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The most expensive brush set on this Best of the Best list is $650, with the most affordable full set coming in at $8.55 on eBay. So I did this Best of the Best Brush Sets review with what I consider to be *a full set* in mind.
I’ve also kept in mind the various problems you can have with brush sets and mentioned them, as necessary, below. One of the big problems with brush sets on the market today is that they can fall short somewhere in being complete. I mean, if I spend $150+ on a brush set and then need to add, say, a powder brush to make it complete, that doesn’t feel right to me.
Now, I do recognize that there are also excellent special-purpose brush sets on the market for, say, smokey eyes or face alone. I’m going to skip over what I consider exotic brush collections from Japan, such as those from Hakuhodo, and that are just too darned expensive, like this $1,500+ brush set from Claudio Riaz.
We’ll start under the $1,000 mark, with this beautiful set that is available at several major department stores.
This is an amazing, and beautiful, set, and it’s a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. The toes were, according to the marketing materials, designed by the late Kevyn Aucoin himself. That said, after he came out with his Collection, he did come out with a big powder brush, called The Holiday Brush ($85), although it is currently out of stock and is accepting RSVPs for its December 12 return to the market. That said, I personally *DO* find his original collection to be complete for my tastes, as I prescribe to his more precise powdering philosophy. Wayne’s brushes are high grade animal hair and executed in excellent, precise toe shapes made by talented brush artists in Japan. I think this set is an art set, which means it might be overkill for many ladies just trying to do their makeup and go. Now the Sigma brand has really become a brush leader in the marketplace, and they are known for their synthetic brushes, although they actually have a lot of synthetic and synthetic-natural brush sets. If this is too expensive for your tastes, Sigma also offers an abbreviated, but still full-face travel set, for about half the price. I weighed this pretty wood set heavily against the Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection, which has a very similar look and feel, but costs a little more cash, at $190. I went with the 7-piece Gorgeous set for a good reason, though: The Gorgeous set, which is $41 less, has a separate brush for face powder and blush. I think the Gorgeous set is simply more in line with how most women are going to do their faces.
That said, both sets are lacking in information about hair or fiber choices, which disappoints My Brush Betty greatly.

All that said, the Gorgeous set is, indeed, gorgeous, and it contains all the brushes you need. We’re also under the $100 mark here, so this is where you begin to see some compromises.
For example, I recently purchased this also wonderful 11-piece professional makeup brush set from DaVinci, which makes all of its brushes in a sweatshop-free, family-owned factory in Germany. This is a great gift for a teen who who, again, isn’t overly concerned about the animal thing.
The website, unfortunately, does not say specifically what these are made of, although the brand does note that is is partners with PETA in the Caring Consumer Project.
Unfortunately, Real Techniques does not offer a very complete full face set in their product line, so My Brush Betty could not recommend it here.
So MODA from Royal and Langnickel, a highly trusted brush maker that also makes paint brushes, gets the nod instead at this price point. That said, this brush set is missing a separate brush for powder or blush, but for the price under a major brush label, this is a good-to-great set. Since we’re on the subject of Royal and Langnickel, I also find them to offer interesting brush lines altogether if you have specific requirements. If you’re looking for some cheap spare brushes to monkey around with, these will certainly do. Angela here has compiled her own collection based on personal preferences for individual brushes, which is also a great way to build a collection!
Black Friday Planning: Sedona Lace Synthetics RSVP for the Wayne Goss Holiday Brush! Every year about mid-October, we begin keeping tabs on the best holiday brush sets, which begin launching about then and are usually limited editions that sell out. Or total toe failure, where the hair assembly falls apart or the integrity is otherwise damaged. It’s missing a separate powder and blush brush, if you require two separate brushes for those tasks, as do many women. This 8-piece brush set, which was released in 2013 to much fanfare, is done in a piano key black. But if you spend $210 on a set, you really shouldn’t have to add another brush at any price to make it complete for most women. That said, if you have a challenging eye shape or sensitive skin, where softness and precision really matters, this might be worthwhile for you to prevent pulling and tugging. Dear Brand Managers: People do want to know if you killed an animal for these brushes or even if you want to claim that the hair was gathered humanely, which is pretty difficult to prove. And it still looks most awesome, despite some aggressive moves and traveling and cleaning over the years.

The moment I opened it, the musky, earthy, organic scent of the real hair transported me back to my post-college days when I lived on a horse farm and was happy and carefree. The thing that I like best about Coastal Scents is that the company is extremely transparent about what their brushes are made of, from goat or pony hair to nylon, the most basic of synthetic fibers. For example, their high-end Revolution brushes use DuPont’s Natrafil advanced synthetic fiber with titanium-plated ferrules and rubberized handles.
My Brush Betty recommends it because consumers have reported good luck with it, as you can see from the reviews below. That includes foundation, powder, blush and basic eyes — sometimes including a few bells and whistles such as contouring and highlighting. A bleeding brush can be treated with vinegar to set the dye, a step likely skipped at the factory in an effort to save money.
I’ve also included some video reviews below, which are also helpful in making purchase decisions. You may also want to take a closer look at the Wayne Goss Eye Set for $148, which excludes the face brushes and is a most excellent and complete eye brush set. I also love this brush set, although the extraordinarily long handle length, combined with the $188 price, prevented me from including it on this list. Now if you pair together their Starter Set and their Core Collection set, each of which retails for $18, you have a full face, but their parent company, Paris Presents, doesn’t offer it that way for whatever reason. There are also foreign factories peddling products that didn’t meet the standards of their original customers for whatever reason. At My Brush Betty, #welovemakeupbrushes: The art, science, manufacturing, marketing and, of course, care and cleaning. Zoeva is a German based company that creates amazing brushes at an even more amazing price.
Not unless you want to re-manufacture your brush or pick little hairs out of your face and clothes. But the cost, even with a shipping & handling charge of $14 comes in well below their competitors. They sell their brushes individually and in a very wide selection of sets that range from vegan to luxe to professional sets, the most costly of which is their 25 piece professional set that includes either a brush holding apron or the signature Zoe bag and comes in under $200.

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