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The picture improvements are handled with a combination of hardware and software fineagling. On the software side, there's an SUHD re-mastering engine which looks at image brightness and assesses it in real-time, minimizing power consumption while preserving contrast levels.
The upshot, Samsung claims, is deeper blacks and brightness levels 2.5x higher than conventional TVs. To really take advantage of it, though, you need content that's been specially mastered to work best with SUHD.
Design-wise, meanwhile, there are chamfered edges and soft textured "shrirring" on the back, so that even if your set is stood in the middle of a room, you don't have to ignore the ugly side. Under the hood, Samsung has turned to Tizen - the open-source platform it has adopted for smartwatches among other things - for its interface.
Samsung will kick off its 2015 SUHD TV range with three new series, the JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500, spanning screen sizes from 48-inches to 88-inches.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Samsung 4K SUHD TV completely redefines the viewing experience with revolutionary Nano-crystal technology – revealing brilliant colors and details you never knew were there.
Experience the full vibrancy of your favorite media and entertainment with expanded brightness levels across the entire screen.
Scenes come to spectacular life with LED illumination behind the brightest regions of the picture.
Experience a greater sense of depth on a curved screen with optimized contrast across multiple zones of the picture. Enjoy our best moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 240 with exceptional refresh rate, processing speed, and backlight technology. Feel the drama of every entertainment experience with darker blacks and greater contrast – while bright areas remain bright. Enjoy your media and entertainment at lightning speed with our highest grade processing chip. De-clutter the connections to your TV with a streamlined audio and video connection solution for all your TV components. Take ultimate control of your Smart TV – use the touchpad to navigate quickly, perform voice commands with the built in microphone, or use the remote like a mouse and simply point and click.
There has been battle in the last few years where TV manufacturers have continuously tried to bring variations in screen size and display quality.
Samsung has yet again revolutionized the experience of home entertainment as it has launched its new SUHD television at the 2015 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Let’s now talk about the interesting and smart features that the Samsung UN65JS8500 comprises and delivers. All of Samsung’s SUHD TVs are powered by Nano Crystal Technology and the JS8500 is no exception here. Compared to the incredible features and benefits, I found only a few drawbacks in this model which can be easily neglected. I honestly thought this was an actual article about this set, not an obviously paid-for advertisement.

I love watching films and it’s true, there is nothing worse than watching a great movie on a terrible screen.
AboutWe are here to inform you about anything that is new about a Smart TV LED, and therefore, once you come here you will be able to decide what TV to buy. Arrivano anche in Italia gli ultimi TV Samsung SUHD, con risoluzione 4K, design senza cornice e piattaforma Smart aggiornata. La lista delle specifiche e lunga e articolata per tutti i modelli, ma protagoniste in comune dal punto di vista della qualita dell’immagine saranno le tecnologie Quantum Dot e HDR 1000, che permettono ai televisori di riprodurre foto e video dal gamut piu ampio e dal range dinamico particolarmente elevato, con una luminosita massima del pannello di 1000 candele per metro quadro. Tra gli ultimi modelli presentati, quello sul quale la casa coreana ha aspettative piu rosee per il mercato italiano e il KS9000 da 55 pollici, che dovrebbe arrivare sul mercato al prezzo di 2499 euro. Oltre che su tecnologia e design, la societa rilancia anche sui contenuti aggiornando sia la piattaforma Smart Hub basata sul sistema opertivo Tizen, sia la sua stagionale offerta Dream Pack che per questa estate punta tutto sugli europei di calcio in partenza a breve. This opera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
If you're Samsung, the answer is SUHD, when the added "S" somewhat nebulous in its abbreviating but kept for the firm's most high-end models. On the hardware side, the nanocrystal semiconductors actually transmit different colors of light, depending on their size. You don't end up with an oddly skewed picture, either, with the promise of twice the color adjustment points. Samsung has been prodding studios like Fox to remaster certain scenes from movies, though it's unclear how many will go to the effort normally.
A newly pared-back remote has motion tracking, so you can mouse your way around the (surprisingly LG webOS-like) UI, with a menu bar running across the bottom and access to streaming services, on-demand content, live TV, and more.
Enjoy expanded brightness levels with Multi-Zone Full Array Backlighting, and watch and play your way with Smart TV. With 4K SUHD TVs, now you can experience stunning colors, deep contrast, incredible brightness, and 4K resolution that redefines your TV viewing experience. Reveal a brighter, more true-to-life picture, and a wider range of colors made visible with breakthrough nano-crystal color technology.
I simply love watching films and TV series and that is why I have gifted myself a TV that is way too futuristic. But instead of playing with just screen size, Samsung has created something bold and amazing. It examines the incoming signal, incorporates video noise reduction and scales up the lower resolution signal. It delivers an amazing movie watching experience and advances your gaming experience as well through PlayStation Connectivity. I think the new Samsung UN65JS8500 would be worth saving money for to always have an amazing experience when watching movies, tv, or gaming. Lo ha annunciato la casa coreana in questi giorni: dai TV portabandiera della serie KS9500 con schermo curvo e illuminaizone direct LED ai piu abbordabili KS7000 dal display piatto, i nuovi modelli della gamma KS saranno 18, suddivisi in 5 serie e con diagonali dai 49 agli 88 pollici. It's not just a name and some sleek beveled edges, however, with Samsung turning to nanocrystal semiconductors to improve picture quality, contrast, brightness, and color, even running at the same 4K resolution as last year's sets.
Samsung says that improves color purity, not to mention efficiency, and adds up to a whopping 64x more color expression than a regular TV.

The manufacturers have developed the super tiny Quantum Dot Technology and incorporated it in the making of their new SUHD TV series.
It is a flat screen TV and includes some new features that will augment your user experience. Opposite to Micro Diming, UHD diming requires a lot of precision on the subject of color, level of detailing and contrast. Light flow through has always been the exceptional feature of Samsung LED TVs and this TV screen model stands out on top.
I was impressed by its swift response time operation which is more efficient than previous Smart TV hub menus.
However, right now this is changing, and therefore you will see that there is an increasing number of people who are looking forward to buy the best TV from the market. Chi e gia abbonato puo chiedere in aggiunta un altro pacchetto della durata di un anno a scelta tra Calcio, Sport e Cinema. You need to have an amazing quality TV that would display all the details with equal clarity. This new line of TVs includes Samsung JS9000 series, Samsung JS9500 series and Samsung JS8500 series.
This helps in better coordination and performance of all the parts and delivers an unmatched picture quality.
The commanding LEDs provides the Samsung JS8500 series a step ahead than most other LED TVs in terms of peak whites, black levels and light flow through colors. It is a stack of ultra thin-film that sits between the front protective plexi or glass layer and the LCDs or LEDs.
The new Samsung UN65JS8500 perfectly fits into this place and delivers an exquisite amount of details that would leave you stunned! The next section talks of its astounding specifications, followed by its features and benefits.
This deepens the contrast and the screen provides a clear and rich display in natural light entering the room.
Better disbursement through the Nano Crystal Diffuser film produces a wide range of rich colors. This TV is meant for movie lovers and for those who have a good idea on electronics, especially TV. In other words, the film can also be considered as a color converter that is results in creation of more colors in LCDs and LEDs. The Quantum Dot Technology is being presumed to be competing OLEDs or Organic Light Emitting Diodes. If you are planning to buy a TV, why not buy this new Samsung UN65JS8500 for an ultimate TV watching experience!
Whatsoever, the new technology incorporated by Samsung, the TV screen produces a much cleaner, defined and clearer picture and increases the color production by 5 to 10%.

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