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Dr Yong Zhao, from University of Illinois at Chicago, who led the multi-centre research, explained, “We also saw an improved autoimmune control in these patients.
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I can’t completely recall all the details as I was only about twelve at the time, but I am still under the impression that the Edmonton Protocols actually amounted to an implantation of animal pancreatic analogous cells into type 1 diabetes patients.
This would have such a profound impact on millions of lives… it should be broadcast on news stations worldwide. The addition of immunosuppression (much like in various other transplantation procedures) served to reduce or negate the same ongoing autoimmune response that in this instance is being trained. For this reason C peptide can indicate more precisely the insulin secretion of the pancreas. This result translates into a reduced need of insulin injections of the patients included in the study.

Why even come up with something like this if we’re not going to use it to make lives better? I see this as a way to help safeguard the possibility of not just having a small increase in insulin production, but to help in the event of stem cells of any sort being used to regrow and replace the damaged and dead beta cells. Therefore patients require daily insulin injections to maintain an adequate insulin level and proper glucose levels. There is almost no reason to be excited by any medical breakthrough since it will not be available in our lifetime due to the flunky politics and the drug companies that have to figure out how to rip off the patients.

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