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Aerobic exercises helps to maintain blood glucose levels, they help to loose excess weight and strengthen the body.
If you cannot find collective time, break it up during the day, so that it will equal to 3o minutes of workout. Exercises help to keep blood sugar levels, blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control, in fact exercise is one of the best therapies for lifestyle diseases. These lifestyle diseases, if unchecked, carries with it a lot of complications. Stretching exercises are great for warming up your body especially before you do other exercises.

It is advisable to start at low pace in a small amount of time, later increasing it to meet the standard requirements. So it is recommended that you do some stretching some 5 or 10 minutes before you begin your schedule. It should be scheduled based on general health conditions, blood sugar levels and body weight. Below is a list of physical activities recommended for diabetics.
Then there are the general benefits of exercises like improving the muscle tone, improving blood circulation and making the joints flexible.

Strength training exercises improves your overall physical fitness and you will start having a feeling of wellness.

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