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The Steam for Linux beta client is now available to all Steam users, so if you've been patiently waiting for an invitation to join us, consider yourself officially invited! With a growing catalog of Linux-supported games, an active Steam for Linux community group, and a new GitHub bug reporting repository, the timing’s right to jump in and share your feedback. If you've already downloaded and installed Steam for Linux beta, you should redownload and install the latest deb available on its website, because Steam now has its own Ubuntu repository that's going to be used for updates.
In other Steam-related news, a recent Steam client update brought Joystick hotplug and multi-monitor support. The Steam download page should automatically detect your OS and offer a deb file for download but in case that doesn't work properly, here's a direct Steam deb download link.

The game begins just after the end of MW 2, and occurs all over the planet while you meet different tasks such as a Russian’s security agent, an SAS knight, a reservoir car owner and AC-130 car owner and figures from past games.
I was a bit sketchy at first, but it turned out my first order with this website went smoother than expected. Well, at least in theory, because as soon as I've installed the new deb and launched Steam, it started to download an update through the client. Oh, and the Steam Skin Manager about which we've written a few days ago, has added an option to use native window borders for Steam (screenshot above).
MW 3 occurs in a world on the verge of annihilation, as Makarov & Terrorist Company activates devastation and disorder all over the planet.

They explained the steps very clearly as I was processing towards checkout, and it was a really enjoyable experience. Enjoy the game with Delta device and take on known character when you begin a risky cat and mouse games where you must trip the planet to quit a mad man before it is too delayed.

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