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Diabetes mellitus is a disorder wherein there occurs a deficiency in the production of insulin hormone resulting in the increase of blood sugar.
Type 2 diabetes may be caused due to the increase in blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels.
Insulin resistance in type 2 can be seen in conditions like obesity, pregnancy, infections and stress.
The history of the patient to find any of the hereditary aspects of the disease is carefully analyzed at the first stage. The complications that correspond the diabetic condition include diabetic hyperglycemic hyperosmolar coma and diabetic ketoacidosis.
Keeping the body weight under control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle might prevent type 2 diabetes. However, a regular check up of blood glucose level and taking right doses of medicine of insulin can reduce its severity. This entry was posted in Cartoon Publishing, Cartoon Services, Cartooning, cartoons, comics, funny, funny cartoons, glasbergen cartoons, Graphics, humor, Illustrations, News, newsletter content, Newspaper Content, Publishing Resources, Publishing Services, web comics and tagged cartoon resource for food cartoons, cartoon stock about food, cartoons about bakery food, cartoons about breakfast, cartoons about convenience foods, cartoons about cooking, cartoons about diners, cartoons about eating, cartoons about eating food, cartoons about family meals, cartoons about fast food, cartoons about fast food burgers, cartoons about feeding, cartoons about feeding kids, cartoons about food, cartoons about food choices, cartoons about food menus, cartoons about food pyramid, cartoons about food recipes, cartoons about groceries, cartoons about health food, cartoons about junk food, cartoons about lunch. Diet, Health, Fitness and Medical Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen My Health, Fitness and Medical Cartoons are available at budget-friendly rates for magazines, newspapers, books, presentations, newsletters, websites, social media, greeting cards, advertising, calendars, textbooks, any kind of print or electronic media. To use a cartoon from my website,  please contact me for more information and a rate quote.
Diabetes blood sugar chart – normal blood glucose ranges, Monitoring your glucose ranges is very important and must be done on a regular basis (especially if you are a diabetic). Diabetes blood sugar levels chart – what is a normal blood, When you find out about being pre-diabetic or diabetic, one of the first things you need to learn is about normal blood sugar levels, abnormal blood sugar levels, and. Blood pressure chart – normal blood pressure range, Normal blood pressure range chart, with comments about each blood pressure level.

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All images are copyright D-Mom Blog and D-Mom Media and may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission. DisclaimerThe information provided here is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.
CopyrightAll material on this blog is subject to copyright protection including text and pictures. Diabetes mellitus type-2 is one such disease relating to high blood glucose due to insulin resistance.
Consumption of fatty foods and alcohol intake at a higher level would also result in such disease. Insulin treatment with a syringe of insulin pump and oral medicines decrease the levels of blood sugar.
Long term complications include coronary artery disease, diabetic neuropathy, hypertension, skin infections, stroke, peripheral vascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Low alcohol consumption and quit smoking would ideally be suggested as the best preventive measures.
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I would like to be able to throw in an extra vial of insulin and test strips when I see that the current one is getting low.
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Type 2 diabetes is popularly called adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin- dependent diabetes. Apart from medications reducing obesity and following a diabetic food plan is also suggested for such disease.
Washing the feet and checking blisters or infection on the feet would be some of the methods of prevention. In some cases emotional disturbance might cause increase in blood pressure leading to the disease ultimately.

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