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The digestive process of the human body performs various functions in order to digest the food and supply energy to other parts of the body. Diabetes-Type I: This condition occurs when little or no insulin is produced in the body leading to low levels of glucose in the blood.
Diabetes-Type II: In this condition the pancreas produce insulin but the body partially or completely fails in using it completely leading to high glucose in the blood. Gestational diabetes: A condition with high blood glucose usually observed in pregnant women. The treatment for diabetes is based upon the diagnosis of the disease, intensity of symptoms and other medical problems. The most important complication arising from diabetes is problems with kidneys, nerves, feet and eyes. Prior history of diabetes in the family needs focus on preventive measures to control the increased state of the disease. A juice of small bitter gourd every morning would be the best remedy for treating diabetes. The best remedy to avoid diabetes is to maintain a balanced weight of the body and cultivate an active lifestyle. Why then do we see regimes that don’t cover meals, cause low glucose and ultimately poor control? A common one for children is to take a long acting analog at night (levemir or lantus), novorapid mixed with NPH in the morning, skip lunch and then another rapid shot at supper. This to me (and I am sure this will make some people a little upset), is not replacing what the body usually does. My concern is that what is missing is the advocacy of their health care professionals to enable them to inject!. The gold standard (based on evidence – search the EDIC trial for more info) is to take multiple injections of a rapid acting insulin (novolog, Humalog or Apidra) for each meal of the day and a long acting basal ( I would suggest an analog due to the reduction in hypoglycemia risk at night that these provide). This post was not designed to upset or scare anyone, and if your A1c is not at target and you are on a regime that isn’t working for you, then empower yourself to discuss options. The key is to find the one that works for you and as a result improve your future outcomes for yourself. She does her own finger pricks,and knows free foods, if she asks about anything I will explain, but for now I just want her to enjoy being a child . Given you are her mum and are already giving her the best opportunity at success, I am sure she will be as well, if not better off as me.
DISCLAIMERIt seems a little silly that I even have to write this, but, in the interest of protecting yourself against yourself, The information contained within this blog should not be considered medical advice for you to follow. Based on extreme needle sharpness and smooth plunger movement, TERUMO® insulin syringes are designed for maximum comfort. High blood glucose levels normally trigger the pancreas to produce more and more insulin, although this insulin is failed to be utilized by the body.
It is a non-insulin dependent diabetes and it is seen to be independent of the age of the patient.
There are many causes of this disease amongst which the most frequent cause is excess body weight. Early signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes include not so serious cases of chronic fatigue, overall weakness in the patient and malaise (uneasy feeling). Eyesight goes blurred due to change in refraction in the lens leading to myopia caused due to change in osmotic balance on account of higher glucose levels.
Long term type 2 diabetes symptoms include abnormal thickening of the basement membrane of capillaries present all over the body. Other physical signs of type 2 diabetes may involve loss of tendon reflexes in lower limbs, diminished vibration sense causing impairment of the limbs. Prediabetes is defined medically as the state in which fasting blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes.

