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The route started at La Crosse Area Harley-Davidson (they have been a great sponsor from the beginning) and weaved itself through the Coulee Region.
Back at the ’Fest Grounds the party started and the fun began with the band Tunnel Vision laying down some tunes for everyone. As usual, John Haverty had a guest speaker talk about what juvenile diabetes means to them. I had the opportunity to speak with some of the attendees, each with their own reasons for participating in the Thunder Ride.
Lisa Halverson shared, “My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2004 and we have known John Haverty since 2006.
As was evident from the folks I spoke with, the Thunder Ride is not just about a motorcycle ride. Getty ImagesMarine Ich - Myths and FactsMarine Ich ( Cryptocaryon irritans ) One of the marine aquarist's devils. Marine Ich - AC Tropical FishThis is why it is very important never to stop treatment prematurely.
How to treat Ich in the Saltwater AquariumThere are only two proven ways to cure a saltwater of Ich, copper and hyposalinity.
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Several vendors were onsite, such as Woodling Air Brush and Pinstriping who displayed a series of beautifully airbrushed gas tanks, and Nice Ash Cigars that drew all the stogie aficionados. For the most part, the remainder of the displays that were set up had something to do with organizations participating in, and encouraging, charitable giving.
The NJ Extreme Wheelie Machine was taking donations for Helping a Hero Ride, a community effort to assist local wounded hero Pisey Tan, Sgt.
Two Philadelphia police officers manned a table in memory of Philly police officer Brian Lorenzo, who was struck head-on by a drunk driver while riding his department motorcycle. Divas for a Cure, another organization sponsored by Barb’s, had a table staffed by co-founder and president, Jan “Sunny” Emanual-Costley, along with her husband Thomas “TC” Costley, co-founder and president of United States Black Cavalry Family. Barb’s H-D is one of the official sponsors of the Philadelphia Soul, Philly’s football team in the Arena Football League. Accompanying the Eagles stars were the Philadelphia Eagles Pep Band composed of Bruce Mulford on bass, Tony “Skull” DeMeo on banjo and guitar, and sax players Brian Saunders and Bobby Mansure. Early in the afternoon, the stage was taken over by Barb’s H-D Fall Collection fashion show.
Barb started riding motorcycles at the age of 17, and her love of the sport had her working at Camden County H-D in 1983. Barb has donated motorcycles to causes such as the Eagles Fly for Leukemia, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, the Philadelphia Highway Patrol, the Jon Bon Jovi and Kenneth Cole RSVP to Help Fundraiser, and she donates a bike every year to the Philadelphia Flyers Wives Charities for their Flyers Wives Carnival. The dealership staff saved the best for last—the announcement of the 25 prizes to celebrate each year that Barb’s has been in business. The event was organized by Chris Hudak, Barb’s marketing and promotions manager for the past 10 years. This past Saturday, October 12th, Mark, Julie and Amy from our office were at Harley Davidson North in Indianapolis this morning at the “Rock For The Cure” ride to benefit the breast cancer segment of the IU Simon Cancer Center. Amy Van Ostrand and Mark Ladendorf of Ladendorf Law at the “Rock for the Cure” ride to benefit breast cancer at Harley Davidson North in Indy. Kickstands ready to go up at the Rock for the Cure ride at Harley Davidson North on 96th Street.
Briefly Describe Your CaseNOTE: Do NOT include any confidential or sensitive information in this form. The ride had been planned to cover around 130 miles of the scenic Coulee Region, and the weather made some twists and turns just like the route did. The first leg went through the Mindoro Cut, famous for its curves and the fact that it is the second-deepest hand-excavated passage in the country.
Volunteers helped by selling raffle tickets for the 2013 Sportster to be given away that day.
This year Jessica Hach and her husband Jesse were onstage sharing the experiences they have raising a young child that deals with diabetes daily. Kevin Kadrmas commented, “I think what makes the Thunder Ride great is you have 600 bikers that are there and it doesn’t have anything to do with motorcycles.” Michael S.

