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New York: Researchers have identified four separate sub-types of human insulin-producing beta-cells that may be important in the understanding and treatment of diabetes. Diabetes, affecting millions worldwide, is caused by the dysfunction or loss of insulin producing beta-cells which help the body to achieve normal blood sugar levels. The findings showed that hundreds of genes were differently expressed between cell subtypes and that they produced different amounts of insulin. All type 2 diabetics had abnormal percentages of the subtypes, suggesting a possible role in the disease process.
Using human pancreatic islets, or clusters of up to 4,000 cells, the team discovered a method to identify and isolate four distinct types of beta cells. Vitamin D pill may Improve Exercise PerformanceTaking vitamin D supplements can improve exercise performance and lower the risk of heart disease, s.. Indian Coffee Output likely To Fall 8 Per Cent This FiscalIndian coffee production is likely to decline by around 8 per cent in the current fiscal owing to la..
Social Environment May Influence Drug, Alcohol AbuseNew York, Social relationships including family and friends play a key role in an individual's reco..
Obesity in Late Teens Linked to Sudden Death in MidlifeDue to unhealthy food choices, obesity in teenagers has increased substantially. As we look to our future, we find technology and scientific breakthroughs moving us forward in ways we never expected.
Stemedix™ Adipose Adult Stem Cell Transplantation procedure is used to help repair some of the world’s most common medical diseases. Using local anesthetics, our board certified physicians prep the lower abdomen for manual mini liposuction procedure. Once the adipose tissue is collected, a centrifuge process is used to separate the gathered cells into a top layer of fat and a potent concentration containing millions of stem cells at the bottom. Blood is then taken from the patient and spun in a special centrifuge to separate the blood into its multiple parts. See our Image Gallery, review our Frequently Asked Questions, or call us today for more information on how we can help your journey to a healthier way of life. Subscribe to our monthly stem cell newsletter and receive news updates and special offers in your inbox. While others have undertaken similar efforts in recent years (Cambridge, MA-based Semma Therapeutics raised $44 million last year to advance its own approach through proof-of-concept), ViaCyte is believed to be the first to reach clinical trials with a stem cell-derived therapy for patients with type 1 diabetes.
Combining BetaLogics with ViaCyte also consolidates Johnson & Johnson’s investments in both companies. Data from the study, which began at UC San Diego in late 2014, show that stem cells, engineered to become pancreatic cells in ViaCyte’s bio-engineered packet, can grow into insulin-producing beta cells 12 weeks after the packet has been implanted.
Regenerative medicine in treating the disease process cohesive integration to merge the Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis [HPA] with Exogenous Cellular Renewal to create the ultimate in the science of regeneration. In treating the disease state, imbalance or aging, the HPA is the control center, it is the master gland, that controls the balance of wellness as well as the aging process. Weight LossVast research goes on here at this facility to understand the mechanisms that underlie metabolism so that we can guide and treat you with a thorough understanding of why it is there are such profound differences in metabolism between one person and another. After interviewing and treating thousands of people, it is now known why one person can eat 1,200 calories and not lose weight while another can eat the same 1,200 calories and lose like no other.

