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Q I HAVE had high blood pressure for 10 years and on doctor’s advice take one soluble aspirin a day. A Aspirin can help prevent blood clots by stopping platelets in the blood from sticking together.Research shows it can also help prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with narrowed arteries. The best gift we can give the Warriors that lost the battle to this brutal disease is finding a cure and prevention. Bringing people, organizations, advocates and medical research together in synergistic concert to fight pancreatic cancer. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and read that diabetics should not take aspirin.

There is no reason why diabetes should stop you taking aspirin.However aspirin can cause irritation and ulceration of the stomach lining.
Focused on early detection, increasing survival rate, creating awareness and an eventual cure. It is also a cause of bleeding in the stomach which can be serious and sometimes proves fatal. We can store a small amount of vitamin D but by the end of the winter this has usually run out.Losing your balance can also be linked to problems in the inner ear or to arthritis in the neck. Side effects of medicines can also be to blame.Losing your balance should never be regarded as simply a minor nuisance as it can easily lead to falls which in turn can lead to broken bones.

Lymph glands are part of the immune system and tend to swell when the body needs to fight infections such as sore throats or flu.Swollen lymph glands vary in size but are rarely larger than a plum. The saliva they produce runs into the mouth via small ducts and if one becomes blocked the gland can swell.

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