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Diabetes is a disease where your body cannot control its blood sugar levels properly – either because your body doesn’t make enough (or any) insulin, or because your cells have become resistant to insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas, it is important because it helps your body process sugars.
Diabetes can affect the body in many other ways, including eye disease, foot ulceration, kidney failure, amputation and a higher risk of heart disease. Keeping your blood sugar at a safe level means you’re less likely to experience other health problems. If diabetes is diagnosed and managed effectively, you can still live a long and happy life as long as you stay in control.
There are also many people in Fiji living with diabetes who may not even know it because they don’t have the symptoms, it is important to get your blood sugar tested regularly to avoid Diabetes related complications further down the track. The 2002 STEPS survey identified that out of the 16% diabetics, 50% of them were previously unrecognised which is an alarmingly high number. Given the fact that 30% of Fijians have Diabetes, you have a 1 in 3 chance of having or developing diabetes.
Early detection and treatment of diabetes can decrease the risk of developing the complications of diabetes. The best way to check if you have diabetes or are at risk is to visit your local health centre. This chart shows the different levels of blood glucose, what are safe levels and what are dangerous levels depending on when you last ate. Even if you have no symptoms at all, it is important to get tested as you may still have diabetes.
You can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes through adopting a healthy lifestyle. By changing your diet, increasing your level of physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight, you can stay healthier, live longer and reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when your cells have become insulin resistant or your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to keep you healthy. Triglyceride levels are a reflection of the amount and types of fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Join the NeoLife Club today and try NeoLife Shake and GR2 Control at my cost (25% off) as long as you consistently order. Yes, salmon oil probably is one of the main supplements that saved my husband’s life when he had so much blockage but yet the salmon oil kept his blood slick and healthy enough to flow despite the blockages.
So very happy to have you visit my blog and also happy you learned a lot about BMI and Triglycerides. Yes, it is good news that proper nutrition can bring number back into a normal range if they have gotten out of hand. More people need to be raised to eat whole foods like fruits and veggies, even for dessert. Excellent article sharing the health benefits of knowing where our triglyceride levels and bmi are. You are such a good mother in doing your best to set a good example for your son in how and what you eat. 0098Testing my blood sugar is a task I have done faithfully, frequently, and yet without much enthusiasm every day for more than 20 years.

Tsk, tsk, I imagine my diabetes nurse implying when I show up for a three-month appointment with my meter and only a vague guess as to what the data will show when we download them. But I have good news: There is a new blood glucose meter from OneTouch that may change my reactive approach to monitoring. The experience of pricking one’s finger and milking it for blood – a challenge for those of us with fingertips callused from years of testing – has been addressed, too. I like the pattern spot-and-alert feature of the VerioIQ so much that I wish it were slightly expanded.
The VerioIQ kit comes with a USB cable, needed for both recharging the battery and connecting the meter to a computer for uploading data to the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software, which is free.  Alas, the software runs only on Windows OS and not Mac OS. Still, the meter itself has several built-in ways for looking at glucose records over a 90-day period. For every diabetes device and product I use, I can think of at least one feature or function I’d like to see added.
The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes.
Currently almost 1 in every 3 Fijians is being diagnosed with diabetes, that’s 30% of the population. You can always visit your nearest diabetes hub to get your sugar checked ad learn how to stay in control of your diabetes. They can check your blood glucose (sugar) levels there and assess any symptoms you may have.
You learned that Metabolic Syndrome is a health challenge you want to avoid that is described by a cluster of risk factors associated with Type 2 Diabetes. Please note: just 1 of these risk factors is cause for concern but any 2 together should be sounding the alarm that you have Metabolic Syndrome and are on the way to full blown Type 2 Diabetes. It is used as a method of determining how much your weight is over or under what should be normal for a person of your height. When you eat your body converts any calories it doesn’t need into triglycerides for storage in fat cells. Take action steps to reduce your BMI and triglycerides thus reducing your risk of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. It is a one of the supplements I will sacrifice other important items to have on hand and it is important to use the best quality screened salmon oil available. So many people do not realize how their BMI and triglyceride number affects their long term health.
It’s sad that many do not understand they should eat to live rather than living to eat. Many people just accept that they are going to be sick the rest of their life and expect their doctor to make them well without any effort of their own. I'm glad that I just had a check up and everything is alright, but it is always good to know to maintain our health! Even when things are ok today we do need to be informed as to some signals to watch for in the event something starts to go the other way. When you have a family it is important for the entire family to be involved in eating healthy, at least most of the time.
We share an interest in doing what’s right to take care of our health in a more natural way.

The people at OneTouch have not only re-imagined the display and improved the usefulness of the blood glucose data to the user, they have redesigned the physical device itself, as well as the lancets and the lancer. I do not look at my data over time, searching for patterns and trying to get ahead of the causes, by changing my bolus ratio or basal rate at certain times of day, for example, as I should.  I seem to wait for my three-month clinical appointment, when I should be looking for patterns on my own – I’m an expert at my own diabetes, after all – and doing so weekly. Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1, it is also more easily avoided if the correct healthy lifestyle is adopted. However, some people with Type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed so it is always best to get your blood sugar levels tested by a medical professional. Basically it can be a way of determining if you are overweight, underweight or in the obese category. However when they become elevated you are at a higher risk for heart disease as well as Type 2 Diabetes. The average triglyceride reduction in the 8 week study was 17% but the greatest reduction was 52%. Take charge, make good choices and please share with me  what action steps you are taking in the comments section below. It's very important to understand the numbers and that with proper nutrition elevated numbers can be brought back into a normal range. I hope more will read this, digest it and take the steps necessary to start living a healthy lifestyle before they find themselves in the obituary section of the paper. I, too hope more people will learn the steps they need to take in order to make those healthy lifestyle choices.
When our children were growing up we always made it a point to eat as many meals as possible together as a family..
The display is backlit for testing in dark and low-light conditions, and the interface uses black with touches of color on a white background for greatly improved legibility over other meters.
The first time I used one of the ultra-fine lancets, I doubted it had pierced the skin because the sensation was negligible: no pain or throbbing.
Perhaps the high is caused by wanton eating in the afternoon, or perhaps I need to adjust the basal rate on my pump. A point to consider is the people with the highest triglyceride numbers had the greatest reduction. Eco-friendly, the VerioIQ is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery; a USB cable and AC adapter are included in the package. I have a feeling that, if I find the cause of the high and fix it, the pattern of post-dinner lows may fade without additional intervention.
The design of the VerioIQ system, which includes the painless lancets and the legible display, is really inviting to use. It is Free and chucked full of tips on things you can do to improve your health and numbers. It looks good, feels right in my hand (and on my fingertips), and makes my glucose numbers – and more importantly, the patterns — highly visible.

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