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Type-1 causes: This form of diabetes is caused due to destruction of the pancreatic cells (known as the beta cells) that produce insulin.
Although a vague idea about the cause has been attained, this genetic reason fails to explain the prevalence of this disease in different age-groups. Metabolic syndrome: The syndrome refers to the combination of disorders that result in diabetes & cardiovascular disease. Pro-inflammatory condition: The state corresponds to increased levels of C-reactive protein in the blood. High blood pressure: As seen previously, higher quantities of glucose can lead to thickening of the blood vessels & arteries. Slow healing: Appropriate healing is a process that requires a proper immune response over a period of time.
Polyphagia: Also known as hyperphagia, the condition refers to increased sensation to eat more often. Blurred vision: Any deviation from the normal sharpness of vision is called blurred vision. Fatigue: When a person is affected with diabetes, extreme tiredness may be experienced even after having the required amount of rest.
Weight loss: A sudden and unexplained weight loss can be due to the prevalence of diabetes in an individual.
At the young age of 35 years I almost lost hope because of my disease, DIABETES, I was on insulin pump since .. PATIENT MEETING AND SEMINAR FOR DIABETES AND OBESITY SURGERY AT KUALA LUMPUR ON 16th AUGUST.
The DIAMOND (TANTALUS) System, a minimally invasive gastric stimulation System for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes developed by MetaCure was found to have a desirable long term safety profile.
In a poster presented at the end of March in the Annual Meeting of The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), Prof.
Follow up of 138 Type 2 Diabetes patients implanted with the DIAMOND System in the US, Europe and Asia was conducted for up to four years with a mean follow up time of 16 months. The DIAMOND System is a novel Interventional Diabetology device for treating Diabesity (the combination of Type 2 Diabetes and obesity). About MetaCure - MetaCure is a medical device company dedicated to offering innovative minimally invasive solutions for metabolic and gastric conditions with a focus on Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Yesterday, in Gartnavel General Hospital, the first NHS patient in Scotland received the EndoBarrier treatment for Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity. Mr David Galloway and Mr Ross Carter were delighted with the success of the procedure and are very happy to have the ABCD trial running at the hospital.
This article exemplifies the AAFP 1999 Annual Clinical Focus on management and prevention of the complications of diabetes. Severe hyperglycemia: effects of rehydration on endocrine derangements and blood glucose concentration. Salutary effects of modest fluid replacement in the treatment of adults with diabetic ketoacidosis. The efficacy of low-dose versus conventional therapy of insulin for treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis. Hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, and transient hypoparathyroidism during therapy with potassium phosphate in diabetic ketoacidosis. Adult respiratory distress syndrome complicating severely uncontrolled diabetes mellitus: report of nine cases and a review of the literature. Pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis: pathophysiology and potential for outpatient management of selected children.
Treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis by internists and family physicians: a comparative study. Seborrheic dermatitis, commonly known as seborrhea, is another chronic condition that produces an uncomfortable skin rash. The condition usually affects the scalp, the T-zone on the face and, sometimes, the genitalia. Atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, is genetic and causes long-term irritation that flares up occasionally.
Pityriasis rosea is a skin rash that can affect people in any age group but tends to occur in people between the ages of 10 and 35.
The rash usually appears on the back, abdomen or face, and it can spread over the entire body. Measles is a childhood infection that was once very common but can be prevented due to vaccinations.
Scarlet fever is an infection caused by bacteria that produces a sunburn-like rash in the face and possibly other areas of the body.

Different staph skin infections include boils, impetigo, scalded skin syndrome, and cellulitis.
Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi which is passed onto humans by tick bites.
Contact with poison ivy, oak or sumac plants can lead to a rash also known as contact dermatitis.
Cercaria dermatitis or swimmer's itch is an allergic reaction to certain parasites found in fresh or salt water. Intertrigo is a skin inflammation that occurs in moist, warm areas of the body such as skin folds.
Allergic reactions to medications and other substances may cause a widespread rash over the body.
You should always consult a physician for a proper diagnosis of any skin rash, but looking at images of various rashes may give you some idea of what you might be dealing with. Accumulation of the excess tissues of fat in & around the abdomen is the prime feature of obesity.
When dyslipidemia is caused due to the artery-narrowing, it becomes atherogenic dyslipidemia. Due to decreased blood supply, the action of the red blood cells is limited and this results in slower healing.
Safety is a crucial point in Type 2 Diabetes treatments in light of the recent safety concerns regarding some antidiabetic agents and the associated risk and irreversibility of the major surgical approaches aimed to treat Type 2 Diabetes. Arthur Bohdjalian of the Medical University of Vienna showed that the DIAMOND (formerly TANTALUS) System is well tolerated by patients and adverse event rate drops rapidly and sharply a few weeks after implantation.
A rapid and significant reduction in all types of adverse events was observed over time with the majority of events being resolved within 1 month of implantation. It is implanted in a fully reversible minimally invasive procedure with a very short down-time for patients. The Company’s leading product, The DIAMOND (TANTALUS) System has been shown to significantly improve glycemic and metabolic control. They are both looking forward to being able to treat many patients and seeing the success of the EndoBarrier. The incidence of this condition may be increasing, and a 1 to 2 percent mortality rate has stubbornly persisted since the 1970s.
Even in comatose patients, information documenting a history of diabetes or insulin therapy may be available.
Patients should not discontinue insulin therapy when they are ill, and they should contact their physician early in the course of illness.
A person viewing it online may make one printout of the material and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference. The rash can appear anywhere on the body, but especially on areas where the skin folds, such as the neck, belly, groin, buttocks and under the breasts. This type of bacteria is often carried on the skin but when there is an injury, the bacteria can enter the system and cause an infection. For most spider bites, you may have a reaction similar to a bee sting with redness, pain, and swelling at the site.
It is believed that improper response to insulin may be the reason behind the development of the disease. Different organizations have different ways to defining metabolic syndrome, thought the factors associated with it remains the same.
The DIAMOND System allows patients to maintain an active life style with no dietary or behavioral restrictions and minimal compliance requirements. The DIAMOND (TANTALUS) System is CE approved since 2007 and is commercially available in select excellence centers in Europe. As noted previously, however, overly rapid rehydration or overcorrection of hyperglycemia appears to increase the risk of cerebral edema. Indications for hospitalization include greater than 5 percent loss of body weight, respiration rate of greater than 35 per minute, intractable elevation of blood glucose concentrations, change in mental status, uncontrolled fever and unresolved nausea and vomiting. Insulin therapy of diabetic ketoacidosis: physiologic versus pharmacologic doses of insulin and their routes of administration.
When is bicarbonate appropriate in treating metabolic acidosis including diabetic ketoacidosis? This material may not otherwise be downloaded, copied, printed, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any medium, whether now known or later invented, except as authorized in writing by the AAFP. Over the counter antihistamines and topical ointments may help mild cases, though more severe rashes may require corticosteroids or ultraviolet light therapy. Once a person has had chickenpox, he or she is susceptible to an outbreak of shingles later in life.
For reasons that aren't completely understood, the virus can reactivate and cause a painful condition known as shingles.

