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If you or someone you know has any of these signs or symptoms, please let your health care provider know. This entry was posted in about diabetes, diabetes advocacy, what is diabetes and tagged diabetes signs, diabetes symptoms, signs and symptoms, signs of diabetes, symptoms of diabetes. Gallbladder removal will relieve pain, treat infection, and in most cases stop gallstones from coming back. Possible complications include bleeding, bile duct injury, fever, liver injury, infection, numbness, raised scars, hernia at the incision, anesthesia complications, puncture of the intestine, and death.

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The operation is done to remove gallstones or to remove an infected or inflamed gallbladder. In fact, type 2 diabetes is often detected on a routine blood draw, for instance, as part of a life insurance physical.

Kids (and even adults, sometimes) with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes may wet their bed (another sign).
If left undetected, people with type 2 sometimes get complications including dental problems, foot problems, sores that don’t heal, and infections.

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