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With a wonderful outdoor swimming pool and a large garden, with direct access to the beach, this resort stands over the Vale Covo Beach cliffs. Distance between Faro Airport and Tivoli Carvoeiro it’s 50km, and it takes about 50 minutes between Faro Airport and Tivoli Carvoeiro. Avoid waiting in line for a normal cab taxi or struggling with family luggage while waiting for public buses. Tivoli Carvoeiro as a restaurant, 2 bars and the Spa where you can relax with their massage treatment service.

A friendly driver will meet and greet you at the Faro Airport arrivals hall holding a sign with your name on it. He will help you with your luggage and drive you directly from Faro Airport to Tivoli Carvoeiro. We always confirm your flight status directly with the airport control and we will be waiting for you until you arrive at no extra charge. We always provide appropriate transportation to meet your specific luggage needs with no extra costs.

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