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You’ve got a new tattoo made on a part of the body and unfortunately you end up with a rash right there.
Mary Gail Mercurio, dermatologist at the University of Rochester Medical Centre after examining the affected ones, explains that individuals having tattoos do accompany allergies and also experience other dermatologic complications.
The Monroe County Department of Public Health, after carrying out studies of the case, came up with issues and came across other ones who had developed rashes of the same kind after being tattooed t the same tattoo shop and the same artist. But, he had a new tattoo on his arm in the month of October 2011 and ended up with an inflamed rash on the tattooed area.

After the tests, the issue was concluded with a specific kind of tattoo called the Mycobacterium chelonae which was in the skin of the patients and this dug way for the reddish and itchy bumps in their tattooed areas. Do not take it easy and do not brush it off thinking it an allergic reaction or thinking of getting remedy. She said,”Patients and doctors need to have a certain level of suspicion when they see a rash developing in a tattoo. According to the documents of various studies conducted in the Rochester, New York area, the rashes on tattoos are infected with a type of bacteria often found in tap water.

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