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You are here: Home › Diabetes Care › Diabetic Neuropathy › Are you diabetic and have trouble with your feet swelling? Foot swelling is due to the lack of circulation and poor salt content in one’s diet that can cause the blood vessels to contract smaller and not circulate enough blood around in order to keep all of your body running smoothly and properly. Diabetics have to suffer from many other medical conditions associated with being diabetic such as diabetic foot edema, diabetic foot infections and many other diabetic foot inflammations such as ingrown toenails and infections.
One of the main things that is strongly urged with diabetics is wearing shoes, always wear shoes when going out and closed toe shoes because of the risk of infection.
A lot of people who are diabetic and find themselves dealing with diabetic foot swelling or diabetic foot infections will have to wear compression stockings or hose in order to keep the swelling and edema down.
Diabetics who are one of the unlucky ones and find themselves getting an infection may find themselves losing a limb or undergoing years of pain management and going to pain clinics just in order to keep their pain levels and infections under control. Nothing feels better than slipping off an uncomfortable pair of tight shoes at the end of the day. Because diabetes affects healing time for wounds, physicians  recommend that diabetics with severe neuropathy never go barefoot. Many people wonder if diabetic footwear come in styles  that are fashionable enough for formal occasions.
One of the easiest and most recognizable design of the casual shoe for foot problems is that of the wide width athletic version with simple velcro closures.

These products can sometimes be paid for by medical insurance with a prescription by a licensed podiatrist. The foot products featured below have extra-depth and come in wider widths to allow for swelling. Diabetic feet swelling goes along with all the other many problems associated with being a diabetic. Poor circulation in many diabetics are just a common thing associated with being diabetic because of the blood vessels not being as larger and also having to work harder in order to work properly to circulate all of the bodies blood. Diabetics have a harder time fighting off infections than people who are top of the line healthy. Today's version of this comfortable style with a large variety of choices as far as  colors, patterns and designs. Going online, there are several companies that offer pretty sandals, dress shoes and party shoes in wide, extra wide and extra, extra wide for swollen feet.
They are worth considering if you are looking for footwear that is made to provide comfort for diabetics. Diabetics bodies have to work harder making glucose and other nutrients than healthy people so therefore fighting infections are a harder to task to complete. Diabetics with foot problems can still go about living life to the fullest when they wear the proper sfootwear.

Unfortunately, as diabetes progresses, many diabetic patients can begin losing sensation in the nerve endings of their feet.
A diabetic product  doesn't have to look less fashionable than a regular street version. Diabetic or not, well-fitting, supportive, comfortable shoes are important for foot health in people of all ages.
Not only are there so many great styles to choose from, many of today's designs don't have that ugly, clumsy "medical shoe" construction that these products  shoes had in the past.
One of the ways this poor circulation manifests itself is to create swelling in the feet and ankles.
Regular footwear designs can feel like painful torture chambers to someone who has feet that sometimes swell 2 or 3 times their normal size. Diabetic versions for swollen feet come in softer, more pliable materials and adjustable closures for better foot comfort.

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