It can be a common complication in diabetes or obesity; it can also appear as diaper rash in infants.
Although many insect bite rashes can be resolved at home with cool compresses or over-the-counter antihistamine creams, rashes that are severe or that get worse instead of better should be evaluated by a doctor for possible allergies.
However, there are a few particularly dangerous spider bites, specifically bites from brown recluse and black widow spiders. This is analogous to the condition where a narrower water pipe experiences more pressure than the wider one. The main characteristics of this condition are reduced HDL levels (High Density Lipoproteins), higher LDL levels (Low Density Lipoproteins) and increased triglyceride levels. The management of patients with diabetic ketoacidosis includes obtaining a thorough but rapid history and performing a physical examination in an attempt to identify possible precipitating factors.
Blood glucose levels are monitored every four hours, and regular insulin is given subcutaneously every four hours using a sliding scale (Figure 2).
Onset of headache or mental status changes during therapy should lead to consideration of this complication.
These regions have increased the probability of auto-immune diseases like celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc. The high pressure in the vessels can result in blood vessel damage, heart failure, stroke etc. The major treatment of this condition is initial rehydration (using isotonic saline) with subsequent potassium replacement and low-dose insulin therapy. Intravenous mannitol in a dosage of 1 to 2 g per kg given over 15 minutes is the mainstay of therapy. Device related events were few (9% of events) and were treated by on-site adjustment of stimulation parameters by the company field technicians. Cerebral edema, one of the most dire complications of diabetic ketoacidosis, occurs more commonly in children and adolescents than in adults. Either of these treatments should be continued until the blood glucose level falls by 50 to 70 mg per dL. Patients with an increased alveolar to arterial oxygen gradient (AaO2) and patients with pulmonary rales on physical examination may be at increased risk for ARDS. Dept of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Arthritis, Diabetes, and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 1985; NIH publication no. Continuous follow-up of patients using treatment algorithms and flow sheets can help to minimize adverse outcomes.
Low-dose insulin therapy typically produces a linear fall in the glucose concentration of 50 to 70 mg per dL per hour.12More rapid correction of hyperglycemia should be avoided because it may increase the risk of cerebral edema.
Monitoring of oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry may assist in the management of such patients.Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis with a normal anion gap typically persists after the resolution of ketonemia.
Preventive measures include patient education and instructions for the patient to contact the physician early during an illness. This dreaded treatment complication occurs in approximately 1 percent of children with diabetic ketoacidosis.5 The typical presentation is onset of headache and decreased mental status occurring several hours after the start of treatment. At this time, potassium chloride is added to intravenous fluids in the amount of 20 to 40 mEq per L. The exact amount of potassium that is administered depends on the serum potassium concentration.
Urinary losses then lead to progressive dehydration and volume depletion, which causes diminished urine flow and greater retention of glucose in plasma. Dehydration can be estimated by clinical examination and by calculating total serum osmolality and the corrected serum sodium concentration. These presentations can distract the physician from the underlying diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis.The laboratory tests needed to confirm the presence of diabetic ketoacidosis and to screen for precipitating events are summarized in Table 14 and Figure 2. Therefore, the use of bicarbonate in a patient with a pH greater than 7.0 is not recommended. If bicarbonate is used, it should be given as a nearly isotonic solution, which can be approximated by the addition of one ampule of sodium bicarbonate in 300 mL of sterile water. The bicarbonate solution is administered over a one-hour period.1,2,8A small percentage of patients who have diabetic ketoacidosis present with metabolic acidosis and a normal anion gap. During insulin therapy, phosphate reenters the intracellular compartment, leading to mild to moderate reductions in the serum phosphate concentration. One protocol is to administer two thirds of the potassium as potassium chloride and one third as potassium phosphate.

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