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The internet of things provides convenience in basically any area of your life, but that technology can also become quite inconvenient when technical issues arise. PetNet is a $149 “intelligent pet feeder” that users can program to set up feeding schedules, or remotely control from an app. The company said in an email to customers that was posted on Twitter that the service is “experiencing some difficulty with one of our third party servers. The email urged customers to take things into their own hands, and “please ensure that your pets have been fed manually” until the glitch was remedied. For some pet owners who perhaps are away on vacation, or have busy work schedules, and rely on the automated feeder, that news was quite unwelcome. PetNet CEO Carlos Herrera told The Guardian that its third-party server service had been down for around 10 hours and did not have redundancy backups, but that PetNet was preparing to roll out a workaround to the problem. He said the problem affects about 10% of PetNet users, who can still operate on previously set schedules, but won’t be able to feed remotely or change the feeding schedule while the problem persists. As we’ve previously reported, family members and loved ones who co-sign loans for private student loan borrowers can end up on the hook for the debt if that student passes away. Despite telling ProPublica that the emails do not reflect actual agency policy, officials did not provide follow-up emails correcting the 2013 and 2016 directives. HESAA tells ProPublica that over the past four years it has provided forgiveness for 35 of 50 co-signers or co-borrowers who requested assistance after a borrower died or became disabled.

Still, that doesn’t take into account the number of people who didn’t know to ask for assistance, ProPublica points out. ProPublica reports that since the emails have been uncovered, state lawmakers have called for a review of HESAA.
While ProPublica focuses just on New Jersey, the issue of carrying on a loved one’s private student loans after their death has become a national issue. Like the current law regarding the forgiveness of federal students loans when a borrower dies, the legislation would have require a family member or other representative to provide a certified copy of the death certificate to the lender or loan servicer. There are often programs to make payments less painful, or even forgive this debt, but an investigation by ProPublica found that the agency overseeing New Jersey’s student loan program has twice directed staff to only disclose beneficial information when someone asks for it. She told ProPublica that when she contacted the New Jersey state agency, she was offered their condolences, but no assistance. Last year, lawmakers introduced legislation that would require private student loan companies to forgive outstanding debt if a borrower dies.
A Chinese operation was the personal project of founder Travis Kalanick, who traveled regularly to the country and gave speeches that cribbed from the jargon of Chinese Communist Party officials. Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, said in a blog post shared with The New York Times that will be posted when the company officially announces the deal.
Bloomberg first reported news of the deal.Over the past two years, Uber upended expectations in China and created a growing business there, despite heavy regulation and internet filters that often keep foreign companies at bay.

Fleming, a Republican state representative, said in an interview that the elections board was only trying to restore order to an electoral process tainted earlier by corruption and incompetence. Holder, critics argue, the blatant efforts to keep minorities from voting have been supplanted by a blizzard of more subtle changes.
Her cousin, Zhen Liu, is a vice president and regular spokeswoman for Uber China.Although the tie up reassures investors and will help with business, Chinese analysts said it would probably lead to a decrease in subsidies. Most conspicuous have been state efforts like voter ID laws or cutbacks in early voting periods, which critics say disproportionately affect minorities and the poor. Less apparent, but often just as contentious, have been numerous voting changes enacted in counties and towns across the South and elsewhere around the country.They appear as Republican legislatures and election officials in the South and elsewhere have imposed statewide restrictions on voting that could depress turnout by minorities and other Democrat-leaning groups in a crucial presidential election year.
A June survey by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund found that governments in six former preclearance states have closed registration or polling places, making it harder for minorities to vote. After lawsuit threats and complaints that the closings would severely curtail local voter registration, the state chose to open the offices at least one day a month.

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