Thyroid DisordersThe butterfly effect describes how a tiny influence on one part of a system can have a tremendous impact on another part.
The Thyroid Gland is one part of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis that can exert a butterfly-type effect on nearly every part of your body. Regenerative MedicineWe focus on proven procedures that help regenerate soft issue that may be damaged by injury or lost to the aging process. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is one of the most common lung diseases affecting people today. Emphysema involves the gradual destruction of the tissues surrounding the tiny sacs, called alveoli, which are responsible for the oxygen exchange in the lungs.
Today there are a number of treatments for COPD including bronchodilators, steroids, antibiotics, supplemental oxygen, vaccinations, new medications, surgeries, and transplants that limit the damage and relieve symptoms, but there is currently no cure for the illnesses. Adipose stem cell therapy is a new alternative treatment to help manage the symptoms of COPD. Recent research in the advancement of adult stem cell therapy has shown that restoration of damaged cells through this treatment is possible. Contact us today and let Stemedix provide a worry free experience accompanied by one of our Care Coordinators to ensure you have the best experience possible. Therefore, it is possible that people with different percentages of the subtypes are more prone to diabetes,” Grompe said. This ongoing discovery has given rise to a new alternative method of treatment, a new way of managing our lives. There are five steps to this treatment process in harvesting adipose tissue (fat) from your body. The amount of adipose tissue to be extracted depends on which ailment is being treated; in most cases between 40-200cc is needed. The blood platelets (PRP) that contain growth factors are added to the stem cell concentration. Unlike traditional treatments offering less than optimal options, this revolutionary procedure gathers stem cells from their most abundant source and activates them to ensure their survival. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to many common questions regarding Adipose Stem Cell Treatment.
Contact Stemedix today and speak to a Care Coordinator that can help answer your questions and assist you through the initial discovery phase of Adult Adipose Stem Cell treatment.
See below.] In a deal that consolidates its position as a leader in developing a stem cell-derived treatment for diabetes, San Diego’s ViaCyte says today it is absorbing its chief rival, New Jersey-based Janssen BetaLogics. ViaCyte has received a total of $20 million in financing from Janssen and J&J, or nearly a quarter of the $81 million the San Diego company has raised in venture capital. Kieffer, a professor of molecular and cellular medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who is not involved with ViaCyte, but has worked with BetaLogics and specializes in developing innovative therapeutic approaches for diabetes. Stephen Castorino diagnoses, treats, and manages endocrine disorders, or those affecting the body's secretion of hormones such as thyroid problems or diabetes. Castorino believes if you can regulate and control the hormones that have influence on the rest of the entire body and be able to artistically manipulate the external self we may be able to master the art and science of regeneration.
It could very well be the hidden culprit behind your flagging energy, your moodiness, perhaps even that 'flat tire' feeling that makes it difficult for you to just get out of bed some mornings.

One procedure which has a proven track record is injections of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which we introduce into the Scalp, Face, Joints, or Muscle.
PRP has also been erroneously referred to as Stem Cell therapy, which it technically does not contain. COPD refers to a group of lung conditions that make it difficult to breathe by blocking the airflow in and out of the lungs; emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic asthma. Research is still being conducted to determine the causes of COPD, but the two leading are smoking and pollutants. The stem cells harvested from a patient have the potential to replace countless cells of the body, lung tissue included. This breakthrough in regenerative medicine shines a light of hope on those battling this degenerative disease.
Adult stem cell therapy is a treatment designed to help the body’s natural repair kit work more effectively. Stem cell therapy has become one of the most exciting and promising fields in biological science today. Adipose tissue (fat) has the highest concentration of stem cells and can produce billions of cells with the potential to repair, replenish, and begin rejuvenating your body immediately.
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has committed another $56 million to ViaCyte, and the Juvenile Diabetes Researach Fund (JDRF) has awarded $13 million in grants, Laikind said.
This slows the rate of oxygen transferred from each breath and can make exhalation a laborious process.
The continuous irritation to the lungs from this chronic condition is both progressive and irreversible. The undifferentiated cells heal the body by replacing ones plagued with disease, regenerating new cells, and suppressing the immune systems macrophage response which engulf and digest the dying cells of the lungs. Damage to the lungs from COPD cannot be fully reversed; however, this treatment can help manage your symptoms to reduce the effects of further damage.
Advancements in stem cell therapy give us the ability to manage our wellness so we can live fuller and healthier lives with our loved ones. Chronic bronchitis causes inflammation to occur in the bronchial tubes where air passes through. Our board-certified physicians are confident that adult stem therapy has measurable results and the potential to change the lives of those battling COPD. Those with chronic bronchitis may experience a persistent cough, trouble breathing, and increase in mucus production. While chronic asthma is not generally associated with COPD, the severe effects of the disease could progressively lead to COPD.
Recent studies have shown a correlation between the severity and persistence of childhood asthma and adult COPD.
Each of these conditions results in the chronic obstruction of airflow in and out of the lungs.

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