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You may have heard people say they have “a touch of diabetes” or that their “sugar is a little high.” These words suggest that diabetes is not a serious disease. People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, stay at a healthy weight, move more every day, and take their medicine even when they feel good.
Talk to your health care team about how to manage your A1C, Blood pressure, and Cholesterol. The A1C is a blood test that measures average blood sugar level over the past three months. Earlier this summer, we told you about the Valeritas V-Go system that is undergoing a small initial launch on the East Coast. This content is created for Diabetes Mine, a consumer health blog focused on the diabetes community.
The content is not medically reviewed and doesn't adhere to Healthline's editorial guidelines. Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. Please say howdy once again to Dana Howe, a recent graduate student in Health Communication from Tufts University who's had type 1 since age 8. If we had a dollar for every time "What the heck??" was uttered in managing diabetes, we'd probably have enough funds to find the cure ourselves!
From the article" "If you were using your wallet, a month's supply would set you back around 250 bucks. Carline- look for Skin Prep, Skin Tac, or Mastisol to help keep the V-go attached better; and probably some Uni-solve or detachol to help get them back off. My endo showed me this yesterday and said in order for me to use it, my bs needs to be more stable.
This is a problem because you need insulin to take the sugar (glucose) from the foods you eat and turn it into energy for your body. This can help lower your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or other diabetes problems.

FDA its much-anticipated hybrid closed loop system, which is expected to be the first "pre-artificial pancreas" system to hit market sometime in 2017.
I've tried everything I could think of, but so far I'm using packing tape with a large ace bandage to keep it on. Measures approx 7.5 x 13cm and secures round the waist with a covered adjustable elasticated belt which fastens with a side release buckle. But even if it goes away, these women and their children have a greater chance of getting diabetes later in life. Doctors have been trying to push the insulin pump therapy on me but I wasn't too impressed with it for myself.
With a lot of talking to and consideration, I decided to let my daughter go on the pump to better control her high levels. Please give me an idea that might help, because I really want to use this, or give it a chance. She has been on the pump for nearly three years and we are still struggling with her keeping her infusion on throughout the night, her not being comfortable in school with having the pump on around her peers and her having a difficult time injecting herself every three days due to the size of the needle. The perfect way to wear your insulin pump, teens and adults love being able to wear their pump in this fashionable way.
So far I am enjoying it and will be speaking with my daughter Endocrinologist about her trying one out. It's full of electronics: circuit boards, computer chips, wires, gears, antennas, batteries and more. It's quite an amazing device for something with a maximum life span the same as a fruit fly's.
It is pre-set to deliver one of three fixed and flat basal rates for that day (20, 30, or 40 units) and also provides a button that can deliver two units per press to help cover meals.
The insulin gets into the body via a fixed steel needle about the size of a pen needle.I never recovered enough of the pieces that went flying hither and yon to figure out how the Sam Hill it worked. The V-Go is a one-day device, something that might seem ludicrous to type 1 pumpers who are used to changing pump sites every three to four days.

That said, given the much higher volumes of insulin needed by type 2s, many type 2 pumpers on traditional pumps are changing sites and reservoirs every 48 hours as it is.Filling a V-Go is a snap. Peel off the sticky back, slap the pod onto (clean) skin, and simply press a button to insert the needle and start the flow of insulin.There's no controller to lose or leave behind. Using pens or syringes in public is a proven barrier that keeps many type 2s from using fast-acting insulin.While V-Go is simple, it's also limited.
A flat-rate basal seems crazy to type 1 pumpers, who are used to multi-step basal programs. A flat basal rate is no different than a shot of basal insulin, and the constant delivery of fast-acting insulin may prove to give a smoother profile than a once or twice daily shot of Lantus or Levemir.The two-unit-per-press meal delivery (while seemingly limited to us type 1s), suits the needs of the more insulin-resistant type 2 well.
Not cheap, but a fraction of the cost of a month's worth of supplies for a traditional pump.And of course, there's no pump to buy.
With a traditional pump's retail price close to ten grand, this means that PWDs could try V-Go, and if they didn't like it, they wouldn't be out a mint.So if out-of-pocket costs were equal (and for many people they will be), would type 2s want to use V-Go rather than pens and syringes? Clicking a couple of buttons on the bod to cover a meal is faster and more discreet than using a pen.I think docs will like it too, at least compared to conventional pumps.
A half dozen years ago, getting a pump approved for a type 2 was very difficult at besta€”and commonly completely impossible. The V-Go features an industrial-strength 6-inch dual spring that is forced into a one-and-a-half inch cavity in the pod. The plunger that drives the insulin is pushed, not by a traditional push rod, but by this fluid. The flow of basal insulin seems to be controlled by the diameter of the delivery needle itself, which pierces the top of the insulin cartridge at the same moment it's inserted into the skin.In a nutshell, the system is more hydraulic than mechanical.

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