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Not only exercise but also activities of daily living, such as a simple stroll to the corner store, are more difficult for people with type 2 diabetes, say the researchers.
The hopeful news is that exercise training can decrease these premature aging effects, a result seen in various studies.
However positive this research is, people with type 2 diabetes actually have to exercise to get results!
A MAN has told how he reversed his diabetes in 11 days after embarking on a “starvation” diet. In people with type 2 diabetes, however, fitness levels are about 20% worse than they are in nondiabetic adults.

This loss of fitness increases both mortality and risk of early disability, Huebschmann says. Findings suggest that after 12a€“20 weeks of regular exercise, fitness in type 2 diabetic people can improve by as much as 40%, although fitness levels did not fully normalize to levels of nondiabetic people in studies.
That's why it's key that you, as a fitness pro, continue to develop fun, effective one-on-one and group programs for this population. According to recent research, people with type 2 diabetes show signs of aging in their cardiovascular system significantly earlier than those without the disease.
In other words, diabetes appears to place a 20% tax on a person’s fitness level at each stage of life.

Fortunately, exercise can help slow this premature aging, bringing people with type 2 diabetes more in line with others who are not diabetic, says researcher Amy Huebschmann of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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