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Testosterone treatment in patients with classical hypogonadism is effective and safe but  - whilst studies suggest that testosterone replacement in late onset hypoganidism may have some short term benefits - there is a lack of longer term studies in terms of documenting clinical outcomes for prolonged treatment. Testosterone deficiency is characterized by either deficiency in total serum testosterone (TT) levels or low calculated free testosterone levels (below the young healthy adult male reference range), coupled with signs and symptoms indicative of sup-optimal testosterone levels. It is important to note that low testosterone levels even within the normal range negatively impact risk of cardiovascular events and mortality.
The EPIC-Norfolk (European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer in Norfolk) Prospective Population Study demonstrated in men aged 40 to 79 years that increasing endogenous testosterone levels are inversely related to mortality due to all causes, cardiovascular causes, and cancer during a 7 year follow-up.
It should be underscored that all these thresholds represent cut-offs that are higher than most currently accepted definitions of hypogonadism. Testosterone deficiency, which is a common clinical condition, is associated with many adverse health effects and a significant deterioration in quality of life, see key points table above. Testosterone deficiency increases risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, and loss of lean body mass, muscle volume and strength, and bone mineral density. In the next article I will go into detail on the wide range of health promoting effects of testosterone replacement therapy in men with hypogonadism.
Monica Mollica holds a Master Degree in Nutrition from the University of Stockholm and Karolinska Institue, Sweden. She has also done PhD level course work at renowned Baylor University, TX. All testosterone medications are testosterone; the molecule is identical to endogenous testosterone.
With testosterone, the difference between preparations is the ester to which the testosterone is bound, which affects pharmacokinetics (ir half live in the blood stream). I have been on injections to reduce my body’s testosterone production for three years because of prostate cancer. Yes, ADT is well known to induce multiple detrimental health effects, including those outlined in this article. It is good that you keep working out, but you also need to monitor your health status with comprehensive blood test panels. I have been an avid reader of the Brink Zone for the last 5 – 6 years and have followed your reports on TRT for a long time. It’s largely thanks to you and Will, because I have been using your reports on the subject to push my case with the doctors. Obese teenage boys are at risk for more than diabetes and heart disease, a new study has found. The study, published this week in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, investigated the effect of obesity on testosterone levels in young males. It has its origins in earlier research, which showed that type II diabetes and obesity in older men are linked to a high rate (25-33%) of hypogonadism, or low testosterone levels.
In addition, concentrations of free testosterone — testosterone that isn’t chemically bound and thus available to the body — were shown to be negatively related to BMI:  The higher the body mass, the lower the concentration. Controlling for age, physical maturity and certain medical factors, 25 obese and 25 lean males between the ages of 14 and 20 were studied. The next step is a larger study to confirm the findings as well as investigate more questions, such how the hypothalamus part of the brain is “turned off” when triggering the pituitary gland to produce testosterone — and how it might be turned back on.
The brain’s mechanisms are especially important, Dandona said, because it’s there that the problem begins. Research has shown that adults who have gastric bypass surgery return to normal testosterone levels. I think estrogen is increased in overweight girls – I know that the average onset of puberty is earlier due to obesity.
The result would likely be the same for obese female teens, as well as many obese female adults and males. I think all on this page can see that you are void of any sort of intelligence what so ever.

I'd rather have fun at their expense and leave the complex feedback loops to the experts.
Lack of exercise retards the development and initiation of the growth process of testosterone production. The type of food being consumed, particularly the meat with various estrogen based hormones, is part of the issue as well. The most important thing to do is to start getting these studies to the schools and get the obese kids help.
But not everyone is aware, as evidenced by the number of parents who do nothing to correct, or even recognize, their children's weight problems. So is it the lack of testosterone and increased estrogen that may be in part causing obesity.
I honestly believe that chemicals that are in packaging and foods- such as BPA and high fructose corn syrup)- are put there by major companies (biggest offender is the Chinese) to maximize profits. I wanted to make a response to the hateful comment that was almost no worse than a direct threat on these kids lives, but there were too many of them for me to chose from. First of all, it is highly unlikely that any of you that are belittling these overweight kids have developed any greater than they have. Usually the only people who make fun of fat people are scrawny people, because they aren't fit either but they have the leverage over fat people as far as looks. Testosterone deficiency is also associated with diminished sexual desire and erectile function, decline in cognitive and intellectual function, reduced energy, increased fatigue, depressed mood and vitality, and depression. Figure 1 below illustrates how testosterone deficiency contributes to development or progression of multiple risk factors, which in turn increase the risk of mortality. These include, inflammation, insulin resistance, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, vascular stiffness, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunction and mortality. As I outlined in my article on the saturation point, an initial rise in PSA is a normal physiological response to initiation of TRT. I have printed out your reports and physically taken them to the Doctors and stayed with them whilst reading and discussing them.
