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My Vet briefly explained the options I had and a little of what would be needed to conduct my own cat diabetes treatment. By the fourth week I couldn’t see an end to the three times a day testing and had now learned enough that I could monitor the glucose level and adjust the insulin dosage myself. She will venture outside occasionally sniffing around in a cat way hoping for some small prey to catch and bring to me. Drawing blood for the glucose level test is about the worst part of the whole cat diabetes treatment procedure. With some practice and patience things will go much smoother and is much easier with someone around to help. They are mostly used as an indicator with regular testing done by your Vet for more accurate results.
If your vet will work with you and let you adjust the insulin dosage at home you can save a lot of the expense of taking your pet to him repeatedly during initial treatment. A pet that is overweight, gets little exercise and is fed FOODS HIGH IN CARBOHYDRATES are the main causes of feline diabetes, I’m sure old age fits in here somewhere also . Nearly ALL dry cat foods are high in carbohydrates no matter who makes them or how much they cost (see food comparison chart link below). Caring for your diabetic cat will be a new challenge and will take some patience, planning, and learning some new things. The links below have some good information on caring for and treating a diabetic cat plus some sources for buying diabetic supplies at lower prices. Many thanks to all the folks listed above for providing all the information that I know is helping my furry little friend live a longer and healthier life and to Pictures of Cats for all the information they provide that helps all our pets. This entry was posted in Cat Health, diabetes and tagged cat diabetes, cat diabetes treatment, cat health, cat obesity, feline diabetes by Michael Broad. I think the jury is our on that question but it is probably a bit of both and for cats it appears that the if a cat is diabetic and obese the cause is likely to be overfeeding of dry (high carbohydrate) cat food.
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The treatment goals are the removal of the gallbladder with the offending stone(s) and the repair of the bile duct defect. She had not been very active, had been drinking much more water than normal, and was urinating a lot with most of it being deposited on my floors instead of in the appropriate place.
I thought old age was finally catching up with her until I ran across an article on feline diabetes; Babe had all the symptoms. He informed me of a fairly new treatment for feline diabetes using human type insulin that may let the cat’s pancreas begin working normally so that insulin injections may not be needed in the future if all went well. There was lots to learn about feline diabetes, glucose meters, syringes, insulin, testing, etc. This was to get the diabetes stabilized, to see how she responded to treatment and to determine the right dosage of insulin needed.
She is much more active, grooming herself more, not drinking nearly as much water and disposing of the waste water in the appropriate place. We have now worked out a regular schedule for testing and injections but there were some minor problems and adjustments to be make along the way.

Babe just didn’t want any part of this so she howled, growled and did a little clawing too. There may be a few hair pulling times but you will soon realize that your efforts are paying off. You will have to learn how to care for the cat, what type of meter to buy and how to use it, how to get a blood sample, how to give an injection and a lot about feline diabetes. Using a blood glucose meter is very easy, the hardest part here will be deciding which to buy as there are many available and all claiming to be the best.
One of he first things I learned about glucose meters, the hard way, is that a human meter is not the best choice for use with animals. I only found two meters specifically for testing animals but there are likely more available. He can instruct you as to the dosage he thinks is best for your pet or you can use a chart showing recommended dosages (see link). So my question is is it diabetes that causes obesity or obesity that cause diabetes or both? A high index of suspicion for early recognition of this condition is paramount to prevent bile duct injury.
It was high so some lab tests were run to check for other problems, to determine for sure that she was diabetic and what type diabetes she had. As for the wetting on the floor, she hasn’t done this since the first treatment for diabetes. The most convenient place I found to get the tiny drop of blood needed for the test was from an ear; this was the only place I could reach while trying to hold Babe in my lap, sticking her ear for the blood sample and using the glucose test meter. Just as I would get the drop of blood needed from an ear, Babe would shake her head and there would go my sample flying off to some place where it was not needed. If you have or find yourself with a diabetic pet don’t be afraid to jump right in and go to work. Unless you are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for a diabetic cat, or are rich and live next door to a Vet, you are the only one who can help your cat have a longer, healthier and happier life with diabetes. I’ve seen information that says they can be used to accurately test animals and perhaps some can but that has not been my experience in treating Babe with the human type meter that I initially bought. One was expensive and the one I bought as a kit with everything necessary to do testing for cats and dogs was an iPet purchased from ADW and is marketed for veterinary use. Whatever meter you purchase, be sure and check the price of the test strips for that meter before buying it. The ear is the best place I’ve found to stick for a sample and after a few tries you should be able to easily get a drop of blood from it. My Vet suggested that I start feeding my diabetic cat one of the high priced name brand foods he sells that is recommended for diet control. Your pet will live longer and have a healthier, happier life and you will be glad that you helped it get there.Oh…Babe is doing well and my blood pressure is returning to normal! All tests confirmed that the old girl had Type II diabetes so Babe and I were in for some big changes in our lives…. Babe has been around so long and has been such a good friend for so many years that I had to give her the chance to go on awhile longer.

I think this was her way of telling me she needed help…she knew I would care for her. Just changing the cat’s diet can sometimes cause the pancreas to start producing insulin again thus lowering the glucose level.
My Vet gave us a lot of extra help on how give injections, testing and tips about how to care for Babe. After a few weeks Babe’s glucose level was stabilised and staying within a normal range so once daily was all the testing needed for now with a monthly trip to the Vet for a checkup.
Insulin dosage may need changing as the glucose level changes and may reach a point to where the cat’s pancreas is working normally so that injections will not be necessary. Babe and I were both proud of this as I had much rather stick myself for the sample as to fight with Babe. A complete test kit would be the best option to begin with as it will have everything needed with instructions. The lancet device holds a small pin within it that does the stick automatically and is easy to use; just put in in place and press the button for a nearly painless stick. I am currently feeding Babe a diet of chicken, turkey, some canned fish and supplement this with good quality canned cat foods.
Instead, the gallbladder is opened, the impacted stone(s) is removed backward, and the confirmation of the presence a cholecystocholedochal fistula is established by direct inspection. By learning most of the basics in the beginning, you can most likely reduce your expenses a lot. When you see the drop of blood touch the test strip to it, with it inserted in the meter, the test strip will absorb the sample, wait a few seconds for a meter reading.
In patients without biliary fistula (Mirizzi type I), simple cholecystectomy suffices to relieve the bile duct obstruction. In patients with biliary fistula (Mirizzi type II), the size of the fistula determines the type of repair. In general, small fistulas are repaired by choledochoplasty using a cuff of gallbladder remnant, whereas large bile duct defects require bilioenteric reconstruction (Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy or choledochoduodenostomy).
It has been my experience that no two meters will read the same, especially different brands, and their readings can vary a good bit from each other. In patients unfit for surgery, biliary decompression is effectively accomplished by placement of stents using endoscopic or percutaneous techniques. Lithotripsy and removal of the offending stone can also be carried out in patients with Mirizzi type II.
Run through the test procedure a few times on yourself to get used to working with it, it’s practically painless.
In general, nonsurgical treatment of Mirizzi syndrome is incomplete and places the patients on a path of intensive follow-up, multiple procedures, and the risk to continue suffering from complications of symptomatic gallstone disease.
However, nonsurgical treatment allows for valuable time to prepare high-risk patients for a more elective and safer operation.

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