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Healthy Food boosts energy levels, improves skin, makes your immune system stronger, helps in weight loss, makes your hair healthy, betters digestion, and decreases risk of diabetes, heart attacks, cancer & osteoporosis. Rob Kardashian was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital where he was diagnosed with adult onset Type 2 diabetes. The source added that Rob’s blood sugar levels were high and doctors suggested he eliminate his fast food diet and exercise more to control his sugar levels and get back in shape. Rob has stuggled with weight issues since his best friend, Lamar Odom, married his sister, Khloe Kardashian.
Adult onset type 2 diabetes is usually controlled by eating foods with low glycemic index, meaning foods that won’t spike your blood sugar. She suggests eating fiber-rich foods that raise blood sugar levels slowly, such as beans and legumes, brown rice, whole grains, peanuts, walnuts and seeds.
Foods to avoid include processed table sugar, foods with added sugar, sugary beverages, refined carbohydrates such as bagels, white bread, white rice, pasta, spaghetti, crackers and cookies. Medications used to treat type 2 diabetes (or insulin resistance) includes anti-diabetic medications such as Metformin and Thiazolidine. All those workout pics and waist trainer gangs his sisters promote and they couldn’t help a brotha out?
Dem demons take pics at the gym… Get surgery to look how they look… Ion believe shyt they put out there ?

Again I don’t believe shyt they air on TV who knows this story may be planted by the demons ain’t shyt about them real ! Funny that all the men associated with this family are struggling with some sort of addiction or crisis. The vultures, I mean reporters are lined up outside the courthouse awaiting Bill Cosby’s arrival. I been out of the mix for a minute, but reading comments in the previous post got me wondering does SOMEONE have a new login? Rob just get ya fat ass on the treadmill and lift some weights and buy some self esteem…too much money to be that pathetic.
He needs to give Oprah a call that new WW commercial is so inspirational to people who been struggling with long term weight loss.
I truly believe they are witches, probably cast spells on all the med they come across while chanting over a pentagram. Do you remember all the booty pics he used to take of himself and the photos of him lying on top of another man? Why folks try check you about your opinion like it’s gonna change because of theirs on Instagram lol.
My brother had this type of diabetes, and he had to lose the weight, or he would have to be on insulin for the rest of his life. Getting up to pee shouldn’t be one of them cause that happens to just about everyone over 50… I should know! The glycemic index is a well-established way of classifying foods based on their potential to raise blood glucose (blood sugar). Eating a big meal of only high GI foods will cause you to feel hungry only a few hours after that meal, because the blood sugar will dive sharply and this low blood sugar causes hunger again.
Dr Dani is a Medical Doctor & American Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (ABIHM).

AVOID junk and unhealthy food for the sake of your body and for the sake of your loved ones. Adding cinnamon, leafy green vegetables, fish, and oatmeal to your diet are also beneficial. I think he Def has the means to be in a better shape but this is apart of his rebellion from the KKlan but trying to hurt others always ends up hurting you more. He’s obviously an emotional eater and something is driving him to self-medicate with food.
At least that would help kickstart the weight loss and he can just tone stuff up from there. High glycemic index diets are typically composed of foods that produce a large rise in blood sugar after a meal and cause large amounts of insulin to get released.
I remember that scene where the family saw a psycholigist and Kim was so rude to him and his mom Kris just watched and didn’t ONCE took for her only son. This causes stress in the body (INFLAMMATION) and causes the body to make new fat cells to store the extra sugar released from the high GI food you just ate. She splits her time between her medical practice in Vancouver, Canada & her Wellness Centre in Bali. Move in silence on the tell all and then BAM, one day it comes out and since he kept them in the dark he couldn’t be conveniently neutralized like Lam Lam. Get in the gym with Khloe now, get your sexy back, and start writing the Kardashian tell all.

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