Medical information about pre diabetes comes from medical associations such as the American Diabetes Association. Dizzy spells, and a feeling of being lightheaded sometimes, especially after having sweets.
You have elevated blood pressure and blood tests indicate you have high triglyceride levels, and low HDL cholesterol levels. Swollen ankles, and a general feeling of puffiness or water retention, especially if you sit for long periods of time. Many of these pre diabetes symptoms could also indicate an allergy to grain based foods, such as wheat and rye. In this process, sugar called glucose moves into the bloodstream which acts as the most important source of energy.
The condition might cause severe damage to the eyes, kidneys or nerves and result in heart disease. Influence of genes, viruses and problems in the immune system might be some of the reasons for the disease. A physical examination and other factors like diet, lifestyle and personal habits of the patient are also considered. Insulin injections would be suggested for diabetic patients to reduce the level of blood sugar in case oral medications fail to work.
Healthy low-fat diet with high fiber and regular exercise might serve as the best preventive measure. It is advisable to have a thorough diabetic check up frequently in order to prevent serious complications.
I am glad you like what I am sharing, my goal is simply to share my knowledge that I have gained through my studies and job (which I keep secret so that no one is biased to the value of my knowledge). The body of a type 2 diabetes patient does not make proper use of insulin and shows insulin resistance.
One of the major diagnoses of this disease is by blood tests for insulin that gives high plasma insulin counts as a result. Excess body weight in turn is caused by absence of physical activity and intake of fatty foods. The most pronounced symptom of patients suffering from this disease is excessive thirst and fluid intake and frequent urination.
This is an effect normally seen in ageing population, however, in diabetics its impact is seen as micro-angiopathy in kidneys retina and nervous system. Skin lesions like carbuncles, spotted leg syndrome, fungal infection on skin and mucous membrane that is contaminated by glucose and infection of external genitalia are also some of the symptoms of this disease.
You get frequent stomach aches and are constantly dealing with gas pain, bloating and stool issues, cycling between diarrhea and constipation. The pancreas helps in providing insulin, a hormone that regulates the level of sugar glucose in the blood. It is popularly known as juvenile diabetes affecting children between the ages of 9 and 15. Lack of balanced diet and becoming obese without any exercise would lead to type 2 diabetes.
The next step for diagnosing diabetes would be a series of blood tests given to the patient in the lab.
A diabetic diet is also prescribed which includes low fat, cholesterol and with nutrients, rich fiber and simple sugars. Other complications include problems with digestion, skin allergies, sexual dysfunction and dental problems. Quitting smoking and keeping alcohol consumption under control would reduce the increase of blood sugar. Lower the concentration of insulin lower is the blood sugar transported into cells and stored as energy.

This disease is prevalent in major populations of the developed countries since most of them face obesity. Almost in all cases, people suffering from this disease do not show any prominent signs of the onset of the disease and they can go as far as eight years without the disease being diagnosed. Since increased glucose levels tend to drain away all the water from the body, the patient is dehydrated very often and has the urge to drink a lot of fluids thus leading to frequent urination. The patients are lethargic and face excessive bowel movements and itchy external genitalia. This results in symptoms like dizziness, abdominal fullness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, incontinence, anhydrosis and impotency. Diabetes mellitus are disorders which fail in regulating the amount of glucose in the blood where the hormone insulin is not properly produced or utilized.
People with an increase in blood cholesterol levels and obesity are often at the risk of getting the disease. People who are overweight show insulin resistance since the fat interferes with the insulin function.
Most people are obese at the time of diagnosis; however, it can also develop in patients who are thin but elderly.
Other symptoms may include polydypsia, polyuria, nocturia, tiredness, prurtis vulva, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and parasthesiae of limbs. There may also be chronic and perforating ulcers in feet and painless arthropathy known as Charcot’s joints as also some muscle weakness and muscle wasting.
Another disorder known as hepatomegaly is caused in type 2 diabetes patients on account of fat and glycogen infiltration.
Keeping track of your personal blood glucose baseline and the effects of various foods on your blood sugar is a great way to monitor your insulin resistance and pre diabetes symptom treatments over time. Reducing your total carb intake (avoiding starches, sugar and grain consumption) and choosing to eat a higher fat, moderate protein diet are the key to reversing insulin resistance and prediabetes.
There is a constant raise in the level of blood sugar in case of diabetes which leads to serious problems. While it seems difficult at first, you can do this and you will gain great rewards for making those changes as they are extremely effective. Finger stick testing of blood is ideally suggested where in the blood sample is taken on a strip sticking it on the patient’s finger. I recommend that you buy a good, science based book on low carb diets and read the whole thing. Constant check over the levels of blood sugar and medication dosages might keep the levels under control. The presence of many of the symptoms below is a good indication you are on a path toward a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
Fasting plasma glucose test helps in examining the level of glucose wherein the patient is asked not to eat or drink anything for eight hours before the blood is tested. A second test of the blood, oral glucose tolerance test is also done in 2 hours after consuming a sweet drink added with sugar. Patients with diabetes are suggested to take hemoglobin A1C test every 3 to 6 months to check their ability to control the sugar levels.
An examination of the urine and regular checkup of the feet, lower legs and the level of cholesterol and blood pressure among diabetic patients help in diagnosing and treating severe complications of the disease.

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