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Polished by formerly listed Living National Treasure Matsuo Fujishiro (awarded in 1996), the kanteisho paper was issued by Fujishiro himself in December 2000. If owning an authentic Japanese Samurai sword is of interest to you and your family, we would be honoured to serve you. If you have the pleasure of living in Japan or visiting the country, we recommend that you come to one of our upcoming sword shows or schedule a private VIP meeting with us. To those exploring our collection online, be sure to download our catalogue of available swords here.
We completely respect the fact it takes a HUGE leap of personal FAITH in us to commit to a particular sword given the reliance on photos and descriptions for such a highly valued item. You can also take reassurance that ALL swords from Unique Japan are GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC and come with a 3-DAY WORRY FREE inspection period upon arrival to your home.

Yes, it is completely legal to own a genuine antique Japanese sword (even those that are several hundreds of years old). Unique Japan has safely sent well over 300 swords FROM Japan to immensely proud owners in the United States, Canada, Europe and around the world. We look forward to making your dream of owning an authentic Japanese sword a reality for you. Gilchrist Golf Cars is the authorized Yamaha golf car dealer for the greater Sacramento area.
We can also arrange visits to a company office, hotel, near the airport or at a private residence. It’s important to us that you feel completely confident that the sword you choose (and that chooses you) is destined for you and your family.

Unique Japan specialises in all proper legal compliances so that swords can be exported from Japan. Our partnership with Yamaha allows us to offer a full line of new cars to go along with our already extensive inventory and experience with used and reconditioned golf cars.

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