They also have alarmingly low levels of testosterone - between 40 to 50% less than males of the same age with a normal body mass index. According to the new study, the rate of hypogonadism in type II diabetic men ages 18-35 is greater than 50%. Paresh Dandona, chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the University of Buffalo’s medical school and the study’s lead author. What’s more, low testosterone can slow or stop sexual maturation — and there’s nothing more hurtful than “a male not having his maleness,” Dandona said. Obviously you haven't been to the local Walmart watching the fat and unmarried teenagers dragging toddlers around the store. Get a clue and stop being one of the worlds greatest losers while making ridiculous comments like the ignorant one you did above that compelled me to write this in response.
Without testosterone the human race would die out, since it is responsible for libido in BOTH males and females. Skinner is teaching, but humans are thought to be incapable of learning, and at the mercy of their hormones and their biology. It's because of people like the ones commenting on here that our country is going down the tubes. Measuring LH together with testosterone can also strengthen symptomatic diagnosis as sexual symptoms are more prevalent in secondary and primary hypogonadism, whereas physical symptoms are more likely in compensated hypogonadism. Saad, Treatment of sexual dysfunction of hypogonadal patients with long-acting testosterone undecanoate (Nebido). Saad, Improvement of sexual function in men with late-onset hypogonadism treated with testosterone only. Long-acting esters like testosterone undecanoate (ie Aveed) is better for many men because it doesn’t cause supraphysiological spikes in T levels.

Maybe Will can address the usefulness of DHEA sometime or refer me to where he has already addressed. As far as I know from what I have learned through health classes in high school and college, sexual maturation stops with puberty. This study looked at 16,492 type 2 diabetes patients that had either been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or had been identified as high risk for cardiovascular disease.
Sometimes I think the toddlers were created for visible proof to brag to the world that the overweight teenager was obviously wanted by someone. It really is weird to me and bizarre that people so naturally want to and then do hate on people so consistently. If schools would become a little bit more involved in kids that they know are at risk at an early age we wouldn't have these problems.
Sometimes outside sources need to get involved to let the parents know the secondary risks of being obese, not just the increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.
I could care less- Hitler decided to blame the Communists, then the Jews, the mentally handicapped and then the physically handicapped for Germany's problems. Initial results of that study found 27 percent of patients taking Onglyza were hospitalized for heart failure, which was higher than the control group.Heart failure is a condition where the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood throughout the body. Because the blood carries oxygen and other important nutrients, insufficient blood supply can lead to a host of complications. More energy, healthier heart, and decrease in the risk of diabetes are all good things for your life.
Complications might include liver and kidney damage, heart arrhythmias and problems with the valves inside the heart.The FDA noted that heart failure risks appeared “credible,” but also recognized the results could pose a “false-positive,” since heart failure risk was not the endpoint of this trial.
Thus the various sorts of programs that each US president initiates around exercise for kids since the 70's.
The agency has asked reviewers to provide their “level of concern” over the risk so a determination can be made about label changes or alterations to prescription recommendations. The advisory committee was also asked to weigh the “class effect” of their recommendations, which could impact sales on the entire category of drugs.About OnglyzaOnglyza belongs to a category of drugs known as DPP-4 inhibitor drugs, which also includes the top-selling diabetes drug Januvia, manufactured by Merck.
However reports of serious side effects with these drugs has raised concerns among patients and the medical community. In addition to heart failure, Januvia has been linked to pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer. He also gave me Type II Diabetes from his side of the family family and both my parents had their right hips replaced- Guess what? Other diabetes drugs like Actos have been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer as well.After review of the study data, the FDA panel backed a label change that would add warnings about the risk of Onglyza heart failure.
Although the panel determined use of Onglyza and other DPP-4 inhibitors did not increase the users risk of heart attack, stroke cardiovascular death, risk of heart failure was a legitimate concern. However, the panel did note label changes may be appropriate for the entire class of drugs, which could include Januvia and Nesina, manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical.The recommendations do not automatically lead to label changes for these drugs.
Although the FDA weighs the recommendations of the panel when making decisions about label changes, the agency is not obligated to follow those recommendations. It could be some time before the FDA makes a final decision on this matter, since some panel recommended additional studies. Merck is also expected to release results from its own study on Januvia heart risks within the next few months.
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