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These are just a few complications that go hand in hand with uncontrolled or poorly managed blood sugar levels.
Mostly, the root cause of diabetic foot complications occur when the nerve supply is damaged, also known as neuropathy which attenuates the sensation in the feet.
Of all the foot complications observed in diabetes, foot ulcer is perhaps one of the most grave and expensive complications.
Diabetics should not take foot ulcers lightly as delay in the treatment can lead to greater chances of losing the limb. Most likely, your doctor will take X-rays of the affected foot to verify that the infection has not reached the bone surface. In combination with the tough skin, pressure on that part may lead to damage to the capillaries and the surrounding tissue. According to medical data, of the American diabetic population (which is nearing 16 million), almost one-fourth of them end up with foot problems, courtesy, diabetic nerve damage or neuropathy. Thus, the patient is unable to perceive sensations, such as those of pressure, heat, cold or even pain. The key feature of diabetics is the intensification of the complication and the slow process of healing.
Atherosclerosis or thickening of the walls of blood vessels results in hampered flow of blood to many organs, including feet. Unfortunately, men and women with uncontrolled blood sugar levels are more likely to have severe foot problems which necessitate foot amputation.
Over the past few decades, childhood obesity rates in the United States have skyrocketed, increasing more than fourfold among those ages 6 to 11. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area. But the agency also noted that, even though all but four of the children who passed away were old enough to get a flu shot, 90 percent of them did not get vaccinated.
In fact, more broadly, Americans aren’t getting all of the vaccinations that the CDC recommends. Many obese teens are confronted with bullying problems due to their weight, most often in middle schools.
While speaking on the psychological effects of obesity, Petals Rainey, Leesville’s psychologist, discussed several issues.
Often, a student’s grades and social interactions will suffer once obesity becomes a problem.
The major issue with obesity (besides obvious health concerns) is the low self esteem that can develop. There are many factors to consider when an individual is confronted with obesity, with obesity often leading to extreme issues such as anxiety, depression, and other psychological states. To navigate through and address all of the effects of obesity, there needs to be a thorough understanding of how it impacts all aspects of a person’s life.
To learn more about the physical effects of obesity and why it is such an issue in this modern world, Suzanne Tadlock, Leesville health instructor, provided a website on obesity and a few tips on how to fight it. Tadlock reasons that one of the more prevalent causes of obesity in today’s society is the availability of fast food in every city, with a McDonald’s on practically every street corner. With obesity being a major issue, Tadlock takes her job as physical education specialist very seriously.
Another major contributor to childhood (and therefore teen) obesity is the lack of physical exercise in the elementary and middle schools. These health issues can lead to even more health problems, all adding up to become a plethora of disease and pain. With all of this information, one can make the easy conclusion that obesity is a prominent issue in today’s society.
One important way to help people suffering from obesity is to encourage them to improve, and to be nice about it; obese people typically suffer from low self esteem and low sense of self. Some of the signs that someone is suffering psychologically from obesity are, “not thinking that they’re attractive, and again, that ability to navigate in the social realm.
By boosting their pride and helping them to accept their bodies and how they are, people and students who suffer from obesity will not be so concerned with their appearances.

The vicious interaction of this troublesome metabolic disorder with multiple risk factors leads to many complexities, either involving the skin, leg, feet or significant micro vascular and macro vascular changes. Those living with diabetes are at an increased risk of suffering from diverse foot related problems. Other than neuropathy, less than sufficient blood circulation and heightened susceptibility of infections also has a role to play in causing foot problems. After carefully debriding the devitalized skin tissue, you may be put on an antibiotic course. The effect of this disorder on the capillaries which supply nutrition and blood to the skin of the leg and feet results in thickened skin layer known as callus or corn. If bleeding takes place within the callus area, a haematoma can be visible which causes an itchy or burning sensation within the callus. To prevent its formation, one can wear therapeutic shoes with specially designed inserts that relieve pressure accumulation. Peripheral neuropathy is the most prevalent form of diabetes induced neuropathy which targets the peripheral nerves. Therefore, doctors repeatedly emphasize that diabetic people must under no circumstances ignore the formation of any skin infection or ulcer on the feet. This change encourages the bacterial and fungal species to establish dangerous foot infections. Some diabetics also complain of pain and discomfort in their calves whilst walking on a hard surface.
The vascular changes along with nerve damage make them easy targets for infections and ulcers which in turn may require amputation. More than 23 million children and teenagers in the United States ages 2 to 19 are obese or overweight putting them at early risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even stroke. Setting a good example is the best way to reinforce the importance of exercise to your child.
How many hours combined does your child spend each day watching television, playing video games and using the computer? For the parents of an athletic child, promoting physical activity isn’t much of a problem-just send them off to soccer practice.
CDC officials recommend that all children over 6 months old get a flu shot, but Americans still aren’t necessarily following that advice. Although it is often played down as unimportant, self worth is an important factor to succeeding both in high school and in the world. According to the Stanford University Website, there are a plethora of health issues associated with obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems (such as osteoarthritis), cancer, and metabolic syndrome, just to name a few. They might be excluded from activities where they are expected to be thin, such as cheerleading, etc,” Rainey said.
Rainey indicated that this, in itself, will improve their grades, as well as their way of life. With diabetes, even seemingly harmless injuries may take a turn for the worse, leading to serious complications. Once the outermost, protective skin layer weakens or breaks, the underlying deep tissues, become unprotected and opens to infection by bacteria. In addition to this, he or she may also place a protective cast or brace around the ulcerated foot. As compared to unaffected people, the incidence rate of stiff corn formation is increasingly more in those living with diabetes. If overlooked, the exposure of blood (due to disintegration of callus) may subsequently result in the initiation of an infection or ulceration. As a result, sensory and motor nerves that supply muscles, skin, glands and other organs is drastically impaired. Neuropathy may also lead to other types of deformities in the feet, namely, hammer toes, bunions or Charcot feet. It has been noted that the process of tissue breakdown advances at a faster rate in such individuals and many a time manages to invade deep enough to reach the bone too.

