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The Hampe laboratory focuses on the understanding of human autoimmune diseases with the long-term goal to develop therapies aimed at their cure and prevention. About UW DIThe UW Diabetes Institute (DI), located at the South Lake Union research campus at the University of Washington, seeks to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of diabetes, obesity and related metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, and to identify new approaches to their treatment.
Fluid balance—intake and output charts – national center, American college of sports medicine, sawka mn, burke lm, eichner er, maughan rj, montain sj, stachenfeld ns.
Water intake calculator, The water intake calculator will help assist in understanding an individuals potential daily intake of water given the activity level.
Water quality – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Water quality refers to the chemical, physical, biological, and radiological characteristics of water it is a measure of the condition of water relative to the. Intake and output monitoring and weight inaccuracies, Hello, i am just posting to vent about one of my sticking points – intake and output monitoring, and daily weights.
Conformational epitopes: GAD65Ab in autoimmune diabetes are dependent on the conformational integrity of the antigen. Decline in titers of anti-idiotypic antibodies specific to autoantibodies to GAD65 (GAD65Ab) precedes development of GAD65Ab and type 1 diabetes. Masked and Overt Autoantibodies Specific to the DPD Epitope of 65-kDa Glutamate Decarboxylase (GAD65-DPD) Are Associated With Preserved ?-Cell Functional Reserve in Ketosis-Prone Diabetes.

Both diseases are autoimmune-mediated and are characterized by the presence of autoantibodies directed to the 65kDa isoform of glutamate decarboxylase (GAD65Ab).
Traditional epitope mapping assays using deletion mutation, fusion proteins etc often compromise the conformation and lead to biased results. Rats that are intracerebellar injected with GAD65Ab show significant changes in their neurophysiology and their behavior. Ake Lernmark’s laboratory at the University of Washington, Seattle and is currently a Research Associate Professor at the Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence at the University of Washington. GAD65 is one of two enzymes that catalyze the formation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. We developed a novel epitope mapping assay that depends on competition of the serum antibodies with recombinant Fab derived from GAD65-specific monoclonal antibodies. It is primarily expressed in the central nervous system and in the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. Currently we are developing an animal model for Stiff Person Syndrome and Cerebellar Ataxia to investigate the natural history of GAD65Ab in these diseases.
While its role in neurotransmission is well understood, its function in the pancreatic beta cells remains an enigma.

We also succeeded to detect antibody maturation towards these epitopes during progression of disease. The research is currently funded through the National Institutes of Health and the United States – Israel Binational Science Foundation. Anti-idiotypic antibodies Recently we identified the presence of anti-idiotypic antibodies directed against GAD65Ab in the majority of healthy individuals. Anti-idiotypic antibodies have been described as a regulatory element in the humoral immune response. Importantly anti-idiotypic antibody titers are elevated during remission in patients with autoimmune disease. Currently we investigate the role of anti-idiotypic antibodies in the disease pathogenesis both in humans and in animal models for type 1 diabetes.

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