This was the eighth year that my daughter has been on the poster and we have volunteered our time to help at the after-ride party.
Because marine ich is difficult to treat without harming reef aquarium invertebrates, prevention is definitely better than cure. Ick, also known as ich, is an infection of cryptocaryon or oodinium parasites affecting saltwater and freshwater fish. On the far side of the lot were some toy haulers brought in by White Horse RV out of Williamstown, New Jersey. Lorenzo had been a member of the Philadelphia Highway Patrol Drill Team, and his bike, with windshield etched in his memory, was there on display.
Divas for a Cure promotes breast cancer awareness and raises funds for breast cancer research. The Soul were out in full force, with wide receiver Donovan Morgan and defensive end Bryan Robinson hanging out with fans.
94WIP Sports Radio hosts Joe Conklin and Al Morganti were on hand, with Conklin entertaining the crowd with his stand-up comedy-style patter. Every year, the dealership’s customers volunteer to saunter down the catwalk, revealing the latest Harley fashions.
New Jersey Senator Donald Norcross awarded Barb with a Joint Legislative Commendation for the tremendous efforts made on behalf of our veterans and their families, and congratulated her upon celebrating 25 years of business.
Ephraim now offers Riders Edge training, and Barb supports a slew of fundraisers for organizations such as the MDA, Relay for Life, the Ronald McDonald House, the Covenant House, the Voorhees Animal Shelter and others. She has also received various community commendations and has been honored with numerous Harley-Davidson awards. Entries for the drawing were free to all visitors at the dealership and were being accepted up until mid-afternoon the day of the party. Chris commented, “I feel privileged to be here today, celebrating 25 great years of Barb’s Harley-Davidson. Early on at the La Crosse Area Harley-Davidson parking lot it looked like few would show up, but by the time the ride was ready to leave there were around 600 riders anxiously waiting to take off.
Tickets were also being sold for other forms of raffles and drawings while even more people helped by attending the giant silent auction of donated items ranging from framed pictures to tattoo sessions. When you hear about not knowing if a child will make it through the night, it brings a tear to your eye.
Hagen said, “Being one who has participated on this ride from the beginning, it has been great to see it grow and expand into what it has become—a great cause of raising money for the number one reason: the unfortunate kids living with juvenile diabetes.
The ride’s mission is, “We ride for the day when diabetes is no longer the reason why.” While the organization may not be able to cure juvenile diabetes, they can make a difference in the people’s lives that have to deal with it daily. 27–Over the past few decades, Barb’s Harley-Davidson has supported countless causes—sports team fundraisers, veterans’ advocacies, law enforcement charities and the like. In honor of Barb’s 25th, they were running a special sale on models ranging from a basic little fifth wheel up to a 37-foot luxury liner. Marines veteran out of Medford, New Jersey, who has donated over 2,000 pounds of beef jerky to troops serving overseas, many of whom seem to prefer the homemade jerky over their MREs. A fundraiser to help support his wife and three children was also being promoted, and the officers were selling T-shirts, sweatshirts and patches with the money to benefit the family, as well. The lovely Soulmates cheerleaders were posing and performing dance routines, and Soul Man, the team mascot, was freaking everyone out with his rubbery, oversized face. Former Philadelphia Eagles football players Mike Quick—now a 94WIP sports commentator—and Joe Pisarcik were on hand to sign autographs and pose for photo ops. It was rather unique for a fashion show, as the models spanned the spectrum all the way from infants to post-baby boomers. The commendation mentioned some of Barb’s accomplishments over the years, but the plaque would have had to be a lot larger to include them all. In short order, she bought out her partners and renamed the dealership Barb’s Harley-Davidson. Barb’s was the sponsor and organizer for the first annual Armed Forces Freedom Ride, which in its six years has raised over $120,000 for the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation and the Burlington County Military Affairs Committee. One special winner was Barb’s dad, trike rider Russ Borowiec who was grinning from ear to ear as he approached the stage to collect his trophy.
It took nearly half an hour to announce the first 24 prizes, many of which were donated by event sponsors. He and his wife, Barb, know what expenses a family of a diabetic child incurs and the stress they go through.

At each stop you drop your ticket in a box that is collected for the party at the end of the ride. And there were some great items that were on the regular auction block including packages to go see the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers, and a smart TV, just to name a few. Hearing people share their reasons for helping this event will also bring a tear to your eye.
I don’t get to come up often enough for various reasons, but my wife and I drove 2,900 miles round-trip from Georgia to Ohio to Michigan to Illinois and Wisconsin and Minnesota. John keeps most of the money local for use by those that need it, but also donates some of it to research as a means of someday ending juvenile diabetes. These charities have long reaped the benefits of owner Barb Borowiec’s sponsorship, and a number of them turned out for Barb’s H-D 25th anniversary party the last Saturday in October. The band Barometer was rocking out onstage, sports figures were signing autographs and posing for photo ops, and folks were perusing the booths set up in the dealership’s lot. Barb’s hosted the 3rd annual Divas for a Cure Breast Cancer Ride that took place at the dealership just a week before. He was in good company, though, as mascots from Chick-Fil-A and the River Sharks, Camden, New Jersey’s minor-league baseball team, were also messing around with folks in the crowd. In between fan requests, I sidled up to Pisarcik and mentioned that he was a year ahead of me when he played high school football in my hometown. They played a set on the stage, and then continued to entertain folks inside the dealership.
One major achievement was Barb’s lobbying to allow Sunday motorcycle sales in New Jersey, and with the help of Senator Norcross, a bill was signed into law in 2011. Barb grew the dealership from seven employees in a 5,000-square-foot building to 50 employees in a 38,000-square-foot building. Marines Reserve Corps Toys For Tots program, as well as a collection point for food and cleaning supplies to donate to victims of Hurricane Sandy. The big winner was a very happy Vito Acuazzo of Sewell, New Jersey, who now has a 2012 XL883L Sportster to add to his stable. After a quick bite to eat, the ride twisted and turned its way to Cashton for a gas stop at the Central Express.
While many people got excited when the bidding opened up for a chance to race a Nascar stock car, they got even more perked up when the bidding started for a chance to drive a full-sized Army tank.
Without this ride and the generosity of everyone involved I may not have had that emergency glucagon kit in my house.
In 2005 she opened a satellite store in the Philadelphia Airport, and that store has since doubled in size. The Thunder Ride to Cure Diabetes organization has been on a mission to help those who can’t afford the expenses that come along with diabetic children. Talk about adults behaving like children and spouses grabbing their significant others arms out of the air! The courageous soldier has relied on his will to succeed, with the help of his friends and family, to ride a bicycle again! Barb, with a big smile on her face as she watched the bikes that kept rolling in, said, “Over the years we have met so many great people—customers who have become friends; friends who have supported us from the first building to the fourth. Thunder Ride helps families in the La Crosse area with their juvenile diabetes up to age 21 through grant programs at the local hospitals. The last stretch to the Oktoberfest Grounds in La Crosse was only exciting if you timed your departure wrong and got caught in the short spate of rain. I’m truly impressed with John and Barb for organizing such an amazing event, and for all the riders who take time out of their busy lives to help our Coulee Region kids.
You see, I lost my 20-year-old son to JD 19 years ago and also my 36-year-old daughter five years ago to the same. We proudly support Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and all military and their families everywhere, as well as all first responders who serve us every day. So I see the Thunder Ride as a means that others don’t have to feel what I had to go through twice.

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