Due to the lack of sufficient nourishment, injuries or sores on the foot require an exceedingly long time to subside. This particular condition is termed as intermittent claudication. Doctors may recommend daily exercise or prescribe medications to enhance blood circulation to the lower extremities.
For such reasons, those diagnosed with diabetes must take utmost care of their feet by controlling blood sugar and taking other preventive measures, such as abstinence from smoking and use of proper, comfortable shoes.
If America’s trend continues at its current pace, all 50 states could have obesity rates above 44 percent by 2030, according to a new report from Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and according to the same report, at the current rate of weight gain, by 2030, 57.2 percent of Texans will be obese.
For instance, you could take the whole family on a weekend day trip to a state or national park and go hiking.
If you want your child to drink a glass of milk at dinner or water instead of soda, you should do the same. However, if your child isn’t that interested in kicking or hitting a ball, you can still work with their existing interests to get them out and moving around.
Between youth sports, youth fitness, group exercise and personal training, the Y offers every family opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle. That could partly be because some lingering stigma surrounding vaccines has perpetrated myths, like the false idea that getting the flu shot will lead to contracting influenza — or the misguided right-wing fearmongering that vaccines lead to autism or mental retardation. A lot of times when you find a lot of individuals who have weight issues, they have emotional difficulties, coping skill, some difficulties with social skills. Such bacterial attacks progress quickly resulting in development of ulcers mostly on the undersurface of the big toe or the ball portion of the foot. Its formation is, in fact, regarded as an initial sign that the person may be at an escalated risk for diabetic foot ulcer too. The most typical symptom of peripheral neuropathy is loss of sensation and numbness in either the hands or feet.
It is thus imperative for such people to carefully observe the feet each day for changes in the colour, swelling, hot spots or deep cracks.
It is important to moisturize the skin but make sure you don’t overdo it as surplus moisture from lotions or creams can increase the risk of skin infection.
If you don’t feel like going that far, get creative – transform your backyard or a nearby park into an obstacle course and compete in Family Olympics.
Try setting a daily time limit on any device with a screen and consider restricting electronics to family areas so your child can’t just retreat to their bedroom and watch TV.
For example, an artistic child might really enjoy taking a nature hike to snap photos or collect leaves for a collage. Because the Y knows that healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing mind, body and spirit, well-being and fitness at the Y are about so much more than just working out. He spent hundreds of hours in the Fremont YMCA as a Gra-Y kid and finally as a youth club leader while in high school.
Because if you’re having difficulties at school, socially, then you’re not going to come to school, wanna come to school, and do everything you can to stay out of school, so you know, that could start as a short term problem that could morph into a long term problem. When your child sees you participating in and enjoying regular exercise, they’ll be more likely to pick up the habit. If your kids really love video games, encourage them to play games that require physical activity. Beyond fitness facilities, the Y provides educational programs to promote healthier decisions and offers a variety of programs that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength. His professional career began at the Kansas City YMCA in 1976, where he worked for seven years before moving to positions with YMCAs in Memphis, Houston, Phoenix and Des Moines before returning to Texas in 2002. Add veggies to your marinara sauce when you serve spaghetti or have fresh fruit for dessert.
Involving your child in the process of helping you grocery shop or cook will most likely result in them being much more open to trying something new.

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