebral Palsy, facial palsy, paralysis, arthritis - Rheumatic arthritis, periarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, etc. Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Piles, fistula, High Blood Pressure, Paedeatric diseases etc. And if this condition is present right from birth, it is called Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH). Because of this reason most of the private hospitals are now doing cord blood testing (Newborn Screening) to rule out thyroid related illnesses.

People who are Carrier may have no disease but when both parents are carrier, it can pass on to children.
Although most children grow out of it, this may take many years and some may need help to become dry at night.
These feelings are heightened when the child is invited to a sleepover —by relatives, friends and during family marriage. Approximately 45 percent of children wet the bed if one parent wet the bed as a child, and 75 percent wet the bed if both parents were bedwetters. Although children usually follow the same pattern as their family members, this is not always the case. Although this helps some children, it doesn’t work for most — if a child limits fluids, he may wet the bed with four ounces of urine instead of six, but he’s usually still wet.
Desmopressin is a manufactured form of the hormone the brain produces to decrease urine production at night.
Positive attitude and patience on part of parents is the biggest virtue on basis of which successful treatment depends.
If you guys do not control your anger and frustration, your child will never come out of it. This will allow children with thalassemias to make their own healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin.
Interestingly, girls are more likely than boys to have other bladder symptoms, such as urgency, frequency, or daytime wetting. Because there is no way to predict when a child will overcome his wetting, I recommend that children start a bedwetting program if they’re motivated to become dry.
When the alarm goes off it awakens the child so he can go to the bathroom and finish urinating in the toilet. The effects of desmopressin only last for a short period of time, and children usually relapse when medication is stopped. Otherwise all the hard work put by parents will go waste if you beat your child or scold your child in between sometimes. And your  personal or professional anger or frustration should not disturb your relationship with your child. If punishment continues, your child will become more stubborn and as they grow old more behavior issues creep up like aggressive behavior, anti social behavior, drugs etc. If a child tells me that limiting fluids helps him stay dry, I give it my “OK.” Otherwise, I generally don’t recommend this approach. After weeks of hearing the alarm, the child’s brain learns to pay attention to the full bladder signals and he wakes up before wetting the bed.
For this reason, doctors generally recommend this for sleepovers, vacations, or special occasions.
Child should be asked to go to toilet before going to sleep and put an alarm around 1 am – 2 am. Waking child only once during night gives best result as repeatedly waking child during night have a bad impact on child’s behavior and may make child stubborn.

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