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Besides sugar being an obvious weight-gain culprit, sugar has several other downfalls.  Not only does sugar lead to obesity and tooth decay, but it also increases your risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and a fatty liver. When first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, people immediately have questions regarding a list of foods for a diabetic to eat. The body breaks down the sugars and starches to form glucose, which is what fuels the body for its energy. The good news is, and this does surprise most newly diagnosed diabetics, you can pretty much eat anything, as long as you are sensible in your food choices.

While a dietician or nutritionist is your best source of advice for helping you with your diabetic diet, the basic information about what foods to eat and which ones to avoid is not so different from what anyone else should eat if they want to follow a healthy diet and prevent many diseases and health problems like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure. In Type 2 diabetes, the body either produces too little insulin, or the insulin that is produced is ignored by the body's cells. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A and fiber, and they are easily to bake, or boil in water and mash for a delicious sweet potato casserole. If the glucose is allowed to accumulate in the blood rather than going into the cells, then that is when complications from diabetes come into the picture.

Place non-fat vanilla yogurt in a parfait glass alternating from bottom to top with yogurt and your choice of berries; mix different types of berries for more color and variety.

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