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There has been lots of news about Tizen since its unveil at CES 2015, and the TV Lines making the headlines were the Samsung SUHD Models JS8500, JS9000 and JS9500, but these were a bit pricey. Now, following the Samsung European Forum 2015, another UHD Series JU6400, JU6500, JU7000, JU7500, that will join the JS8500, JS9500 and S9W range. Popular international communication app Zipt developed by ZipTel Ltd has been called up by Samsung to be the Marquee app for Tizen. Upgrade your living room TV, get a new one for the games room, or a slick little screen for the bedroom.
As a reminder, Black Friday takes place this year November 25 2016, but retailers will be offering deals in the week during and on to the following Monday, November 28.
Here you’ll find the best Black Friday TV deals updated throughout the buying season. Full HD: With these you can watch HD TV shows and also the best way to view Blu-ray movies.
4K or Ultra HD (UHD): 4K TVs have four times the resolution of Full HD screen, so will display more vibrant, clearer pictures. We’ll list all the best Black Friday TV deals we can find right here, and update the page throughout the buying bonanza.
In the meantime, we recommend keeping an eye on these retailers to asee what TV deals they currently have on offer. Samsung and LG are the two biggest manufacturers and offer plenty of variety in screen size, features and price. And why not check out our Best Xbox One Black Friday deals post for all the latest Xbox One deals.
In Korea, Samsung has started the sales of a TV set that has a curved screen with quantum dots. These television sets are running on Tizen operating system: previously, South Korean manufacturers announced that all of their smart TVs would be using this operating system in 2015. The quantum dots technology increases contrast and is characterized by a wide color spectrum due to using a film made of semiconductor nanocrystals.
For all our Canadian readers: While the content landscape for 4K Ultra HD offerings has by now been remarkably well covered in the much more densely populated eastern regions of Canada, the western provinces seem to have been neglected in terms of 4K digital entertainment, until now that is.
Telus announced today that is launching a 4K content selection on its Optik TV service in the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. Nonetheless, the new service is something of a milestone for the Canadian ultra HD content broadcasting landscape in general and for the Western Canadian broadcasting scene in particular. Furthermore, Telus is promising new titles and channels to come in the near future and on an ongoing basis as the scope and size of their Optik 4K content section ramp up.
Bell is the only other major Telus competitor which is also offering 4K content services in the eastern Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Among the 2016 Smart TVs, all Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs will apply IoT hub technology, allowing the TV itself to act as the controller for the entire smart home. SUHD TVs can connect with and control Samsung devices and SmartThings sensors, as well as more than 200 other SmartThings compatible devices. At CES 2016, Samsung will showcase the future of TV and demonstrate how Samsung’s Smart TVs are at the center of the expanding IoT ecosystem. SmartThings allows consumers to access all of their smart devices directly from their smartphone and SUHD TV, rather than having to control individual devices with a multitude of separate apps.
With an outdoor camera connected to their Samsung Smart TV, customers can check when visitors arrive and choose to open their front door, directly from their sofa. The SmartThings application’s Cinema Mood also makes it easier than ever to create the perfect home theater environment. While each 2016 SUHD TV will be enabled with this SmartThings technology, the functionality will be activated regionally as SmartThings expands its platform availability. SmartThings is the easiest way to turn a home into a smart home, bringing users peace of mind, savings, and convenience. Melden Sie sich zur Nutzung von Social Sign-in mit Ihrem Samsung-Konto an und verbinden Sie Ihre SNS-Konten unter „Favoriten“. Ich willige darin ein, dass die Samsung Electronics GmbH mir an die angegebene E-Mail-Adresse Werbung, Angebote, Kundenumfragen und weitere Informationen zu Samsung-Produkten und -Dienstleistungen aus den Bereichen Unterhaltungs- und Haushaltselektronik, Fotografie, Computer und Zubehor zusenden darf. Helfen Sie uns, Ihnen Empfehlungen zu geben, indem Sie Ihre Produktfavoriten aktualisieren. Been involved with the Maemo OS since 2008, and then went on to work with MeeGo and now cover everything to do with the Tizen OS. Get a nice big one for a night in at the movies, a sweet little number for Netflix in the bedroom, or just a better screen for your excessive hours of gaming.
Here’s a rough guide to screen size and the distance you should be at for optimum viewing. Although there are four main TV manufacturers to consider, never dismiss the smaller brands. Sony and Panasonic are also big names to consider, but also keep an eye out for Toshiba, Sharp and Philips.
It also will be used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and Samsung robotic vacuum cleaners.
Matrixes with the quantum dots technology exceed OLED displays in quality and are also three times cheaper.
This will make it the first and for now at least the only telecom to offer 4K cable programming of any kind in Western Canada (including the middle provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan).
It will consist of TSN 4K, Stingray Ambiance and a small collection of On Demand movies and local productions from Optik itself.

It obviously enough requires ownership of a newer-model (2014 to 2016) 4K TV and one of the company’s PVR along with a minimum Telus internet plan tier of “Internet 50”. These include everything from connected lights and locks to thermostats and cameras, from a wide range of high quality third party manufacturers.
With the SmartThings application, people can easily connect and manage all of their smart home devices and services through a single, simple user interface. Motion sensor alerts can also pop-up directly on the TV screen, if movement outside the home is picked up, providing more security and peace of mind, whether at home or away. It enables consumers to automatically adjust everything from ambient lighting to surround sound, so they can instantly provide the optimal movie viewing experience.
As an open platform with a thriving ecosystem, SmartThings also brings users freedom of choice in devices and limitless possibilities. Mit starken Innovationen und dem Streben, immer wieder Neues zu entdecken, verandern wir die Welt von Fernsehern, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Kameras, Druckern und Hausgeraten, LTE-Systemen bis hin zu Medizintechnik, Halbleitern und LED-Losungen. Four SUHD rows with ten TVs from 48 to 105 inches and four Ultra HD series with 12 TVs from 40 to 75 inches.
Remember the new PlayStation Neo and Xbox One Scorpio are being built with 4K resolution in mind.
As the Samsung representatives noted earlier, TV sets of the SUHD series can display over one billion colors.
There will also be an Adrenaline Sports On Demand offering in 4K, which features events like surfing, dirt biking and snowboarding competitions.
Subscribers to the Telus service can have one of the company’s PVR devices for free if they sign a 2 year contract or pay an extra $20 pero month for their Telus service if they’ve gotten it without a fixed minimum term contract.
SmartThings is an open platform that allows users to connect, manage and control smart devices and IoT services. For the full support of connectivity with SmartThings compatible devices, SmartThings Extend USB adaptor is required.
SmartThings is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America.
Wir beschaftigen weltweit 286.000 Menschen in 80 Landern bei einem Jahresumsatz von 216,7 Milliarden US-Dollar. Samsung television sets, demonstrated at the CES 2015 exhibition in January, can display images in 4K resolution.

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