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Samsung is constantly trying to introduce new technology and this is quite clear when looking at the new Samsung SUHD TV Line. Peak Illuminator Ultimate basically refers to HDR (high dynamic range), which was designed in order to enhance color contrast. In a similar way to the expanded color gamuts, Samsung’s included HDR viewing possibility is not too widely available at the moment.
In conclusion, Samsung’s HDR technology is called Peak Illuminator Pro or Peak Illuminator Ultimate. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung SUHD TV sets are not going to be compatible with Dolby Vision HDR.
Samsung has announced details of its 2016 SUHD TV line up, including the flagship KS9500, described as the world’s first bezel-less curved TV.
While we’re not sure that ‘bezel-less’ is entirely accurate, it’s certainly one of the slimmest bezels we’ve seen on a TV, giving you more screen for less space.
This year Samsung has embraced the Quantum dot label for the first time, doing away with last year’s nano-crystal description and promising the most true-to-life picture quality ever offered by the company.
The entire range, comprising sets between 49in-88in, will support HDR content, with 1000-nit brightness to ensure a higher level of contrast between light and dark images. Samsung’s new Ultra Black technology is also claimed to significantly reduce light reflection, to improve picture quality with minimal glare.
As well as the barely there bezel, Samsung has produced a “360-degree design” which means not even the back panel is overlooked, with a smooth finish and not a screw in sight.

All the 2016 SUHD TVs will once again be built on Samsung’s proprietary Tizen operating system, with a newly designed Smart Hub that allows quicker access to your favourite content from live TV, on-demand and gaming platforms. This means no more opening an app store to access further content – on-demand apps appear right next to favourite channels and games in a scrollable list, with suggested content appearing right in Samsung’s UI (content provider specific). Another new addition is Smart Control, which offers the ability to automatically recognise devices connected to your TV and allows you to control them all with the Samsung Smart Remote included with all SUHD TVs. Samsung is also pushing console-less gaming, offering more than 500 streamable and downloadable games to play directly on your TV, including titles like Assassin’s Creed III and Batman: Arkham Origins from PlayStation Now.
Finally, this year all Samsung's 2016 SUHD TVs will feature Internet of Things hub technology that will allow you to connect with and control more than 200 SmartThings compatible devices, including door bells, light bulbs and baby monitors. We’ll keep you updated with more details on Samsung’s wider SUHD TV range as soon as we get them. For starters, this is a relatively compact (if rather boxy looking) and lightweight projector for simulation, design and exhibition uses being its primary areas of focus. In basic terms, the XEED 4K501ST is built more with medical conferences, business and engineering conferences and interactive academic lecture procedures in mind instead of home entertainment.
Canon has also given the 4K501ST their AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical technology, which is designed to deliver what Canon claims is true reproduction of black areas with superior overall contrast ratios and enhanced viewing as a whole. Canon hasn’t yet released a price tag for the XEED 4K501ST but the projector likely won’t be particularly affordable given its specs. It is a name that makes it seem as if we are faced with a brand new technology that was invented by the company but the truth is that we are faced with something a little old, ultra high definition, with various extra improvements that do bring in great improvements.

It will appear thanks to the investments made by various online streaming sources like Amazon and Netflix and the growing popularity of 4k Blu-Ray content.
The Ultimate option is basically found in the curved JS9500 Samsung SUHD series, which employ what is known as full array local dimming. Check back frequently for fresh content about all the nerdy stuff that's usually only written for men.
The new device will be available as of October 2016 and comes with quite a wealth of robust features and specs built into it for assorted home and office uses.
However, the new projector does also offer up improved functionality options via HDMI 2.0 connectivity additions and 4K video playback through a single cable, thus making it possibly usable as a 4K home theater projector as well, even if this isn’t Canon’s primary focus with this model. Again, the inclusion of HDCP gives even more weight to this model’s usability as a home theater device if required.
Currently, the only true native 4K home theater projectors on the market belong exclusively to Sony in the company’s VPL line of models.
Peak Illuminator Ultimate is one of those extra features that you want to learn more about, making new movies like Jurassic World looking a lot better than with a regular TV set. At the end of the day, we are faced with images that are more realistic because of the included 10-bit LCD panels and a brighter image offered by the Samsung SUHD displays.

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