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Our MissionWe identify a select number of significant public issues and stimulate action on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society. Identify a select number of significant public issues and stimulate action on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our society. Get the latest on all our campaigns! This campaign raises awareness of adoption of children from foster care and drives prospective parents to AdoptUSKids.org to learn more and start the adoption process. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter with the latest updates on our PSA campaigns and best practices from the social marketing field. A study in Diabetes Care was published this week that brought attention to the glaring failure of institutional type 2 diabetes prevention. There are countless influences that have put the hospitals financial health above yours or my long-term wellness. Furthermore, recommendations for type 2 diabetes prevention tirelessly tell us to switch from refined grains to whole grains. Every institutional program for diabetes prevention wrongly fixates on “obesity” as a major cause. Should we publicly stop funding these community initiatives for type 2 diabetes prevention? Check out NUSI, an organization that promotes scientifically rigorous and rational dietary advice. Richard Maurer, ND, author of The Blood Code-Unlock the Secrets of Your Metabolism (2014), has practiced integrative medicine in Maine since 1994.
You know-my gut is happy w LCHF diet- but a supplement rep dropped this off at my office-Anyone want GI dysfunction? If you seek to recover health & vitality, get ready to find the vibrant life you were meant to live. However, a majority of dads (7 out of 10) also reported that they could use tips on how to be a better parent.

The Autism Awareness campaign encourages parents to learn the signs of autism to seek help earlier in their child's life. One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college, and IT'S ON US to take a stand. The World Diabetes Day campaign is led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its member associations.
Participants will learn skills to help people with diabetes overcome the emotional and behavioral obstacles to living well with diabetes.  This program will address real-life emotional aspects of diabetes. I hope the articles and explanations below provide you with practical insight that assists you toward your metabolic recovery and wellness.
I live in a community where the regional hospital corporation slyly changed it’s name to incorporate the word “Health”. Suffice to say that the business is looking out for itself, as cruel as it sounds and therefore as individuals, we need to look out for our health with the same persistent interest. But whole grains are high-carb, diabetes-promoting foods, that contain virtually the same carb content as the more-refined version of the same grain.
He interprets blood test results and provides effective guidance to reverse type 2 diabetes and resolve conditions of weight, thyroid, heart disease risk and blood sugar metabolism. This translates to $162 billion in wasted water, energy, fertilizers, cropland, and production costs.
Men play a key role in shaping the behavior of boys, and attitudes towards domestic violence are fostered at an early age. It engages millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness.  The campaign draws attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public spotlight. This institution, statewide, receives the most grant and federal funding to initiate disease prevention programs. Publicly funded diabetes prevention programs are just the tip of the iceberg for only one condition, so why do they fail?

Dietary carbohydrates result in a lot of insulin secretion and dietary proteins to a lesser degree.
Basic math shows that the difference in carb content is negligible—41 versus 44 grams of carb in 1 cup of brown versus white rice respectively. How about a financial incentive that goes directly to individuals who improve their insulin resistance as seen through blood test results. And these researchers from Cincinnati report the glaring truth, the hospital and community programs for diabetes prevention are failures. Or better yet, perhaps all the incentive we really need is a genuine desire for optimal health for us, our families and our communities.
New PSAs feature beloved Alvin and the Chipmunks characters highlighting the importance of food safety.
A diet rich in fats actually promotes healthy insulin levels and a move away from the insulin resistance that causes diabetes. There is some extra insoluble fiber in whole grains, but the truly beneficial soluble fiber content is the same between the two.
Furthermore, weight loss programs at major hospitals use techniques that cause muscle loss rather than fat-loss. I had been reluctant to start my educational journey with a 2 year old and still trying to get my body back into its comfortable metabolic zone.

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