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Robert Herjavec Throws Party for Boy Whose Prosthetic Leg Was Stolen One Day After Marrying Kym JohnsonWatch Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Sing Along to Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself'See Margot Robbie's Glittery Gold Unicorn Gown! Well first of all the absolutely necessary items like insulin, syringes or insulin pump and supplies, a meter, strips, lancets, and medications. Then there are doctor visits even when we are healthy to get our teeth checked, eyes examined, and blood drawn and tested.
Then (no the list isn’t done yet!) we have to constantly be supplying ourselves with a fast acting sugar, be it glucose tablets (not cheap) juice, candy, or whatever you can quickly get your hands on as you panicky sprint into the gas station looking to get a handle on your sugar. These are all costs incurred should nothing go wrong.  God forbid something does because I don’t know about you but, a quick trip to the hospital in an ambulance is an instant $200 for me and that’s before any doctors get their juicy cut.
I began thinking about how lucky I was to have insulin and all of the technologies available to me.  What about diabetics 50 years ago?  How the heck did they do it?

I also began thinking about how lucky I was to even have that extra bit of money to pay for my diabetes stuff.  What about all of those Americans and fellow worldly citizens without money for insulin?  That began feeling like the real tragedy.
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Berry, an alcoholic who abused Berry's mother Judith Ann Hawkins and sister Heidi, leaves his family. But "I wasn't the consummate pageant girl," Berry later says to PEOPLE of her tiara days.1989A Shocking DiagnosisBerry takes on her first acting role. Later that year, during an interview with Berry, a reporter mentions that his pal Justice is a fan and would like a photo. May 04The Most BeautifulWhile her last few roles weren't pretty, Berry finds herself included in PEOPLE's 50 Most Beautiful People list for the first time.

She'll be recognized a total of 11 times as of 2007, plus pick up honorable mentions for her cleavage and eyebrows.
December 31Whirlwind RomanceBerry and Justice tie the knot in Atlanta just a few months after they begin dating.
She wins an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of pioneering African-American actress Dorothy Dandridge in the HBO film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

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