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Microsoft team is working hard, because they want to impress you again with something very, very attractive. The project started earlier in 2011 when they decided that is time to improve their top gaming console –  XBOX 360. What exactly we will find in the new XBOX, well there are a lot of new features that will definitely satisfy  every gamer out there, even if you are not a gamer you’ll definitely feel the need to touch it, and then to buy it.
Considering the new games that are out there on the market plus the ones that will be release soon in 2013, and the performances of the actual console, there was a need for this upgrade. The new XBOX will have integrated a brand new chip, redesigned and super powerful, a 22-28 nm chip, another processing core at the same clock speed, a faster cache which is four-time bigger, six times the number of transistors . I have some news about the old controller to, the rumors are that our palms will rest a newly designed controller. The prepared something delightful for our ears too, a beautifully integrated 3D sound system. Now the big question is, how much time we have to wait until we’ll se this product in stores? From 1993 to 2009, trends in age-adjusted hospital discharge rates for nontraumatic LEA among the diabetic population were similar by levels of LEA.

Since then they’ve dug to the core of the problem and because the target was to make something revolutionary, and we all know that in real life nothings good comes easy.
That’s why part of the gamers community stated to build their one desktops to be able to play the newest games at their maximum capacity.
With this they mixed 8GB of RAM, and the best part  are the four HARDWARE cores, and each of this core will have four logical cores – can you believe this? The ergonomics will be improved very much, and they’ll be adjustable for every customers hand shape. I believe that with so many clouds out there on the internet, we will not  be able to see the Sun’s light anymore. We will have to pace ourself, because the launching date is programmed for November 2013, and probably in 2014 we will have the slim option too. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Health Interview Statistics, data from the National Health Interview Survey. But 360 resisted pretty good on the market and did a good impression in front of the new releases.
With this configuration you can make a great computer to run with it’s tail between the legs ).

It will have built in a touch screen, and some new programmable buttons, which will allow you to customize the  way you wanna play a game.
The slim option will come without the Blu-Ray optical drive, and all the games will be accessed online. Data computed by personnel in the Division of Diabetes Translation, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC.
We all know that this could be a big problem with an average Blu-Ray, or with the first generations, to run smoothly.
Microsoft team initially wanted to collaborate with Razor for the touch screen, but the price would’ve jump to much (look at the Wii U how much costs – because they worked with Razor) so they decided to work with their own screen sensitive technology. Personally I see a problem related to the slim one, because like Netflix recently related; when it comes to internet, Canada is a third world country. But now this is not a problem anymore, the technology advanced and you can be sure that Microsoft will spoil us with the most advanced one.

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