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At a time when skill points are already in excess, you can start to improve your skills while enjoying the effects of changes in the animation. Battles are a dynamic addition to the usual spells and skills you can apply a variety of techniques, to use the full range of acrobatic stunts - jumping, sweeps, flips, rolls, blocks and dodges.
Economy in the Black Desert has  a flexible system, completely independent of the players, which includes a mechanism for different types of taxes and trade.
This article will round up the highlights of the Albion Online Reddit AMA that took place on November 19 with the developers of the game. The western localisation is confirmed but there's still no word about an English Closed beta Date. The world is full of danger and only a strong player will be able to dictate their own terms here. You can learn skills from special NPCs, but with luck, or a bit of luck, you can get the skill books for an assignment. After spending all skill points at once you will  have a chance to face the problem of their lack of it the future.

Freedom of action is striking from the first fight, but in order to master all the variety of combat capabilities you will need months of training and skills development. It takes a lot of time, but it will allow you to put together an impressive capital and become the best in one of the many areas of Black Desert. Black Desert is one of the first Sandbox MMOs with truly action combat, and of course stunning graphics.
To increase the number of skill points you need to carry out tasks, kill monsters, and raise the level of your Character. With an unlimited supply of money and resources, it will be easier to conquer the other vertices of the game. The biggest difference between Archeage and Black Desert is the combat system, as Archeage is using a traditional tab target combat system while Black desert uses a Non-Target Action combat system. You have to click on a special icon in the form of two crossed swords, which can be moved to any location on the screen. Using combined series allows strikes to inflict maximum damage on the enemy in the minimum amount of time.

Which skill tree you choose depends as a tactic of warfare, and the role of the character in the upcoming massive battles. The game is definitely not overhyped ( if you ask me ) , there's tons of contest and innovative features.
Players who do not like to wait will start fighting with each other at level 35 after completing a quest.
Of course, as soon as may be tempted to kill any innocent players, but be prepared for the consequences, because the game has a system of karma.

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