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3 n? chinh Suzy c?a "Uncontrollably Fond", Park Shin Hye c?a "Doctors" va Han Hyo Joo c?a "W – Two Worlds": M?i ngu?i m?t v?, nhung t?t c? d?u d?p hoan h?o. Sau hon 3 nam ra m?t, cac thanh vien l?n c? nhom da b?c l? khong it “b?n ch?t th?t” c?a minh th? nao? T?ng 17, 19, 20, 21 Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
Du?c cham chut r?t k? lu?ng t? khi m?i “thai nghen”, nhom 365 – “d?a con d?u long” du?c vun d?p b?i “d? n?” va Johnny Tri Nguy?n, da chao d?i.

Nhom 365 la ban nh?c g?m nam thanh vien, du?c Ngo Thanh Van va e-kip c?a cong ty VAA phat hi?n trong cu?c thi tim ki?m tai nang Way2shine. D?c bi?t hon, b?n s? con co co h?i du?c nh?n combo qua d?c bi?t t? chinh 365daband danh t?ng cho ngu?i 4 ngu?i co cau h?i hay ho va thu v? nh?t! I just discovered 365 today (less than two hours ago, actually) and watched the Hai Co Tien dance version recently. C? nam thanh vien d?u co kh? nang ca hat, vu d?o, di?n xu?t, sang tac va thong th?o ngo?i ng?.

On your members profile page, there are five members, but in the video, there are only four.

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