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Children who have a history of parents with neurofibromatosis are at high risk of developing this disorder. The doctor will collect the medical history of the child and family history from the parents. Neurofibromatosis has no cure but the symptoms of this disorder can be controlled by medications and therapy.
Any problems in vision and hearing loss can be corrected to maximum extent by concerned doctors.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. It can develop in any place on the nervous system like brain or spinal cord or simply on the nerves.
As soon as the symptoms develop on the child parents should consult an expert doctor who is trained in neurofibromatosis. In case the brownish lesions are rapidly growing in many parts of his body it can be a sign of cancer.

In case of cancer causing tumor your doctor would do radiosurgery for removing the lesions. Freckling appears on the armpits and soft lesions are found under the skin in any part of the body. If the gene mutation is defective in chromosome 17 it causes NF1 and any problem in the chromosome 22 it can develop symptoms of second type.
Based on the symptoms he would refer the child to ophthalmologist or ENT doctor for identifying the damage. Regular follow-ups of the consultation is absolutely necessary to restore normal health for the child. Often the tumors formed on the nerves are benign and harmless but sometimes they can turn into cancerous cells. The disorder occurs due to insufficient secretion of protein neurofibromin and merlin required for nerve cell growth. The doctor would assess the childa€™s growth, monitor the existing bumps, check for skeletal abnormalities and would assess his learning ability.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy will be given along with medications for treating the malignant tumors. This disorder can cause complications like loss of hearing, impaired vision, learning disability and cardiovascular problems. Due to the increased growth of bumps (schwannomas) on the nerves anywhere on the body the person may lose balancing skills and may lose sensation on his arms and legs. If the tumor size is too big or if applies pressure on the neighboring tissues or organs it must be removed. For mild to moderate tumors medications are given to control the symptoms but for large sized tumors surgery is done.

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